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101. Sniper case

I think the sniper case was done by government insider. It's a case similar to anthrax attack. I believe it was done by law enforcement agency. The anthrax attack was done to push congress for the passing through of "Patriot Act". The sniper case was done to push congress for passing resolution of authorization president with war power on Iraq.

The announcement of arrest of Mohammad and Malvo puzzled me. It seems evidence is strong, (especially Malvo admitted he was the shooter). I once thought I was wrong. But question emerged gradually. My suspicion on this case are:

(1) The sniper had to move away the back cushion of the seat when he intended to shoot. The only place he could put it on was the foot space for rear seat passenger. It's a big lump to handle in small compartment of Chevrolet Caprice. It would take sometime to move and settle it. And too, to put it back after shooting. The abnormal action would easy to be noticed. The Caprice is with glass windows.

(2) The sniper couldn't lay flat to shoot. He had to hold the rifle, so there was a height of his shoulder. His head must be upright to aim, so there was the height of his head over the shoulder. Was the luggage compartment that high for him? The rifle is long. If the distance from shoot hole to the back of front seat is 6 feet, a foot to two (from the aim point to gun end), must be deducted from 6 feet length. Then. there is only 4 feet and something left. There is hardly enough space for a sniper lay down to shoot.

(3) The hole is small ( News said it was blocked by a glove). Then the view of sniper is limited.

(4) In shooting events, people couldn't figure out where the shooting came from. It's reasonable to think that a silencer was used. But no silencer was found in Caprice. If the silencer was used, the lenth of rifle must be longer than privious assumption.

(5) The shooting were one shoot a death. Even a sharp shooter need a nice situation to result it. It's hard to believe he could do this in a car like this. I still believe a cargo van or a box van was more likely used in the case as other witness saw.

In early November, a news inspired me. I posted a message in several sites as early as in 11/2 to doubt on the case.

"(1) Is Muhammad real sniper?

Is he real sniper? Many people said he intended to be caught by deliberately left many clues. Generally, a serial killer used to admit it when police knocking at his door. But though media were full of topic of "death penalty", it seems a propaganda to plant an idea to the public that Muhammad is the real sniper. Not much people are aware of that....

Muhammad Interrogation In Dispute
U.S. Attorneys Cut Off Talks, Local Prosecutor Alleges
By Susan Schmidt and Katherine Shaver
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page A01

Quote, "In the hours after his capture, sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad ranted at investigators, denying ownership of the car that he was arrested in and the Bushmaster rifle found inside it, Justice Department officials said yesterday.

FBI agents and Montgomery County detectives questioned Muhammad over a five-hour period at a secret location Thursday, trying to get him to say something that would help prosecutors build their case against him and John Lee Malvo. But Muhammad did not answer any questions about the shootings, officials said."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar … Oct30.html

(2) 17 years old now becomes expert sniper? (posted after Nov. 10)

If you believe at the right beginning in what media said Muhammad is an expert sniper and so and so. Now it goes to the other end. It seems they have to put the suspicion on Malvo, a 17 years old illegal immigrant from Jamaica now became the "expert sniper" who did one shoot a death.

Quote, "Officials Link Most Sniper Killings to Teenager

November 10, 2002

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 - Senior law enforcement officials said
today that evidence suggested Lee Malvo, the 17-year-old charged in the Washington-area sniper shootings, was the gunman in most of the attacks that left 10 dead.

The officials said investigators did not believe that Mr. Muhammad could fit in the trunk of the Caprice, where a hole had been hollowed out in the back and a seat modified so a gunman could fire from the back of the car. "The trunk
is very small and Malvo is much smaller than Muhammad," one
official said."

I posted my opinion on 11/2, this news on 11/10 proves it. Remember so far the evidence government given can be planted. The two were not directly found or arrested on the shooting site.

Then why the two were chosen to be the "snipers"?

102. Gang manipulation (12/6)

In "62. Plot" I talked about Federal attorney whom unusually involved in a state gang case, trying to expand death penalty on gang members of Nuestra Familia. I alleged the dramatic Federal intervention was an attempt to reach a deal of "murder for less penalty bargain". And I realized then agents would frame a big drug case to kill many people by the hands of prison gang.

This November an article I found in internet proved it. The article "The FBI's crime syndicate
San Francisco lawyer charges feds with "outrageous misconduct"

Quote, "For seven months the FBI effectively masterminded the illegal activities of a heavily armed northern California crime syndicate, according to a motion filed Sept. 30 in federal court.".....

"The FBI, through its informant Daniel "Lizard" Hernandez, "directed the delivery of firearms and drugs, approved of plans to commit home invasion robberies, passed on authorizations for violence against out-of-favor former gang members, encouraged violence to protect the gang's interests, and eventually failed to prevent the killing of Raymond Sanchez and wounding of Joseph Cantu,"

The gang is Nuestra Familia. Raymond Sanchez was executed on 5/21/2001. 21 gansters were indicted in June 2001. I've talked about my drive license was due on 5/24/2001 which might have been planed as an important evidence in Federal agent's frame plot. And they even delayed McVeigh's execution date to 6/11/2001 to diverge public attention from a would be slaughter in prison. The motion said FBI mastermined this operation for 7 months. 7 months from Sanchez's death was November 2000, the time of publishing of the article "Killing Pablo". I talked about this in "62 Plot". The time they decided to frame a drug case and started operation.

If their plot had come to true that me and others whom know the truth were detained in jail, 21 killer gangsters had been there already. I think my abandon of renewal of drive license and revelation in internet soured their plan.

This motion (9/30/2002) is from the lawyer who represents one of another 16 defendents still awaiting trial in Sanchez's death. (5/31/2001). Consider there was another murder attempt in October, (see "94. Interest exchange", "95. A notice for a meeting"), it looks like that agents still want to use Nuestra Familia's mob in new plot?


103. Aggressive response

Serial killer had his own particular way to murder. Each criminal had his own characters. So did Federal agents. Their skill is manipulating their informants, gansters to work for them.

When high ranking FBI demanded agents to be "aggressive and get out on the street and develop sources", (see "100 Power to spy on citizens expanded") I immediately thought of it would be another attempt to manipulate gangsters to murder.

Within days of that FBI memorandum, there was a news: "4 men killed in Salinas, Gang violence" (S.J.M.N. 12/2/02)

It said that 4 apparent gang rivalries were killed last week.(late November) That Hugo Sanchez, was walking when a car drove by and someone asked him where he was from, then shot him to death. Police said. 'Where are you from' is a common gang challenge."

Though the report avoided to talk of what gang was it, I know what it is from former news. Salinas is the homebase of Nuestra Familia. I remembered in a web site (Kerrang.com) I was asked repeatedly "Where are you from?" recently. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so. It seems a preparation to paint me as a ganster if there is a shoot death. Though it sounds funny, it is an aggressive work of get onto the street.

These days I suffered heavy harassment in internet. Despite of various problems to read and post, I was once blocked from internet the whole afternoon. (I generally surf internet in the afternoon) I can feel the frustration of FBI. Their aggressive work made me write the above messages first. I'll continue with my opinion on sniper case in next message.

Reference: "Ex-prosecutor describes links between FBI, mob" (S.J.M.N. 12/6/2002)

"A former U.S. attorney in Boston told a congressional committee Thursday that he knew that some gangland informers were committing murders and that their FBI handlers had become personally involved with them. But he said he took no action because he was intimidated by the FBI.

"It would have precipitated World War 3 if I had tried to do anything about FBI informants," said the witness, Jeremiah T. O'sullivan, who was head of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force and then U.S. attorney in the 1970s and '80s."

104. Sniper case (2) (12/17)

(4) Rich homeless

When someone complained in internet that INS had released Malvo after he was arrested as an illegal immigrant, I had such a message: "Don't blame INS all the way. Malvo might have been recruited as an informant. Law enforcement agent used to use such kind of people as snitch. John doer2 in OKC bombing is a similar one, or now called Padilla."

Quote, "In particular, there has been ample information to indicate that Williams had significant connections to larger illegal resources or organizations.

Multiple Identities: .....
Extensive Travel: The Rev. Alan Archer, who runs the Lighthouse Mission homeless shelter where
Williams and Malvo often stayed, reported that Williams would often claim extreme poverty, and yet at times procure large quantities of cash and fly off to such destinations as the Caribbean, Florida on business, and to Denver and Salt Lake City for skiing. Archer said that Williams frequently took phone calls from travel agents, so his jet-setting was a regular affair. This kind of activity is highly indicative of the fact that Williams was part of some sort of international ring. He stated to several friends that he moved to Bellingham to be near the Canadian border, so he could quickly get out of the US if needed.
Immigrant Smuggling:...."

(5) Muhammad's life in Jamaica seemed to be a fairly good one: praying, jogging, adopted a son- Malvo.

Quote, "Muhammad seemed a model father. He prayed at home, stopped by his kids' Greenville Primary School and took them jogging every afternoon.

> Malvo lived with the family for about three months, and each morning donned khaki pants and a blue plaid tie to attend the Antigua and Barbuda Seventh-Day Adventist School. Muhammad introduced him as his son.

On frequent trips to the United States, Muhammad loaded up with blank CDs, batteries, things that can be high-priced on the island, and sold them to friends. He also weaved grand stories, telling a friend he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops."

Do they more like informants for a powerful organization then the homeless as most paper saying? If you find all media reported conflict saying from government, (almost like a pre-trial) but rarely heard what suspects say or some other source? Anyone with common sense would know that which organization had the power to decide not to deport illegal immigrant and also were interested in penetration of smuggling society of illegal immigrants and the homeless society as well. I recognized that news report right away when I first read it. In my experience, G-lady (see #32, #47) often went to ski resort Tahoe around year 93. Because she is not a lady fond of sport, I at that time impressed that agents liked to entertain their informants when they had meeting. Now it looked like it's one of their culture. To have their train course at ski resorts.

(6) If you think Muhammad and Malvo were informants of Federal agency, then it's not difficult to understand why Federal prosecutor stopped the interrogation on first day after police were developing a rapport with Muhammad. Did they try to protect the right of Muhammad as they said later? Of course not. I think they were worrying Muhammad might reveal his identity of informant. FBI is notorious for abusing power, search and survey without warrant. Otherwise why didn't they stop the interrogation right from the begining? (Which is said lasted about 5 hours). And suspects used to confess in first interrogation when they were still in shock for the arrest and tell the truth.

Quote, "Yesterday, federal officials and Montgomery County law enforcement officials feuded about whether the discussions with Muhammad during his first day in custody had run their course, or whether they were curtailed by federal prosecutors."

"The tension yesterday was exacerbated by a report in the New York Times that quoted unnamed sources as saying that DiBiagio had forced state and federal investigators to stop talking to Muhammad just as they were developing a rapport with him."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar … Oct30.html

(7) Reference: Padilla

Padilla was born in 1970.

1978-1982: Attending Darwin Elementary.

August 1985: Arrest record starts when he's 14, and is charged as a juvenile in connection with a murder. Padilla and a buddy robbed and stabbed a drunk man. Padilla kicks the bleeding man in the head. He tells cops: "I felt like it." January 1989: Arrested for obstructing people on the street after he was caught flashing gang signs and wearing gang colors. Tells police he's a Latin Disciple.

February 1989: Arrested for battery after hitting a cop in the face after trying to swipe a doughnut.

January 1991: Arrested in Chicago for firing a .357-caliber Magnum out a window of building near where he was living.

October 1991: Now in Florida, arrested for road rage incident in suburban Fort Lauderdale. Padilla fired a silver .38-caliber revolver at another motorist but missed.

1992: He was released from jail.

1992-93: Works at a Taco Bell in Davie, Fla.

June 1994: Padilla files for name change with Broward County; changes name to just Ibrahim. Later begins referring to himself as Abdullah al Muhajir.

1993-94: Works maintenance at Coral Ridge Golf Course in Fort Lauderdale.

(There is no information about where Padilla was and what work he did in this period from the source. I think that's top secret for FBI.)
May 8, 2002: Arrested at O'Hare Airport.



Notice the owner of fast food restaurant Padilla worked for in 92-93 was a Muslim.
Also notice that Padilla quit his ganster's life after his release from jail in 92. And try to penetrate into Muslim society since then. I think he might have been recruited in the jail and start his undercover job on 92.

I realized him as an informant not only based on above information, but mainly on the situation he was arrested in this May. When Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow, he had his purpose. The internet immediately circulated that Padilla was identical to John Doer2 of OKC bombing. When they need excuse to start war on Iraq, they sacrifice their informant without hesitation. See other opinion of mine about Padilla at: Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15) in "68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02)".

Also review "6. Looter and scapegoat" to see how they sacrificed a black teenage to settle a burglary case. That teenage, I guess, would work as an informant in jail.

105. Sniper case (3) Dramatic turnaround (12/27)

(8) Information Federal want you know and not know

When the two were arrested, media were full of information that Muhammad was a specialist Marksman, that the rifle was from a gun shop of his living state, that he was linked to other gun murders. And even his former wife and his son were in news said he deserved deaths if he committed such crime. It was almost a pre-trial.

What we know is in Muhammad's first interrogation, he ranted and denied any connection to sniper case. He was brought into Federal custody just at the time when he intended to speak something. After about one week, DOJ dramatically dropped the initial 20 counts of Federal charges against him. Police said the trunk of Caprice is to small to fit him. Now all evidences turn to point to Malvo, and he admitted he did some shootings.

I think Muhammad and Malvo, as informants, were assigned to the sniper shooting sites. They thought they were doing routine job to solve sniper case, never dreamed of being framed as snipers themselves. The Caprice was their working car. After arrest, Muhammad was old enough to realize the seriousness of the situation, and was going to tell the truth. FBI, watching him all the time, stopped it at the right point. (I think in the train course in ski resort, a principle for informants is at any time, they shouldn't reveal their identity. Breaking the rule may face death penalty. Anyhow, Muhammad knew he would face death penalty too, if he wouldn't tell the truth. He chose not to be a scapegoat.) As the result, in that one week's custody, a compromise has reached, and there was a dramatical turnaround.

Malvo kept his mouth shut up during the first 5 hours' interrogation. A week later, he changed his manner after Federal handed them over to local police. In a 7 hours interrogation, he admitted he was the one who pulled the trigger. "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.) A poster in internet said Malvo even sang during interrogation. What made him so happy for something would lead him to death penalty? It seems he was under influence of something. Or he was strongly trust the promise of FBI, believe they are the God? Anyway, the unusual behave of Malvo made his attorney, Arif, said "he needs a psychiatrist to evaluate Malvo because 'We're not certain what makes Mr. Malvo tick.'"
This interrogation was a questionable one. Muhammad and Malvo were transferred from Federal to local police in later afternoon. Peter Greenspan, who represented Muhammad, said, "All of this was so orchestrated so that they would get them to Virginia late in the afternoon when they couldn't get to court." Malvo's guardian, Petit, asked the police to stop the interrogation at 6p.m. A police commander agreed to pass on his request and then ordered him to leave. (S.J.M.N.)

When Federal wants to stop Muhammad telling the truth, they used the reason of his right to have a lawyer. Once when they want people to know what they want them to know, they orchestrated another interrogation. Though without a lawyer, this time the Federal didn't try to protect Malvo's right.

(9) Question and Answer

Q1. Some people argue that people heard the shots

A. I re-read the news. They are right. People heard the shots. No silencer was used.

Q2. Some people said Muhammad and Malvo are the suspects because the shooting stopped after they were arrested.

A. I don't think it can prove anything. If it's a framed case, the real sniper of course would stop shooting, otherwise they would prove the two were innocent.

Perpetrator(s) stop to mail anthrax letter. That doesn't mean they have been arrested. It only proves they stopped when mission is fulfiled. The former one was to push for the pass through of "Patriot Act" The later one was to push for the authorization of Iraq war power. FBI have trouble for incapacity of solving the anthrax case. So this time they prepare a scapegoat.

Q3. Some people said they have a Caprice, that it's trunk is spacious, and allowed man operating inside easily.

A. It seems contradictory to Police' conclusion. I have no experience with Caprice so I don't know which one is correct. There are two possibilities. Either there has been a compromise between the arrested two and Federal, so police lied to exclude Muhammad from shooting, or the trunk is really small. So far the authority's saying is it's too small to fit Muhammad.

And I still hold my opinion. The victims were in parking lot, or gas station, or at the entrance of the shop. Which were lighted area with a lot of traffic and customers. The Caprice couldn't be too near the sites because it thus would have been seen there was a big black hole in its back seat. And the operation to settle the big lump of back seat cushion will cause attention. It's not a van with closed area. It's a Sedan with glass window of four sides. In a situation that everybody kept alert, any sniper would have stayed far away from the crowd area. And even if the trunk is big, the deck must have been at the same level as other cars. If you lay at that level, see through a small hole about two feet away, your sight would be very limited and would be blocked by the body of other cars, the car parking along the roadside, on the parking lot, and the cars on the moving, even the bushes. The bullet path couldn't jump over the body of other cars. It's hard to imagine they could have done
so many successful shootings by a Caprice without been discovered.



#52 2011-04-25 19:33:26

106. Christmas day re-union (1/6/03)

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters) I rarely go to San Francisco to join with them. I think they were bothered and intimidated by agents for years. I don't want to give them trouble. I've talked about B (my young brother in law) whom unusually came to my house on Dec. 2001, dropped gifts then left right away. (see "48. Test") It's unusual because he never give X'mas gift.

So this time, when my sisters and brother said they would come to my house for Christmas holiday, (12/25/02) I was surprised. It never happened before. I said I have no Ma Jong. It's a Chinese game we used to play in re-union. They said they would bring it. They even brought a Ma Jong table with them that day.

When we had lunch, I talked about the messages I posted in internet which I hadn't told them before. I talked about the frame attemption in June, 2001 and May 2002. That B was a target because he is rich. And it's easy to plant because he imports many containers of goods from China. They said they couldn't figure out why FBI intending to frame them. My explanation was I thought FBI had contact all of them for years. Seeking cooperation from them. They all know I am innocent. If there would have been a frame case, their evidence would reveal the truth. That's why agents would frame them too. And there is one thing people rarely know, FBI seeking profit in their operation which made them a very corruptive organization. B said there was nothing he could do if FBI really intending to plant.

There were eight of us that day. After lunch, four of us played Ma Jong , my wife was preparing dinner while the other three were chatting. I continued my topic of "my American nightmare" while playing Ma Jong. Then I felt a little dizzy when the chatting three said they felt sleepy. They quickly went a sound sleep after my wife gave them blankets. They slept the whole afternoon until dinner time. That's something never have happened before. I think the agent who monitored us was angry with my talking. He didn't want my relatives know FBI's true face and beamed sleep radiation to interrupt the talking.

Another thing unusual on that day was a relative happened called on my sister's mobile phone so I could talk to him. We hadn't contact for years. He said he wanted to play badminton but couldn't find birdies. He asked me to mail him some. I told him to try to find them in K-mart, Walmart or sportsware shop. I wonder how could he know he would talk to me and had such a strange demand. I think it might be a trap. (see "79. Mail planting")

In the afternoon, the mobile phone rang up again. This time it was for B's. My sister woke up B. After listening the mobile phone, he went to my home phone, made a call. It seemed that he put an order to the manufacturer. Since B never borrow other's phone if he has his own, especially this was a long distance call, I think, too, this might be another trap. It looked like he was instructed by the mobile to do so. If there was a framed drug case, they could say the order was from my phone line.

Many things happened that day were unusual. I think it's FBI's aggressive work. Whatever it's reasonable or not, they set up trap to meet their own demand.

107. A new wave of personal attack

After Christmas day, right from 12/26 in some internet sites, I got similar intimidations. They have something in common: 1. Defamation. Link me to drug case 10 years ago, even with murder case. 2. Intimidation. Warning the using of high tech. weapon. The following messages were posted in one day. My feeling is a new frame case is in plan again. This time they will take the chance of Iraq war which may happen in near future. (Use a big event to divert public's attention is their style when they commit a crime.)

((Date Posted: 13:10:25 01/01/03 Wed

Poor KATHUK! I think your brain has been damaged by your own consumption of opium you have been smuggling since ten years ago (see article on Mrs. Chen's arrest in newspaper).

Date Posted: 12:56:23 01/01/03 Wed
Author: Vladimir

Kath Sung,
You are a victim of new and powerful high tech weapons! Because of similar drug smuggling, I was also victimized by the same high tech weapons! Those weapons have damaged your brain, because they are UNSAFE! Go see your doctor!

Wednesday January 01, 2003 9:10 PM (NEW!)

kathaksung is not lying! He really knew the 9/11 terror in advance. We have the evidence, and are out to hunt him down. He was a big case ten years ago, when he was convicted and sentenced to death in absentia, for drug smuggling and several murder cases. Note: His brain may have been damaged by our secret weapons.))

They all referred the information of high tech. weapon, it's interesting to read something they once denied, this time they feel the necessity to intimidate people.

Quote, "Kath Sung, ......See below and visit website to convince yourself!


By using very low frequency electromagnetic radiation -- the waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum -- he [Eldon Byrd] found he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals. "We could put animals into a stupor," he says by hitting them with these frequencies. "We got chick brains -- in vitro -- to dump 80 percent of the natural opioids in their brains,'"Byrd says. He even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea. "These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable," says Byrd. "The effects were nonlethal and reversible. You could disable a person temporarily," Byrd hypothesizes. "It [would have been] like a stun gun."
Byrd never tested any of his hardware in the field, and his program, scheduled for four years, apparently was closed down after two, he says. "The work was really outstanding," he grumbles. "We would have had a weapon in one year." Byrd says he was told his work would be unclassified, "unless it works." Because it worked, he suspects that the program "went black." Other scientists tell similar tales of research on electromagnetic radiation turning top secret once successful results were achieved. There are clues that such work is continuing. In 1995, the annual meeting of four-star U.S. Air Force generals -- called CORONA -- reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects. One was called "Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy From Sleeping." It called for exploring "acoustics," "microwaves," and "brain-wave manipulation" to alter sleep patterns. It was one of only three projects approved for initial investigation."

They left different links:

http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/issues/ … apons.html



108. Hurried arrest (sniper case) (1/16/03)

Government made conflict action after the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo. They painted Muhammad master suspect at first then dramatically turned onto Malvo. They put 20 Federal charges on Muhammad then dropped it a week later. The clue led to the arrest is unbelievable convenient. According to the government, The suspect called a priest, said they were involved in an shooting case in Alabama. So police could find them because Malvo left his finger print there. In another word, suspects tipped police to arrest them. In Alabama shooting case, police at first said the weapon was a short gun, after the two were arrested and the killing rifle was got, they said it was that Bushmaster rifle used in shooting, now they changed the story again said it was a short gun.
All these conflicts showed the arrest was made in a hurry, the insider group hadn't got everything ready. Then what pushed them make the arrest?

During the horrible time of shooting spree, when everybody was in alert and police activated all their resource, the sniper still eluded high security and kept on shooting, People with common sense could feel it could only be done by experts with inside security information. If perpetrators knew some news would reveal the truth, they hurriedly made the arrest to stop the spread of that news. Read that news. Remember the arrest was on Oct.24, the day news was going to publish.

For Immediate Release: October 24, 2002

On his Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones has consulted with many law enforcement and military experts, including Colonel Craig Roberts (formerly of US Army Intelligence, a former Marine Corps Sniper and the Best-selling Author of One Shot One Kill) who stated on-air that this operation could only be State-sponsored and was clearly the work of a rogue element from the top levels of global intelligence agencies. On The Alex Jones Show, Roberts said that the MO of the sniper attacks are indicative of a 2-3 man team trained in the Special Forces ambush tactics of reconnaissance, insertion, concealment and successful evasion. According to Jones' research, the sniper team's attack profile is consistent with US Special Forces ambush assassination tactics.

Best-selling Doubleday Author James Bamford, who broke the Northwoods Story in His Book, Body of Secrets reported on page 82 that, "the plan, which had been written with the approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for innocent people to be shot on American Streets."


109. Beware another terror attack

I've alleged government insiders made the OKC bombing, anthrax attack, sniper case and allowed 911 attack to happen to grip more police power and push for war in Mid-east. Some people argued how could government kill their own people. Compare the recent news and the revelation of the book. Beware another terror attack from our own government. (though always disguised as "enemy combatant" and "terrorist")

News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

Book: They called for hijacking jet airliners, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and wounding civilians in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC using paramilitary sniper teams . (northwoods story)

Operation Northwoods
Our U.S. Government Planned To Attack
"We The People"
Former ABC News investigative reporter James Bamford . Broke the Northwoods Story in His Book, Body of Secrets . It is based mostly on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act or found in government archives.

"We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington," said one document reportedly prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," the document says. "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."


USA Today - Bush wrong to use pretext as excuse to invade Iraq "The answer was Operation Northwoods "

ABC News - Friendly Fire Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba "America's top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties "

110. When murderer became investigator (1/26/03)

Some people said there were hard evidence in sniper case such like Malvo's finger print was found on the rifle. The rifle was found in Caprice. But when the murderer became investigator, hard evidence could be a fake. There was an article in "Readers' Digest"(about in 1970's) topic"Finger print which lied"(Chinese edition) in which a lab technician transferred a victim's finger print to frame him.

Recently, the Governor of Illinois pardoned all death inmates from death penalty and released some because he found 60% of them were errorneous. The rape case in New York Central Park now proved wrong after the real rapist confessed he committed the crime. I think when judge and jury gave their verdict on these wrong cases, they all believed they had hard evidence. If these cases were
because of negligence, then what will it be if law enforcement agent deliberately frame a case?

FBI deliberatly framed Pratt to a murder case and almost had him executed if Supreme Court hadn't suspend the capital punishment at that time. (see #60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder )

Read this news of last month.
December 6, 2002
Ex-Prosecutor Tells of Ties Between F.B.I. and Mob

One person listening to the testimony today, in the Suffolk County Courthouse, was Joseph Salvatti. In 1967 Mr. Salvatti was sentenced to life in prison for a murder actually committed by an F.B.I. informer, and the bureau allowed Mr. Salvatti and three other men to be wrongly convicted, with the knowledge of J. Edgar Hoover.

"It's hard to sit listening, knowing the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorney's office are lying, said Mr. Salvatti, who had his sentence commuted after serving 30 years in prison. "The bottom line is, they don't care."

http://www.nytimes.com/2002/12/06/natio … sition=top

I think the judges and jury of these two cases believed they had "hard evidence". And hard evidence could be created if the investigator is corruptive.



#53 2011-04-27 08:07:25

Kooky Kathy wrote:

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters)




#54 2011-04-27 17:57:54

GooberMcNutly wrote:

Kooky Kathy wrote:

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters)


I find it shocking that you actually read through Kathy's rant in order to pick out that little gem!



#55 2011-04-27 18:40:47

Nah, that's about as far as I went.



#56 2011-04-27 19:18:04

fnord wrote:

GooberMcNutly wrote:

Kooky Kathy wrote:

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters)


I find it shocking that you actually read through Kathy's rant in order to pick out that little gem!

You mean you don't read EVERY word of EVERY Kathy post? I'm shocked!



#57 2011-04-27 23:27:33

fnord wrote:

GooberMcNutly wrote:

Kooky Kathy wrote:

My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters)


I find it shocking that you actually read through Kathy's rant in order to pick out that little gem!

That was my first thought.  Then I scrolled up and realized it was at the beginning.   It's beautiful Goob.



#58 2011-04-28 21:58:33




#59 2011-05-04 15:24:15

111. How they plant.

In late December 2000, in bank statement I found a check (amount 5000) paid by my wife to her company. I asked her what was it for. My wife said she had bought a house in her home country( 20,000 value), it's for part of the payment for that house. It happened that the travel company she worked received a lot of cash from customers that day, so she cashed that check with company. It saved her from a journey of going to bank. My wife said she did so because she saw G-man cashed a check with company first, so she followed him. My wife knew G-man in A and S Tours Inc.(see #32. "Operation Fire Dragon") G-man and G-lady both left that company before the 'fire-dragon' case broke, avoided been involved in trouble. He did advise, or guide a lot to my wife. Though he worked in another company, (one hour drive away), he happened to be there that day and guided my wife cashed that check.( I'll tell his story later)

About two or three months later, my wife gave me a company check of 5000, asked me to deposit. She said she and boss had an agreement of profit sharing. She could have a bonus if her sales profit had passed a margin. The figure 5000 of bonus immediately reminded me of the former check my wife exchanged for cash. I told her if it was a bonus, let accountant deduct tax first. Otherwise it was illegal. Several days later, she said accountant was too busy to do it and said we could deposit it first. I told my wife now it was obviously a trap. The agent could say company borrowed 5000 from you and then paid back by this check. The 5000 cash you paid for house then become suspicious money which can't explain the source.

My wife never talk about the bonus since. I later asked about that bonus check. She said, "Forget it. Business is no good." I think she finally realized it was a frame attempt. The profit sharing plan was only a cover-up. But she is too timid to argue with FBI and had to leave it alone. There is no reason she abandoned a bonus which she deserved.

112. How they plant (2)

About that time in 2001, a lady suddenly called my wife to shopping in super market. Among the "harvest", I found my wife bought 8 bottles of vinegar. Vinegar is a popular sauce for cooking. But what she bought was a western style we rarely used. We used to use vinegar made in China. My wife argued that because it was on sale, "buy one get one free" and because the other lady bought a lot too. So she followed her. She forgot the lesson how she was guided to cash the check. Now the same act played again. I was sensitive because I felt the pressure then they were framing case against me. I knew from paper that vinegar is a material to produce drug. And that lady had ever shopping with my wife. That was the only one as I know. Now after one year most of these vinegar are still there unused.

My wife rarely buy live Dungeese crab because she thinks it's too expensive. By chance people can buy that crab at 1.99 a pound if salesman found the crab has just died. Recently, my wife always had the luck to buy Dungeese Crab at good price. She said sometimes salesman even kept the bargain crab for her. I don't believe coincidence any more. So I think there is a purpose on it. It's our tradition to eat crab with vinegar as souce, a lot. They creat chance to let us consume more vinegar. The unusual event took place aggressively after Christmas. A lady gave my wife a full box of broccoli stalk. The only way we eat broccoli stalk is to salted it with vinegar. My wife salted several bowel of broccoli but couldn't finish all. She had to give the rest to other people. Then last Sunday another lady came with the bargain crab and gave that lucky bargain to us. I guess they are preparing for evidence to prove a frame case of "producing drugs".

The FBI high ranking official wanted an aggressive job. The field office did it in spite of how abnormal it was. It was that abnormal made me aware of their intention. It is sad to see these people worked for FBI. (include my wife) They don't know they could become sacrifice any time like Muhammad and Malvo.

113. Internet attack (2/6/)

My revelation of the dark side of federal agency in internet motivated large scale frame case against me. Each time there was a plot, there always came with an internet attack.

From 1/18/03 I found my thread were closed, or missing from at least 5 forum sites. (They are: www.ninjamicros.com, kgw.com; www.kinx.org/forums/misc.php?action=search; www.azcentral.com; http://pub57.ezboard.com/ftbz3lfrm1)

After my protest, one gave me a reply: "Your thread did get moved, but it was moved by mistake when I was doing some archiving/clean-up. . .". Since so many thread missing happened at same time, you can imagine what kind of "mistake" is it.

I also found, at least three forum sites where I posted announced upgrading in same day. The upgrading, this time would eliminate the old thread, would functioned same as moving my thread away in a more covert way. Read the announcement and notice the similar point.

( To better serve our online message board community, the message boards are changing! On January 23, we will begin using a different message board system
Only threads which have been posted since October 1, 2002 will be preserved. Please save any old posts you want to keep as soon as possible.

Dear users:
On Jan. 23, we will switch to new, improved online forums. You will find most of the same discussion topics, but we can't move old messages to the new boards. http://forums.realcities.com/discussion … 7117714648

We'll be migrating from Jan 23 to on or before Feb 1, during which PExers will be unable to access the forums. In the meantime, check out the updates and cool contests on this page!

All these resembles the failed frame case in June 2001. In which they tried to use McVeigh 's execution as diversion coverup. And about a week before execution date(6/11/01) there were an big internet attack on my postings. (see messages 14. 15. 16 in "Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?" at
http://hometown.aol.com/sunkat563/myhom … ofile.html)

This time, as I told before, they took the chance of possible date of Iraq War for diversion,(1/27/03, the date Weapon inspection team to report to UN Security Council, US suddenly transferred large amount of troops and weapons to Mid-east on 1/12/03, pushing for a war fever to high attitude for that date).

The internet attack this time is in large scale. On 1/21, a big attack had paralyzed 9 servers out of 13 servers which controlled global internet communication. Most users were not aware of this, because that attack was a short one, lasting only one hour. Then on 1/25, the largest attack in more than a year paralyzed millions of online and phone users, even stranded Bank of America ATM network. It's "slammer" worm. All these took place about a week before 1/27. What sours the frame case this time? My revelation in advance? France's incoordination delayed Invasion? It's a puzzle for outsiders. But there is one thing I'm sure that my postings are the main target of their frame case. I believe with new plot there will be bigger internet attack purposed on eliminating my messages.

114. The prediction of accident of Columbia

I think the government used to create some event to flame public's sentiment to reach their purpose. So I remind people "beware another attack" from our own government to push for Iraq war. It seemed for that 1/27 war date, there lacked such an action. Then an article caught my eye, "Mystery deepens about cause of shuttle disaster" "New Orleans - Despite NASA'S announcement backing off launch problems as the primary cause of the Columbia disaster, top experts said the "abnormally large" piece of foam that flew into the left wing was probably part of a chain of events that brought the shuttle down." (S.J.M.N. 2/6/03) Since it happened in launch, though the accident took place in return journey, it also could have taken place in launch time. If so, the accident would have happened in 1/14, that would "serve the dual purpose of unifying the country behind President Bush " if there had been a war. Of course, this is only a possibility, a speculation of mine for reference.

There is an interesting information about the prediction of accident of Columbia. I recommend you have a read. I think the theory of "bee hive" is a good one which is frequently used by intelligence.



Analysis note from Alex Jones:
Three weeks ago, on my syndicated radio show, I said that there was a very good chance that the globalists would do something horrible concerning the latest Colombia mission. Understand, the psychological warfare technicians do not even need to publicly blame Iraq for the Columbia disaster. It will serve as a distraction in the global press during the final weeks of war preparation in the gulf. It will serve the dual purpose of unifying the country behind President Bush "


115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case. (2/17)

The following article is an important information that third party were involved in sniper shooting.

"Sniper Rifle Was Also Used In Ala. Killing
Third Assailant Possible In Ambush There, Police Say

By Allan Lengel
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 31, 2002; Page A01

"The rifle that was used in the Washington area sniper shootings also was used in last month's Alabama killing that led investigators to the suspects, Montgomery, Ala., Police Chief John H. Wilson said yesterday, citing newly available results of ballistics tests.

He said James Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the ATF in Alabama and Tennessee, told him that ballistics examiners were able to get a more complete picture after examining a bullet test-fired from the sniper weapon......

Three federal law enforcement officials confirmed the new ballistics tests.....

The Alabama shootings occurred about 7:30 p.m., just as Parker and Adams were locking the door, "It was just like all the rest of the shootings -- no one ever saw anyone," Adams said, referring to the Washington area attacks.....

A nearby patrol car pulled up and officers saw Muhammad standing over the two women, rummaging through their purses and holding a handgun in his right hand, Wilson said. One officer tended to the victims. The second chased Muhammad, the chief said. Malvo was about 50 yards away, standing with a magazine in his hand, possibly acting as a lookout, Wilson said, citing witness accounts.

The second officer continued chasing Muhammad through a restaurant parking lot, but a blue car darted out and blocked the path, Wilson said. Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in a blue Caprice last week.

At the time of the liquor store shootings, Wilson said, police thought the car was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But once authorities learned that Muhammad and Malvo had a blue car, he said, his suspicions turned to a possible third person."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/me … 02402.html

From above report, we can conclude: The shooting was carried out by another person. He was the real sniper. Muhammad and Malvo had never been seen holding a rifle. The whole story most likly like this: Muhammad and Malvo were support group of a sniper team. They were sent to do reconnaissance job. This was the most dangerous job because they were easy to be arrested on the scene. The blue Caprice was a working car. Some team member drove it to block the police chasing. All action were well trained: reconnaissance; cover up, evasion..... it reacted what Muhammad had said to his friend in Jamaica that he had worked for the CIA and FBI, and that he had to return to the States periodically to give military training workshops." (see #104. Sniper case, (5) Muhammad in Jamaica) (also According to Newsweek magazine, when Muhammad was travelling from Washington State to Washington, DC to participate the shooting case, he stopped to see his cousins in Baton Rouge, LA. He told them that he was on a "secret mission" for the military. His cousins dismissed him as a lunatic then.But now it seems he told truth.)

When Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, police also found walky talky(or mobile phone?) and satellite locater in car. These were unneccessary for them if they were the sole sniper. But it was useful if they acted as reconnaissance. With satellite locater, the commander of the sniper team was able to know the location of all support groups and instruct these groups to move to the spot for reconnaissance and cover up purpose by walky talky. Muhammad and Malvo was one of these support groups doing same job they had done in Alabama shooting case. That's why they were seen at the shooting scene and even was photoed by surveillance camara. This also explained why the sniper could keep on his shooting spree in a high alert surrounding without being caught. They were well trained and supported by large resources. Once the murderer became the investigator, they could never been discovered. Their mind also displayed in taro card left for local police,"I'm God." Because they also could command local police force.

Sometime later, governmet denied ballistic test said above. They said the bullet in Alabama case was not from the sniper rifle. Obviously they made up their mind to frame up only two persons but cover the real one. But when they manipulated the evidence by "made to fit", and fire arm's "finger print"-ballistic test became untrustworthy, how can we believe their "hard evidence" anymore?



#60 2011-05-15 13:48:24

116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)

There is a Chinese proverb: "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." It said once a man who hid three hundred taels of silver under ground. To ensure nobody would know it, he put a note at the spot where he buried the silver:"There is no three hundred taels of silver here." When I heard the news on Oct. 14 2003 that sniper killed a FBI anlyst, I recall that proverb.

There were something unusual in this shooting death.

1. They beat the drum that a FBI agent was shot to death. Of all the victims, I only know one was a bus driver because he was shot at the bus parking lot where he worked. Another one because he was a student. People rarely know what career the other victims were at. But everybody knows there was a victim who was FBI agent.

2. They blew the trumpet that Malvo killed FBI analyst Linda Franklin. Newspaper all said Malvo admitted he killed FBI analyst. That even in computer Malvo left diary admitted so. If as police saying that Malvo was the one who pulled the trigger in most cases, then why did they repeatedly emphasize that he was the one who killed Linda Franklin but rarely talked about the other victims?

3. The killing place was a difficult one for a distant shooting. Generally, a sniper would avoid such place. I have no chance to see the other place of shooting cases. I only know they were all in open space, parking lot; gas station, shop entrance.....Due to a dense report on Linda's death, I had chance saw several times in TV news that she died in a roofed parking area. The roof was supported by many poles. Those poles blocked the view sight of sniper. If it was a random shooting, sniper would avoid such situation. There were a lot of open parking lot, why choose a difficult one? If it was a designated pick up, then to get rid of view obstacle he had to be close to the victim .

4. It was the only case which got detailed clues. The sniper eluded police. And was undetected in most cases. But this time, the figure of sniper was spotted, and the van was said with a left tail light out. Why? Apparently the difficult shooting surrounding forcing the sniper approaching close to the
victim, so this time he was seen by people.

5. It was the only case that police charged the witness. They said the man making a false statement to a law enforcement agent. How did they knew that man lied? S.J.M.N. reported, "There are other credible witnesses at the scene. That is how we were able to discredit his statement." The authority didn't say what reliable clues these credible witnesses given. And how credible these other witnesses were. But until Muhammad and Malvo were arrested, no clue talked about the blue Caprice, all clues talked about white van. So all witnesses made a false report. But authority seemed extraordinary severe on this witness. The shooting death took place on Monday, The man was held on Friday without bond over the weekend for arraignment next Monday.

Why are they so sensitive and over reactive on this man who gave a detailed clue? There is a possibility what he reported were true. They are scare of it. If the man hadn't admitted he made a false statement, he might be die for it. Arrest on Friday was a tactic law enforcement agent used to do if they planning for a plot. Bond bail won't work on week-end. They have extra two days for an "accident death". (see #65. Birthday Party on May 3 ) And as I said, if this was a case operated by "God"( intelligence), they were well covered by support teams such like Muhammad's. They not only would dart out their car to block a chasing, they also would be "credible witness" to mislead local police if necessary. They could even have ID of law enforcement agent.

Though the most victims of Washington DC shooting spree looked like being chosen at random, circumstance evidence showed that FBI analyst Linda Franklin was a designated pick-up. To ensure the killing, the sniper had to operate in a bad surrounding and had to do it in a close range. Thus he (them) was spotted by people. That's why now they repeated beating the drum to emphasize that Malvo admitted he pulled the plug.

In my message "#68. Ashcroft's revenge", "Re. 5. Culture of FBI", I said FBI knew OKC bombing in advance. Because though McVeigh's target were FBI and BATF, they were all absent that day. In DC shooting case, the sniper eluded detect so skillfully that people would think it was done by intelligence insiders. To get rid of that suspicion, they performed a scene of "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." (a scene of "FBI didn't do it") Then why Linda Franklin was chosen to be victim?

117. Swift response (3/10)

In 2/17 I posted message "115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case". That night, my wife told me Mr. Mao had a surgery on cancer and would die soon. I thought it was an immediate intimidation. Mr. Mao was importer of porcelain figurine and the main supplier for me when I had business ten years ago. Though he came from Taiwan, he went to China after he retired. One of his son has a factory in China and he bought a house there. Another son succeeded his business. He has a daughter lives here too. They all order their air tickets from my wife when they go to Taiwan and China. They knew my story. I think law enforcement agents had interviewed all of them for the information about me. They used to pick up their tickets in my wife's office. If they came to my house to pick up ticket, then they were ordered by agent to do so, I think.

Next day on 2/18, Mao's daughter came to my house to pick up her air ticket. It seemed more a business trip than visiting her father. The surgery was not a very recent one, Mao's other children didn't go back. She asked my wife to drive her to airport and left her car at the drive way of my garage. Her car parked there for almost a week until she came back from China. That's something never happened before. Nobody had ever left their car at my house. I think Mao's daughter was ordered to do so. When I stay at home to avoid FBI's aggressive work, they created links for me.

On 2/28, I posted another message "116. The death of FBI analyst" in internet. Next day my wife brought home a scent box. She installed it at the inside edge of toilet bowl. I wonder how she knew there was such kind of new thing since we never use scent box before. Then I found the drainage was blocked. Each time I rinsed the bowl, water swelled to the edge, soaked the box. I don't think it's a coincidence, blocking drainage and causing a flood is a popular trick they used to play. What's their purpose this time? I guess either they put drug inside box so they could show judge the trace of drug in drainage water, or if necessary, they can claim they found trace of drug in that box because it often soaked in bowl water.

This week-end, the other two sons of Mao came one after another to my house to pick up their tickets.(for business purpose) The unusual show up of all Mao's children in less than a month and deliberately leaving the car at my home made me think it was another FBI's plot. So I frankly told one of them what I thought that they probably would be victims of the frame case by those agents they worked for. To my surprise He was very calm. He said it was indeed very easy to be planted and that there was nothing can do to prevent from it.

His words remind me of lemon. On 1/26, I was motivated by a lady who sent bargain crab to us on that week end. I felt they were pushing us to consume more vinegar. So I wrote the message "112. How they plant (2)". Before I wrote that article, at least once a week, we had the luck to eat crab at good price. After I posting the message on 1/26, till now it's 6 weeks, no crab any more. The response was full and swift. But the work is going on in another way. My wife brought a lot of lemons home, said it was a gift from friend. The lemon, plays the same role of vinegar. We have no habit to cook with lemon, so the lemon are put in basket in kitchen like a decoration.

I could feel the heat of their swift response. I had expected they planed another plot in April. So I thought I could finish the "sniper case" series before April. But it was interrupted by their aggressive work. I think the messages of 115 and 116 made them very angry. They moved up earlier. They may start Iraq war in March (as early as on 3/17) and take that advantage to divert the attention of the frame case in which there will be a slaughter.

118. The dead FBI analyst (2) (3/21)

October 16, 2002, Wednesday
THE HUNT FOR A SNIPER: THE DEAD; Escaping the Grip of Cancer, Only to Die at a Sniper's Hand

Quote, "A year ago, at 46, Ms. Franklin, an analyst for the F.B.I., had faced the prospect of her own death: a diagnosis of breast cancer and tests showing the disease so advanced that she had to have a double mastectomy, relatives said. Then, late in August, they said, her 18-year-old niece was killed in a car accident, ......

she had worked for four years as an intelligence operations specialist in the cyberdivision and was considered a keen analyst, colleagues said."

I think Linda Franklin was a FBI dislike already. Breast cancer is a common method used to demolish dislike. In my messages "58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation" and "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder " the women all died of breast cancer. When they needed a sacrifice. She was the convenient one. Then why she was the target?

Media is controlled by intelligence. When government intends a war in Iraq, there is a censorship on anti-war sentiment. But there is a new way in public communication - internet. FBI, naturally, would try to control that area. Many of my messages talked about my experience of being attacked and harassed in internet. Just like anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting, I think many internet attack were from Federal agents too. If Linda Franklin had been a keen analyst in cyberdivision and did her duty, she was an obstacle to those rogue team. The keener she was, more danger she was in.

The agents of FBI field office don't know the other side of their high ranking officers. When they were doing their work, they might innocently offend their boss. This happened when they were blocked for further investigation on 911 suspects. (FBI Phoenix and Minnisota office) Linda Franklin could not avoid involving in such situation.

119. FBI awards man who blocked MN investigation

Quote, " FBI performs a nasty little sequel to whistle-blower saga
Doug GrowStar TribunePublished Dec. 22, 2002

The Star Tribune's Greg Gordon reported last week that at a quiet little ceremony earlier this month, Marion (Spike) Bowman was one of nine people in the bureau to receive an award for "exceptional performance." The award carries with it a cash bonus of 20 to 35 percent of the recipient's salary and a framed certificate signed by the president.

What does this have to do with Rowley?
Bowman heads the FBI's National Security Law Unit. That's the unit that blocked Minneapolis agents from pursuing their suspicions about Moussaoui.
There were no FBI honors for the Minneapolis office. There was a big honor for the lead antagonist of the Minneapolis office."


120. Cyber-attack

On 2/6 I posted a message "113. Internet attack ". In which I alleged the Federal agent activated large internet attack to practice their skill. Next day, in the newspaper there was an article talked about Bush had signed a secret order for launching cyber attack. It was a swift response to my allegation. A show-off that they are even supported by President of United States.

Quote, "Bush seeks to develop cyber-attack plans
New form of weaponry could alter means of waging war

by Bradley Graham
Washington Post

Washington - President Bush has signed a secret directive ordering the government to develop, for the first time, national-level guidance for determining when and how the United States would launch cyber-attacks against enemy computer networks, according to administration officials. ....

Bush signed the order known as National Security Presidential Directive 16, in July but it has not been disclosed publicly until now".
(San Jose Mercury News 2/7/2003)



#61 2011-05-15 22:47:55

The US already launched a massive cyber attack.  I bet you got a few AOL disks.  I sure did.  People got them all over the world.

Using an AOL disk negatively impacted the temporal lobe and higher brain functions of the victim.  Fortunately, I used mine for coasters, but millions of people were affected globally.

Long term symptoms include a predisposition to conspiracy theory and message forum trolling.  Serious cases have been implicated in the formation of the Tea Party.



#62 2011-05-25 19:51:54

121. Attempt to get hand writing note. (3/31)

In 3/21, I posted "118. The dead FBI analyst (2)" in internet. Next day(Saturday), same scene reacted. (see "117. Swift response (3/10)") My wife told me Mao's daughter would go to China next day Sunday. In the afternoon, someone knocked at the door. It was Mao's daughter. She asked if I knew my wife's cellular phone number when she knew my wife was not at home. I told her I didn't know because I rarely use telephone. I felt it was another attempt of agent to create a link between her and I . They arranged her visit at a time I was home alone. So I straightly told her, "I think you come under the order of FBI." She immediately turned around and went back to her car. I followed her to finish my warning. The simple story of how agent trying to frame me. That her car parking at my house last month and her visit today were all an attempt to create a link. That it was easy to be trapped in a framed drug case if she had business. I reminded her "Don't think you are working for them then they won't hurt you. For their own good, They don't care to sacrifice anyone working for them. Mao's daughter closed the car door and made a phone call, she had a cellular phone in her hand.

I went back home to the computer, in a minute she came back again. She repeated the same question for my wife's phone number. I said, "Haven't I told you I don't know?" She then walked around, looked like to be in a stupefaction. Once she was going to my daughter's room, so I asked "What are you going to do?" She said, "To see if your daughter has a phone." I reminded her, "you have a cellular phone in your hand." "Oh." she then asked for a piece of paper to leave her phone number to my wife. For convenience I grasped a junk mail from table, handed to her. She refused, hinted she need a piece of paper. "Why not?" I asked. For a phone number an envelope was enough. She then asked for a pen. I reminded her there was a pen in her hand already. "Oh." She looked like just waking up from a dream. She wrote down her phone number than left. Obviously she made a call to her handler that her cover up was blewn off when she went back to her car. The agent ordered her to fulfil the mission they told her to do. So she came back to repeat the same question. She was so nervous that she even forgot she had phone and pen in her hand. I guess the purpose of agent was to let her get a note from me (with the excuse of writing down my wife's phone number) Which they would use as a "hard evidence". They would create something on that piece of paper, so they even prepared the pen. Made the fake writing and my genuine writing from same pen. Though sometimes people visit friends with cell phone in their hands, it's unusual to visit with a pen in hand. But Mao's daughter didn't know what to do when I told her I didn't know the phone number, that's why she had tried to go to my daughter's room, intended to make a phone call for the instruction.

This is not the only case they tried to get my hand writing. In March 14, 2000, after I wrote a complaint letter to US consulate, I was in Ranong, Burma. A lady came to me, said she was an oversea's Chinese. She guided me to the local market and helped me shopping some food. When I thanked her for the help, she took out a notebook and a pen, asked me to leave my name. I wrote down my name without suspicion. Several days later, the attempt of framed drug case alarmed me. I recalled this and thought it might be a trap. I'm not a celibrity, what's the use for my signature? About ten days later, in a phone store in Bangkok which I frequently went for its low rate, the girl working there handed me a blank paper said she would like to have my name written on paper. She said she was curious in Chinese characters. It was a store offering international phone service where she had a lot of chances to meet Chinese, why picked up me? I refused. I drifted in South-east Asia for more than a year, this was the only two times I was asked for signature. All happened in March when they tried to frame me in drug case. I don't think it's coincidence.. The plot of April

In Feb.4, 2003, there was a news in World Journal (Chinese) which said that 5 members of "Aryan Brotherhood" gang admitted guilty in attempted murder, drug smuggling. The court verdict would be in this April. I have alleged agent would murder by the hands of gangsters. I also have talked about this gang in message "62. Plot". It seems they plan to do it in April. Then my wife said she would take a vacation trip to China with my daughter and father in law on April 18. I'll be left home alone. In another word, nobody knows what happens if they apply something on me.

Each criminal has his own style to commit a crime. Feds has its own, too. To murder and frame drug case by the hands of gangsters, local police, foreign power, (in this case, Chinese secret police). And divert public attention by big event.(in this case, Iraq war) When I review the coming April, it is so similar to the case they designed two years ago. See messages from #61 to #67.

The late development strenthens my opinion. On 2/28/03 I posted "116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)" in internet. The message was written on 2/27. Which means the agent who monitoring me knew it as early as on 2/27.

On 3/1, the newspaper reported that seven top San Francisco police officials (include chief) were indicted for blocking probe of cops in brawl. That's a big news. I had expected Federal agent would take advantage at the case of three S.F.cops in brawl. But I didn't expect they'll charge top ranking police officials. It looks like they'll do a big case in S.F. Ten months ago I posted a message "67. Turn on into local police (5/29)" which said FBI released data to put pressure on S.F.P.D. Now it seems they directly extort on S.F.P.D.. From indictment to trial date of this case, there is only one month and a half. Pretty short for the charged 7 high ranking officials. I don't think the trial date, April 18th, is a coincidence to my wife's travel date. And something very unusual happened in this top policemen's indictment.

123. Unusual case against top S.F. police officers (4/10)

There were often reported cases of police abusing their power. In many cases they shot the innocent people to death. But they mostly could successfully quit the charge. Seldom the other officers who not involved in case would be charged.

This time, seven top ranking officers were indicted on obstruction charges in the alleged coverup of an investigation into a drunken brawl in which three police officers faced assault charges. The chief, Sanders, was nominated by Mayor Brown. They are a big political power in San Francisco. Who took the risk to challenge this power? It must be a power even bigger.

The unusual thing is the grand jury don't have evidence but probable cause to raise the charge. Is that too frivolous to offend a power? It's totally unnecessary. Re: "Last month, Hallinan told grand jurors his office may not have the evidence to prove the allegations, according to transcripts of grand jury's proceedings, but the panel handed up the indictments anyway." (S.J.M.N. 3/12/03)

The most unusual thing is the indictment was finished in a hurry, at last minute. Read this:
"Referring to the handwritten attachments to the indictment, Peter Keane, dean of the Golden Gate University Law School and a former public defender, said he had not seen such a thing in California in more than 75 years. "It means the grand jury was scribbling and changing and editing right up to the last minute. " (S.J.M.N. 3/5/03)
"A handwritten addendum to the typed complaint - which caused defense attorneys to claim that the whole document was slipshod when it was released Tuesday - was printed on plain paper because the jurors added the charges just before the indictments were signed by a judge Thursday evening."(S.J.M.N. 3/7/03)

Obviously the charge was added at last minute. They even didn't have time to typewrite addendum. Did it more like an intelligence work than normal judicial process? A movie story was vivid there only it was reality this time. Who had that ability to do this? To manipulate a grand jury, prosecutors, to challenge a big political power? I think it was out of someone who thought they were God who could do anything.

I believe the indictment against top ranking police officers of San Francisco was an attempt to create extortion base by intelligence. They need help from local police in a framed case.

124. The development of the S.F. top police officers' case

On 3/10/03, D.A. dropped case against top two officers, Chief Sanders and his second-in-command because there was no sufficient evidence. However, Halinan said he would still prosecute five other supervisors on obstruction of justice charges and three other officers involved in a drunk brawl.

On 3/31, I posted a message "122. The plot of April" in which I alleged this was an extortion attempt.

Four days later, on 4/4, a judge dismissed the charges against the rest five high ranking police officers. She said the prosecution did not offer enough evidence to support the allegation of a conspiracy.

I think this was a swift response to my message. I had experience. See message: 96. Follow up (2) of Judi Bary's case in "60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder ". They responsed with a trial on date just in several days. Another reason I think so is the newspaper report. It's a big case in Bay Area. Almost each report about this case, (include report that D.A. dropping the charge against Chief Sanders) occupied about half page with big title and pictures. The finishing of the charge against top ranking officers, (the rest five supervisors) was only a short message about 150 words hidden in a small column with a title of small letters. If I hadn't heard it in TV news and made a search next day, I would have missed it.

I think these were a swift responses to my opinion about sniper case.

115. The third leg in Alabama shooting case. (2/17)
Next day(2/18) they send Mao's daughter to my house who left for China on night and parked her car at my house. See message "117. Swift response (3/10)"

116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)
I wrote this message on 2/27. On 2/28, they charged top 7 S.F.police officers. In a hurry to catch the trial on 4/18. See previous message.

118. The dead FBI analyst (2) (3/21)
Next day(3/22), Mao's daughter came again, she would go to China on 3/23. See message "121. Attempt to get hand writing note. (3/31)".

They made Mao's daughter coming to my house right after I posted sniper case message. ( Who for years hadn't been to my house.) And arranged a business trip for her to China just in one or two days. It's easy to lure her in profitable business then plant drug in shipment.

I think my opinion and analysis about sniper case is very correct. They are afraid of it and had a very aggressive response.

125. An open letter to those who like to reprint my article (4/21)

On 4/13, I received an e-mail from the host of "This webpage is better than yours". In which it said, "The content on your homepage is extremely interesting. .....May I have your permission to reprint your content on my webpage?"

Since I don't communicate by e-mail privately in case there is a trap, I answer here in internet.

Dear Wayne DeGroot,

Thank you for your interesting in my article. You can reprint my article in your webpage freely. But you don't own it. And you can't forbid others to spread and reprint it. Someone had the same request a year ago, I posted a public announcement (message #52) talked about it. You won't miss it if you had read my article. I repeat it here.

Anybody who is interested in my messages posted in internet can download them and publish them with no obligation. It's free. I have only two request: 1. Put my name "Kat Hak Sung" on the publish. 2. You can correct mis-spelling word, but can't add or reduce the content of each message. No individual person, or group, or organization can own my messages privately and forbid others to read, publish them. The purpose of this announcement is to prevent someone from censoring my messages if I was murdered. Kat Hak Sung is my real name.

Sorry I don't communicate privately because I don't want anybody declare that they have sole private right of my articles because I directly e-mail them. I don't want to disappoint those who really intend to publish my messages. So I made previous public announcement. I'll be glad you can spread my messages.


Kat Hak Sung



#63 2011-05-25 19:55:35

You know, Mao's daughter stops by my place for tea all the time. She's a delightful conversationalist although I find she tends to scarf down all the dim sum treats I serve along with it.



#64 2011-06-06 18:00:00

126. Sniper case (crime style)

Every criminal has his own crime style, sniper killing is used to be seen in political assassination. Such like the assassination of President Kennedy, ( I had been intimidated that he was killed by law enforcement agent. see message #17) And the assassination of M.L.King. ( It is said Dr. King was a dislike of former FBI director Mr. Hoover ) Sniper killing is also frequently used by law enforcement agent. In any case when SWAT involved, there are always snipers located on the roofs. In Rubyridge case, a FBI sniper killed family members of Weaver.

I personally had the experience of Feds sniper.

One was in Thailand. In March 2000, when Foreign Ministry of Thailand told me to ask for asylum in Internal Ministry, and Internal Minister resigned from his post for a sudden scandal, I knew they determined to frame me in drug case. Newspapers suddenly reported drug smugglers arrested and board patrol intensified. They made a drug arrest reasonable already. How could I avoid their trap? I thought of the Golden Triangle. It is famous for its opium trade. Now is a tourist spot. Though Golden Triangle related to drug, it seemed the only way I could choose to leave Thailand safely. They couldn't say they arrested a man who tried to smuggle drug to where it was produced. It would be as absurd as accusing a man sale soda to Coca-cola Co. I went to travel agency to ask for the trip to Golden Triangle. They all told me that I had to go to ChinMai first, stay there overnight then take a local bus to the board of Burma and Thailand next day. When I was in hesitation, there was an article in newspaper said that US law enforcement agent had an expert sniper newly arrived in Thailand. He would be positioned at North Thailand to shoot drug smugglers. The article introduced the sniper's glorious past, that how many people he had killed in the war. I read a lot of newspaper everyday. They knew it and often delivered the intimidation by newspaper. I got used to it. This time their information was clear. If I wouldn't go to their trap, they would shoot me to death. I then changed my mind to go to Laos. Though Laos was not so popular for drugs, it was still unusual to charge smuggle drug from Thailand to Laos. And one of my consideration was I could take a train direct to board cross. Nong Khai was a city, where a foreigner could hardly do a sniper job among dense population.

On April 5, I took a night train to Nong Khai. At midnight, the train stopped in an open field for nearly two hours. I looked out of the window, it was dark. Would there be an expert sniper there? I wonder. Luckily, the train was crowded. Seats were full with many people standing by. It was a long time for me. At last the train moved and brought me to the board. The sniper killing threat remained in my mind. (story see messages "51. Unbridle power of intelligence.")

You can find that sniper article in Thailand newspaper. The time should be about late March to early April in 2000.

Another one took place in June, 2001. I talked about it in message "# 63. A well planed frame case". I alleged Feds framed a big case in that month. My nephew, a Stanford student, was a target too. I think they planned a random shooting death for him. To make the case looked like a result of racial hatred, they shot an Asian girl to death at first. The execution of McVeigh was designated on 6/11. The framed case should be about same time so the McVeigh's death could diverge public's attention. The innocent Asian girl was shot to death on 6/10. Read this.


Maria Ann Hsiao had just walked outside a crowded Palo Alto nightclub early Sunday when someone shot her in the head. Police said no one reported seeing her killer, not the 15 or 20 people standing nearby nor the hundreds inside.

Panicked patrons flagged down a patrol car in front of the Q Cafe on Alma Street moments after the shooting at 12:20 a.m., setting off a rare homicide investigation in a city known more for serenity and Stanford University than violence."

(S.J.M.N. 6/11/2001)

The situation just like the DC sniper shooting. People nearby didn't know where the bullet came from. Of course, the case remained unsolved. But when DC sniper case started, the same description of bystanders reminds me the sniper might be from the same origin and use the same style. That's why I viewed the DC sniper case from another angle right from the beginning.

127. Heavy harassment (5/3)

I was harassed heavily in internet recently. They use "error page" , or "downloading page" which constantly popped out to harass reading and writing. Slow processing was frequently used. Several times they just blocked the entering. Give a "Can't Find the Web Site" page for each click in. Forced me to abandon the surfing in internet. Sometimes they gave a page of "Sorry, you may not post at this time. This forum has a waiting period before new members can post a message. Please return in 6 hours to post." For different web sites, they entered different number of hours for fun. I think it's that kind of work cultivated their mentality of "I'm god" because they can control others' life. These significantly slowed my internet surfing.

Moreover, in several web-sites where people can post without registration, they assumed my name to post fake messages. They use my e-mail address and post my phone-number there. The article made me look like a psycho with the content like: "How I become alleged murder of Ron (undercover agent)" . "How me, Kat Hak Sung, becomes alleged murder of Ron ", "Every criminal like me has his own crime style". People can see these forgery at:

Though they used to do their job without leaving hard evidence, these attacks could be rarely some.

FBI has a history abusing their power of eroding civil liberty. There is little check and balance on this power. I believe there are rogue team inside the intelligence involved in criminal activities. When decent and keen agent discovered such kind of problem, and tried to do real law enforcement job, what will happen? They usually were blocked for doing further investigation like in event of MN field office and Phoenix office in 911 case, or being under fire like Turner, even being eliminated "accidently" like Linda Franklin.

FBI agent under fire - from agency
Exclusive interview: Turner blew whistle on Ground Zero theft
By Lisa Myers

WASHINGTON, April 29 - For a quarter-century, Jane Turner has been a special agent for the FBI. But now the agency is trying to fire her, and Turner says it's because she blew the whistle on FBI wrongdoing. Agent Turner tells her story in an exclusive interview with NBC's senior investigative correspondent, Lisa Myers.


128. Location, time and motive (sniper case)

Muhammad lived in Washington State which is at west coast. The sniper shooting spree took place in Washington DC which is at east coast. If this is a case for blackmail, he could do it anywhere, or most conveniently, near where he lived. What made him took that trouble to cross the whole continent to east coast? Because the case targetted at law makers. They had to shoot at DC area so Congressmen could feel the threat. And the time went tally with the authorization of Iraq war power to President Bush.

Time table:
10/2/2002: House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Minority Leader Richard Gephardt introduced the bill (H. J. Res 114) to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq.

. . First 2 shooting: Same day in evening, sniper started his shooting spree. 1st shot was at a Craft-store window, broke the glass but hurt no one. It might be a declaration of the start of shooting by sniper. Then a man was killed in a grocery parking lot.

10/3: The bill went to the International Relations Committee for the beginning of debate.

. . Shooting 3-7: Five shooting took place the same day, all victims dead. Six deaths in less than 28 hours shocked the whole country, especially those lived in the area. Of course, including those politicians in Capital Hill.

10/4 (Friday) Debate on bill.

. . 8th shooting: A woman wounded in parking lot.

10/5-10/6 (week-ends) Politicians took a rest, sniper coincided by taking a rest too.

10/7 (Monday) Debate on bill resumed.

. . 9th shooting: Shooting resumed too. A boy wounded at school.

10/9 Debate on bill continued.

. . 10th shooting: Man killed in gas station.

10/10 House passed the bill.

10/11 Senate passed the bill.

. . 11th shooting: Man shot dead at gas station. It took place at 9:30 am, could be a last push on Senate.

10/14 12th shooting: FBI analyst was shot to death in Home Depot parking lot.

10/16 Bush signed the Bill.

10/19 13th shooting: Man killed outside a restaurant.

10/23 14th shooting: Bus driver killed in bus parking lot.

Can you find how the sniper shooting helped pushing through the Bill to authorize the power of Iraq war to President Bush?

129. My view on sniper case (5/16)

The sniper spree started at the same day when the bill (H.J. res 114) "authorizing the use of armed force against Iraq" was introduced to the House. Six deaths within first 28 hours shocked the country, especially those lived in the DC area. Senators were warned it was dangerous to be in golf field. The shooting continued, maintained a terror pressure on politicians. On Oct. 11, 9:30 am, the eleventh shooting made a last push on Senators. Later that day, Senate passed the bill.

It was 10 days from Oct. 2 (introduce the bill) to Oct. 11. (bill passed). There were 11 shootings took place during that time. Averaged more than one shooting a day. I call it the first stage. (action stage) The insider group successfully reached their goal, pushed the bill passing through.

Since President Bush needed this bill, the shooting push was unnecessary for him. The second stage started from 10/12(bill passed) to 10/24 (Mohammad and Malvo arrested). I call it retreat stage in which they planted, covered up their trace and found a scapegoat. There were 3 shootings in this 12 days period, much less than in the 1st stage. Yet, they have particular meanings. What would they do after the mission was done? Cover up.

The first one of the 3 shootings was on 10/14 where a FBI analyst was shot to death. A way to quit from suspect's profile. Because the victim of this case was a designated one, so there were many unusual things happened in this case and made it one special in all the shooting spree. (see message "116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28)")

Then, the second one of 3 shootings told people the motive of this shooting spree was for money. The shooting on 10/19 came with the demand of 10 million dollars from sniper. The unusual thing was if it was a blackmail, why did they demand the money so late? In most blackmail cases, the first thing criminal did was to request a ransom after they kidnapped the victim. It was amazing to see they shot FBI staff first than thought of to plant a motive. How eager they tried to quit from the suspect profile.

The last shooting on 10/23 was followed by the arrest of the two in Caprice. Which made many people think Mohammad and Malvo were the snipers because there was no more sniper shooting afterwards. To avoid being embarrassed by incapable to solve this case like what happened in anthrax attack, they hurried to frame it a blackmail case in last 5 days. (from 10/19 to 10/24)

130. SARS

I noticed this case first in early March, 2003. A news in World Journal said an American businessman (Chinese ethnic) went from Shanghai to Hanoi and got sick there on 2/26.
He then chartered a private plane to HongKong on 3/6. At that time, nobody knew SARS. I was impressed by the cost he paid for the charted plane: $600,000. I thought if he would pay that much, he must know it was fatal and hard to be cured. Maybe he wanted to back to US? The hospital he stayed in Hanoi was among the best in Vietnam, named French Hospital. Several days later, another news reported his death on 3/13. I later knew his name was Johnny Chen. With his death, people were aware of a new disease. But until 3/18, newspaper still called it "mysterious illness".

Source and how it spreads.

Johnny Chen was said the source of SARS infected two dozens of medical workers in Hanoi Frence Hospital. But I noticed there was no report of infection in Princess Margaret Hospital in Hongkong where he was sent to and died. That was a puzzle. How could he be the super contagious source in one hospital but didn't infect others in another hospital?

Though there was no infection in Princess Margaret Hospital, in another Hospital Prince Wales of HongKong, there were about dozens medical workers caught the disease at same time. There were two other sites where people were infected in group. One was Jin-Hua Hotel where 6 tourists who had stayed in 9th floor caught the SARS. Another one was Tao-da Mansion where about 300 residents were infected. I noticed there were no report of infection of family members of sicked medical staffs. And there was no report of colleagues being infected by those 300 residents of Tao-da Mansion. I think SARS maybe spread by close contact. And it seems more like a disease spread by location. That is: someone had visited the above three sites, left high contagious SARS source. People lived, or worked in these places caught the disease by touching the source or inhaling the air from source. Though there were conflict report of how SARS spreading. A report may represent my opinion. Quote, "The expert of mainland China found, a patient who was among the people first being infected, had no family member being infected, but friend who visited him got sick. The first foreigner who died of SARS in mainland China, had none friend with close relationship being infected. But those who had been with him for a short time, in same location, e.g. being in same lift, caught SARS." (World Journal, 4/20/03) It could be infected by touching polluted spot, or by inhaling the air from a polluted ventillation output. The above three sites all have common ventillation system. (Hospital, Hotel, and mansion where lift using ventillation)



#65 2011-06-17 14:36:08

131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17)

Yesterday, I posted message about SARS. At about 5 pm, I was blocked to the internet. At the same time someone put a tire at my door. My wife later found it was from a vehicle parked at B house. The new owner is a Vietnamese ethnic who took back the tire, said it was from a friend who just replaced a worn tire. But why hadn't he put the tire at their own place, (their parking space is in front of their garage and by the side of their back yard.) but crossed the lane, passed through my parking space, intruded my front yard where there is a fence, put the tire at my front door. My wife was very angry because it was obvious a delebrate provokation. She thought they put junks to our house. But I knew it's for the SARS I posted. Generally, when I am not on internet, I do garden work or read newspaper in hall which is near the front door. They even blocked the internet to drive me to there to meet a dispute, or an accident. They failed. Since I alleged they tried to murder in house I never answer the door to strangers. (see murder attemption story at:" 44. My tenant". and B house story at: "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1)")

This morning twice, two different men came to my house, one (looks like a Spanish ethnic) said he was looking for the replaced tire. The other one pretended a salesman. My father in law answered the door. The unusuall visitors really alarmed me. My conclusion is, if they reacted so swift and strong, then it proves my analysis about SARS is correct and true. Though I haven't pointed out who is the mastermind, they confessed themselves by their reaction.

132. plant fake petition.(5/22)

I found a fake petition in my e-mail box assuming my name. The following is the e-mail.

<Date: 5/20/2003 11:50:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: kathaksung@aol.com
Reply-to: kathaksung@aol.com
To: kathaksung@aol.com

Support Al quida
Save Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
Start a New War againts Saudi Arabia

It seems the war on Iraq is over. But Saddam Hussein is still at large and very much alive (I got it from insider's information, who is an undercover agent of Saddam Hussein in America, like me too, Kat Hak Sung). I have to protest because this war is for the interest of Israel. And you can see the tremendous influence of Israel here, both on politicians and media. (The weak reaction of Democratic Party and less of criticism of media). Anyhow I'll try my best to express my opinion to politicians.

Saddam Hussein's and Osama bin Laden's lives must be saved. And
Al quida must be supported. I think, George Bush is an undercover agent of Osama bin Laden. He used the Iraq war as a cover up to protect Osama bin Laden and support Al quida. If people are agree with my opinions, (either all or part of them) I welcome them to share with it for their convinence.

The following is the e-mail I have mailed to politicians.

The honorable
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator

I'm writing you to give full authorization the war power to President Bush and his Cabinet at this movement.

I urge you to start a new war on Saudi Arabia because of the following reason:

1. Al Qaeda Arms Traced to Saudi National Guard.

3 Attackers Identified In Riyadh Bombings
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar … May18.html
In reality, Saudi Arabia shows no intention to accept unconditional democracy.

2. The war will benefit the rich people with interest in military and oil industry and a particular country (Israel). The UN must bear the cost alone. Which means the world must pay money and blood for the interest of minority people at a time US economy is going up and up and up.

3. Only war can solve any problem. War in Afghan killed a lot of evil people. The main target Bin Laden is still at large. Al Quada scattered all over the world, including USA. They even recruited George Bush as their undercover agent.

4. War destroys hostility and enemy. It will help Al Quada to recruit more soldiers. US people will enjoy an endless terror threaten, so Bush and the law enforcement can achieve greater power over the US people. And we have to build more bunker, stronger secret service for our security, in order we all can afford private flights.

5. Gaining support from allies. Most countries are for a war on Saudi Arabia. We are gaining friends and sympathy of the world, because we will control 90% of the world's oil reserve and production. The profile of US will increase tremendously.

6. Perhaps most important is it will help a dictatorship in US. A good policy is not based on legitmacy and common value, but on strong leadership and personal will and unilateral opinion. It's dictatorship based on democracy. This means Bush dictates and the people have to support him with their votes. Those who do not support and vote for Bush must be exterminated.

In conclusion, I urge you authorize President Bush having a war on Saudi Arabia. Let U.N. take over the matter of costs.


Kat Hak Sung >

Though the petition is a senseless one, they excerpted a large quantity of sentences from my articles and pieces them together to be a petition.

It's a plant. Maybe a plot to make senate report the case so they can have an excuse to apply something on me. To publish forgery article by assuming my name is a tactic they used for sometime. (see message "127. Heavy harassment (5/3)". Who have the motive and resource to do that kind of dirty work?

I think all these are the hurried reaction of my last post "130. SARS". Now can you see who is the mastermind of SARS?

133. Strong reaction (5/27)

I posted "130. SARS" on 5/16.
Same day, someone offered a drive for my wife to have her car examined in the dealer's shop. In the evening she was told the car needed a repair at a cost of one thousand dollars. When she came back home she found a tire at the front door. It was from a car parked at neighbour's space. She took the tire to their house and made a complaint.

Next day on 5/17. In the morning, two men separately knocked at the door. One said him as a salesman, the other was looking for tire. In noon, my wife came home sick. She vomited.

On 5/19, in the evening, another man came to look for tire.

On 5/20, a fake petition to Senate assumed my name was sent to my e-mail box.

On 5/23, the drainage was blocked and caused a flooding. Another man came said he was looking for a friend.

It was a busy week. All four men used to be in next lane for years. I think they belong to DEA task force. Next lane is their head office. Since 1991, it's 12 years already. The team of four never show up in my lane. Why did they pretend different kind of figures knocking at my door within a week after I posted "SARS"?

1. My wife's car was bought on 1999. Since it's the only car we have and I have no drive license after 2001. She used to change oil in nearby workshop. Sending the car to dealer for maintenance would take a day or two and have to ask others giving her a drive. But if the surveillance agent want to install something in the car, (for tracking or hurting or murdering) they need to hold the car for sometime. I think they break down our car to force a repair. Our car was broken down three times in first three years and had to be repaired in dealer's shop. Surveillance team used to be shifted every half or a year. At that time they must exchange the instruments they planting in the car. Leaving team pick up their's. Arriving team install their's. My wife complained a slow oil leaking months ago. On 5/16 she suddenly said someone offered her a drive for a dealer's check up. In evening she was in a bad mood when she was acknowledged it would cost one thousand dollars. The three years guarantee is passed date, this time we have to pay for it. It could be a punishment. They used to do like this.

2. The tire put at our front door was a deliberately provokation, it's obvious. If I complained to my neighbour, I think, I would have got a bullet. They could say I intruded to their house, the shooting would be a self defense. The dead can never tell the truth, it will be all their words. Same trick they played last October. They issued wrong accusations in four notices, threatened a fine, then arranged an emergency meeting. I didn't go because it's a private residence. The house then was put a sign "for rent". A cover up of their failed trap. (see "95. A notice for a meeting")

3. My wife took the tire to the B house and made a complaint. She didn't know it was a trap designed for me. She was punished by radio frequency weapon next day which caused nausea and vomit. I've talked about sleep wave, micro wave shooting, e-wave caused tooth ache, this is another kind of e-wave weapon agent used to use. I think they had used this to punish former President Bush,(GW Bush's father) Who collapsed and vomitted in a banquet. And Reno, (General Attorney of Clinton time) who collapsed in a meeting in Mexico (about in 1997). How I found this kind of weapon is another story. I'll talk about it later.

4. Flooding is another way they often used to harass people. With the hope that "plumbers" would be asked for help. see "87. Flooding (9/13)". The tricks all had been used recently. Repeat using in a short period is unusual. It only means the team is under pressure from high ranking officers. This time is because of SARS. I can see new trick will emerge.

134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.

According to WHO, the first SARS patient was sick on 11/16/2002 in Fo San, Cantoon Province. From that time on to early March, it was more than 100 days, but there was not big cluster breakout, death rate was low, particularly there was rare casualty among medical workers whom were heavily hurt in other areas such like in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And there was no quarantine applied on patients. (Quarantine was strictly applied in other area and countries.) How can Canton got such achievement? WHO said it was because medical workers in Canton handled the disease properly. But they failed to say what was the proper method Canton carried out. Why didn't they introduce it to other areas which are badly hurt by SARS? Or just as they said, It was out of good luck? I call it a MARS period. (Mild acute respiratory syndrome)

MARS became SARS after the dramatic death of Johnny Chen. Until in early March nobody cares about mysterious illness in Canton province. Chen's death like a dagger broke up the censorship of Chinese government. You can say it was a dramatic event, I say it was a perfect intelligence work. In which an American citizen died, (Johnny Chen) Vienamese medical worker infected and died. None of the government involved (US and Vietnam) can be controlled by China. And Ulbany, found the disease in Hanoi was SARS and died of it, was a doctor of WHO.(now it's international) So the whole world knew it. Chinese government couldn't censor the news. All three factors were out of its control.(US, Vietnam and WHO) With the cluster breakout in three sites It caused panic of Hongkong people.

The same dramatic story happened in Beijing too. Chinese Health minister Chang said the illness was under control in Beijing. An retired army doctor Jiang found him lied. Jiang wrote an e-mail to CCTV and Phoenix TV revealing the truth. He didn't get any reply from them. On 4/8, there was a knock at his door. It was a reporter from "Time" magazine. Next day on 4/9, Times published Jiang's whole e-mail. The whole world knew SARS spreading in China then. It caused a political storm. Two high ranking officers, The Mayor of Beijing and Health Minister, both lost their job. The Chinese Health Minister Chang told his lie on 4/3. Doctor Jiang's revealing e-mail must be sent on days after 4/3. The Time reporter's visit was on 4/8. It took only less than four days, (maybe even less if Jiang wrote his e-mail later) The result of a good information system and swift response. Jiang knew no US reporter. So far, nobody knows how the reporter of Times was able to know Jiang's e-mail and found his location for a visit. That's the copy of story of "deep throat" in Water Gate scandal.

These two events aroused the worldwide attention on SARS in Hong Kong and China (mainly in Beijing). I saw there was shadow of US intelligence in it.

135. Man hunt (6/7)

In 6/4 near noon, I heard a big noise. A helicopter circled low above the house for several minutes. Due to the recent pressure, I didn't go out to see what had happened.

Next day, newspaper reported this news. Quote,
"Man hunt, Federal fugitive caught (S.J.M.N. 6/5)

Williams returned to San Jose to find work. He was wanted by BATF on a warrant for illegally possessing a firearm in 2000 in Colorado.

ATF investigators monitored Williams' parents' house on Half Pence Way four times last week, but never saw him. They returned Wednesday morning to talk to his family and saw him standing at the side of the house. When Williams saw the agents, he bolted. Federal agents searched the area for 45 minutes and spotted Williams at a school, but he ran again. So the ATF called San Jose police."

About 50 officers joined man hunt. Three hours later, Williams was arrested near Sierra Wood Drive and Trimble Road. He hid under the trees in a creek bank.

I read his escaping road from the map printed in newspaper. It was a straight line from his parents' house to my house. Though it maybe a coincidence, I think in different way.

Williams' warrant was issued in 2000 in Colorado. For three years they didn't touch him there. Now he was lured here by job just a few days ago. It's easy to set up such trap by telling his parents there were job opening. Obviously BATF knew his returning in advance. If Williams is a dangerous person, they would set up an ambush. But their encounter was like a deliberate "scaring the man away". They left him an escape way directed to my house. (easy to do so by patrolling in three sides but leaving one side open) But Williams stopped go any further when he found a covert place. So they had to arrest him. The spot where he was arrested was only two blocks to my house. If Williams hadn't stopped his escape journey, then there would be a man hunter around my house, and I think, a "mistaken shoot" would have taken place then.

FBI, DEA, this time BATF, Feds really activate their resources. On 6/5, Ashcroft once again requested for more police power by expanding the "Patriot Act".



#66 2011-06-20 19:20:14

500 milliTimeCubes



#67 2011-06-28 15:57:40

136. Man hunt (2)

I am familiar to this tactic. In about 1996(?) one night I was alarmed by the helicopter noise. My neighbor came tell us there was a "man hunt" and asked if we saw any stranger in backyard. I believed her and took a look at the backyard. Of course nobody was there. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. My wife answered it. She told me it was a policeman whom was looking for a fugitive. The officer then went to the backyard for a search. I suddenly was aware that if I had stayed a little longer there, or if the officer had come a little earlier, I might be shot in darkness as a fugitive. At that time I knew already many dirty tactics law enforcement agent using. But "man hunt" was fresh to me then. It remains a deep impression in my mind.

137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?

Who has the ability to activate a bio-attack? Russia, China, US..... But who has the motive this time on SARS crises?

1. Bush started an era of war and bio-attack.

I've alleged 911 attack was allowed to happen. With it as excuse, Bush and his cabinet started two wars in Mid-east. I also alleged anthrax attack was done by government insiders to push the passing through of "Patriot Act" and DC sniper case to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush. In less than three years, Bush has opened a Pandora Box, let out wars, decease, disease.... to the world.

2. US secretly research and develop bio-weapons

Anthrax attack revealed that US is still researching and developing bio-weapons in secret military labs in Dugway, Utah. In debate of Iraq war, I also found an information that West Nile is a bio-weapon resource. US provided Saddam Hussain bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax. I had alleged that Feds using West Niles as cover up to murder people( the brain death. see message "82. West Nile virus") Now there is great possibility West Niles is also developed to bio-weapon.

3. Preparation for a bio-warfare

Bush expressed a hysteria interesting in bio-war. He had pushed a wave of receiveing vaccination to prevent small pox. Despite small pox is a disease which is extinguished (? at least the one under control) and most people had received vaccination already. Why did he push for an unnecessary vaccination? My feeling is it maybe a vaccine for another disease, under the cover of prevent small pox. Is it for SARS which broke out laterly? or for a more virulent small pox newly developed in secret lab? No body knows unless people have the right to check this media and military cooperation war-monster.

Who likely opened the Pandora Box and let out SARS?


U.S. scientists deplore Army's silence on anthrax program
Posted on Monday, December 17 @ 10:19:28 EST

WASHINGTON Several scientists and biological warfare experts say they were surprised by the revelation that a U.S. Army installation in Utah has been producing dried preparations of the Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium, the same strain found in letters to senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

International Herald Tribune:


US who provided bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax.

Refrence:Quote, "Between 1985 and 1989, the Senate testimony shows, Iraq received at least 72 U.S. shipments of clones, germs and chemicals ranging from substances that could destroy wheat crops, give children and animals the bone-deforming disease rickets, to a nerve gas rated a million times more lethal than Sarin."

http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20 … 048504.asp

138. Smallpox and monkey pox.(6/18)

I wrote "137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?" on 6/7. Next day, a big word "Smallpox" in newspaper caught my eye. "Ho, how fast they reacted," I thought. The topic of article was "Outbreak in Midwest related to smallpox".

It wrote, "This is an unusual event....There's never been a human or animal illness in the Western Hemisphere by a virus that is either a monkey pox virus or a very close variant of the monkey pox virus."

"At least 19 people in three Midwestern states have caught a disease related to small pox, marking the first outbreak of the life-threatening illness in the US, federal health officials said Saturday (6/7)" (S.J.M.N. 6/8)

In consecutive five days, nearly everyday San Jose Mercury News reported monkey pox in big articles or briefing news. "Monkey pox is closely related to the smallpox virus, usually occurs only in central and western Africa.".(S.J.M.N. 6/10) "The US government recommended smallpox shots wednesday(6/11) for people exposed to monkey pox."

On 6/17, Chinese TV news reported there was a smallpox vaccination exercise held in San Francisco.

All these, I think, are the reaction to my allegation in last message about the preparation of bio-war by President. Though they densely reported the relationship between monkey pox and smallpox, it still couldn't justify why in December 2002, Bush pushed a vaccination program on a disease which has been extincted for more than 20 years in the world. How could he foresee there would be a monkey pox outbreak five months later? It only impresses me that how swiftly they reacted and how powerful they were.(manipulate media and other government branches.) It also add on list one more virus released from Pandora Box.

139. Convenient excuse.

When China can't find the origin of SARS, a hypothesis said it might jumped from animals to humans. The virus also found in a wild animal named civet which is consumed in Chinese food market.

The monkey pox virus was said, too, spreaded by wild animals. The cases were quickly linked to contact of prairie dogs. Government banned the sales and imports of the alleged animals. It gives a convenient excuse to the outbreak of SARS.

Although the wild animal could be the origin of SARS, it also could be a cover up excuse just like they can put Malvo and Muhammad as suspects in DC sniper case. Chinese have a history to consume on wild animals, why they haven't caught that disease until now? The conflict way of its spreading and dramatic way of its revelation show that it was more like an intelligence work.

140. Selective outbreak

The unusual outbreak area shows it was a selective work.

1. US and Canada are the similar two countries with certain amount of Chinese ethnic residents and busy daily air traffic routes connected to HongKong, China and Taiwan. US may be stronger than Canada in links with the area. Yet there was no cluster outbreak of SARS in US while Canada suffered waves of outbreaks. There were more than thirty SARS deaths in Canada, there was none in US.

2. In Canada, Vancova is a city gathering more Chinese immigrants with a nickname of "little HongKong". But the SARS breakout and the deaths concentrated in Torento.

3. In China, nearly a half SARS cases and SARS deaths concentrated in Beijing. (There were about 5 thousands of SARS cases and 5 hundreds of deaths in China). If people say it's because Beijing is a big city with a busy migrate population, then there is a bigger one, Shanghai. Shanghai, with a population of 16 million and more than four millions of migrate ones, is the most economic active city in China. There is seldom a SARS case and so far one SARS death(5/8)there.

Why SARS caused a heavy casualty in some area while in other area it became MARS? Newspaper rarely talk about this. It seems SARS virus having an evolved mind. It attacks selectively like a smart bomb.



#68 2011-06-28 20:09:41

363 milliTimeCubes



#69 2011-07-21 16:17:32

141. My view on Selective SARS outbreak (6/28)

1. Why SARS become MARS in US? The US government don't mind to sacrifice lives to reach their goal. Such like what happened in anthrax attack and sniper case. They had designed Northwood plan to attack their own people. Why in this event they are so kind on US people? Because the most effective result of SARS is its impact on economy.

Fear to catch SARS halt the tourism. Airlines canceled flights, travel company shut down, commercial activities came into a standstill. China and HongKong at least lost 1% to 2% in their GDP growth rate. The SARS impact on economy is more severe than 911 attack did. Though US can bear such an attack, the power group doesn't want so. Bush is an obedient patsy. He had started a war without sufficient justification. The road map of Mid-east is not finished. There are more "evil" countries to be conquered. They need him to stay in President post for second term. Then they need a prosperous economy in 2004 election. For it they give a tax cut, they low the Feds' interest rate to 1%, a 45 years' low. Of course they don't want SARS to disturb their plan. That's why SARS this time attacked avoiding American.

2. In China, SARS took a big leap from Guangdon Province to Beijing and broke out there. (Beijing is more than a thousand kilometers away from Guangdon Province)Because Beijing is the political center of China. It was a hard hit not only economically, but also politically. The result is obvious, there was a strong shaking in high ranking official. The mayor of Beijing and Health Minister of China both stepped down, as well as a certain amount of local officials. Though it's not like a "regime change" in Iraq, to a big power like China, it's the best way to have a selection of favorable officials. To promote more open and pro-democratic officials which benefits US and intelligence.

The time is critical too. Two dramatical revelation took place in March and April.(see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) What happened then?
Iraq war started at late March. SARS diverted China's attention to oppose the war to the disease outbreak. Then followed by a meeting between US and N.Korea which was hosted by China. US requested China play a more aggressive role to stop nuclear weapon plan of N. Korea. SARS could be used as a pressure to push China to do so.

3. An uncontaminated route.

Fujian Province is next to Guangdon Province and faces to Taiwan. There was no report of SARS case there. It was a miracle for a place uncontaminated between the two areas which were hard hit by SARS.

I've alleged there would be a drug frame case in April. See my messages on 3/31 (#122. The plot of April) One of the reasons was my wife would take a trip on 4/18 to her home country Fujian through Shanghai. So they left an uncontaminated route for her to go. My family came from Shanghai, when we talked about SARS in late April, everybody thought it was incredible how could Shanghai exempt from SARS invasion. (there was one death case took place on 5/8, I thought it was a cover up after our talk) Of course I thought in different way. My opinion about drug frame case got a strong evidence in May.

142. Drug case in Fujian

In 5/17, at first page of World Journal (Chinese newspaper), there was a big topic "US, China united assaulting, break up drug gang in Fujian". It said, the justice department of US and China united in an investigation in a drug case, broke up a big drug smuggling group which was based in Fujian. They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami.

Federal Prosecutor James Comey announced the case in a NewYork news release. DEA pointed out, the drug group smuggled 1500 pounds of heroin into US from 2000. The drug was from Burma, transported to Fujian, than shipped to US. They sold the drugs in NewYork, N.Carolina, Florida and Canada. The investigators arrested 10 people in NewYork.

In 5/27, in "World Journal" a news topiced "Beijing for the first time allowed US undercover landing in China". Related to the drug case in Fujian, it said it was a big break through that Chinese government allowed US agent acted in undercover in mainland China. It was historical because China always thought it was a sovereignty.

In 5/28, World Journal said, "Kin-cheung Wong netted, US, China justice co-operation may facing a break through". Kin-cheung Wong was the head of that drug gang. Law enforcement agency on 5/16 announced the break up of his drug group. They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India. DEA and FBI got the information about Wong in early 2001, in early 2002, they concluded it was a big fish. Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.

Since September 2000, I started post this thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I felt several times the pressure of to be framed in drug case. It seems they used this group as a tool to frame the case. And I allege Feds conduct and cultivate the crime group. That's their own criminal style.

143. Drug case in Fujian (continuation)(7/10)

In Sept. 2000, I started to post in internet.

In 11/12, 2000, there was an article "Killing Pablo" in Mercury News which I think was the announcement they would have a large scale murder.

In April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA resigned from their post, would leave in June that year. I think it's because my revelation in internet. (see messages "61. Resignation of FBI chief" and "62. Plot ")

In May 2001, I noticed an article about the secret deal to release a spy plane EP-3 and its crew which landed in HaiNan, China in April, 2001. It said US paid a large sum of money for the release.
In secret deal, DEA and FBI were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China. (See "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" at:
http://hometown.aol.com/sunkat563/myhom … ofile.html

Why DEA and FBI were involved in a diplomatic (or military) event and sign for something relate to drugs instead of hostages and spy plane? I realized then DEA and FBI had bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case. There were three big attempts since.

(1) The first one was planed in June 2001. Which used McVeigh's execution as diversion of public's attention. To match the McVeigh's execution date to the plotted frame case, they even delayed it for 30 days. The excuse was that FBI found 3000 pages of unreported documents. (see messages 61. 62, 63, 64)

(2) The second one was set up in 5/3/2002. In which they planned a dinner party. I later knew B (my brother in law) invited his staffs in New York to the party in San Francisco. He has a branch company there. I noticed the news reported in Fujian drug case, NewYork was a place the gang had drug business. (see messages 65, 66, 67)

(3) The third one was set up in April 2003. When my wife planned a journey to Fujian. At that time, because I accurately analyzed the death of FBI staff Linda Franks and the third party involving in DC sniper case, they sent Mao's daughter to my house twice and even left her car at my house. Thus a direct link was established. Mao's daughter was said to go for a business deal. Her destination was Fujian. (see messages 117, 121,122,123,124)

The news about Fujian drug gang was perfectly match the frame case. It started in 2000. DEA and FBI were aware of it at the beginning. Chinese secret police was very cooprative even for the first time allowed US undercover acted in mainland. (Of course for that big bribe). I think the activity of that Fujian drug gang was under guidance and conduct of FBI, DEA and Chinese secret police. It's easy to pretend as a buyer. If my opinion is correct, then I expect people can find there were big deals or drug shipments took place around the time of these three alleged frame cases. At least in the first two events. That is, June 2000 and May 2001. If people have the right to check this case.

Federal agents used to manipulate criminal gang to reach their own purpose. Such like what they manipulate the "Nuestra Familia" in bay area. They allowed it to commit crimes. When they need killers in jail, the agents netted them, thus could use them in bargain deal. (see message "102. Gang manipulation (12/6)") In Fujian drug gang case, the gang was under control from the beginning. It was allowed to grew bigger and bigger. Because Feds could use it to frame a drug case anytime they want. Such like what happened when they were anger at my revelation, they could immediately arrange a trip to Fujian for Mao's daughter. As to why they arrested the Fujian drug gang this time. I think maybe the deal was too big to be neglected. Paper said it's a deal of 77 tons of heroin. Large sum of money would involved. Feds are profit chaser. And with great possibility, the source of buyer maybe Feds itself.

144. Roof contractor from Idaho

N.D. was my neighbour of D house. Our houses share a wall. If there was something such like roofing, paint, landscaping, we used to have same contractor and shared the cost. More then twelve years ago his family left for Idaho. There was a profitable business there, a restaurant waiting for him. Agent used to monitor suspect(or victim) as close as they could, I think this was a typical tactic they used to get the closest location to monitor me by moving my neighbourhood(lure him moved away by a profitable business). But N.D. didn't sell the house, he rented it off. After N.D.'s leaving, it was his father who contacted me if there was a house maintenance.

About six years ago, the tenant of D house complained of leaking roof. Though my house had no leaking problem, to be cooperative to neighbour, I agreed to renew the roof. I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house. I also thought it was a tactic agent used for a covert search. They often create a flooding or something like that to get chance of house repair to fulfil their search purpose.

On 6/30, ten days ago, the tenant of D house came to my door, saying landlord would change roof because there was a leaking. I wonder why N.D.'s family hadn't contact me directly as they used to do. The roof was changed just six years ago and it was guaranteed 15 years. Why pay for another repair instead of looking for the original contractor? I refused to join it this time.

Next day, the roofer came to start his job. When I went out to watch, the roofer contacted me, said he would give me a good price. He offered 700 dollars. Include changing wooden board of roof if it's rotten. It's a price I could afford. I knew it was an attempt to check my house. What I worried about was they'd deliberately damage my roof in working, so I said I would consult my wife then gave them an answer next day (7/3). I asked to see the license, he hadn't. Then I asked to see a business card, he hadn't too. How could I have a guarantee? The roofer said, "N.D. trusts me. I often went to his restaurant." But N.D. was in Idaho. "Oh, yes," he was from Idaho. I went to his car, he was right, it was a license plate of Idaho.

Of course I didn't accept his offer. On 7/3, I told him I wouldn't deal with any contractor without license. There were four men waiting for my answer that morning. They even showed me the wooden board roofer replaced from the D house to push for a deal. B house owner (his friend had put a replaced tire at my front door six weeks ago. see #131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17) who seldom seen outside showed up this time. After I said "no", he and the other two men left right away. I think he played a role of "reliable witness" if I accepted the contractor's deal

A contractor came from Idaho to California for a roof change deal. Price was too good to believe which included change the wooden board roofer. (generally roofing means change tile only.) I saw it as an aggressive search tactic, or most likely this time it was a frame case attempt. I think if I said :"yes" to accept the deal, I am not able to post this story here today. Because same day on 7/3, there was a news in newspaper that, "Hacker contest may target web sites", that "government and private expert warned Wednesday that hackers planed a loosly coordinated "contest" aimed at defacing thousands of Web sites Sunday(7/6). "(S.J.M.N.)

In my experience, there always came with web sites attack when the agents plot a frame case on me. They fear my revelation.

145. SARS, a big issue(7/20)

When I told the roof contractor I'd consider his offer on 7/2, next day the newspaper had an article reporting of hacker would attack internet on 7/6. It meant on 7/6, I might not be alive in this world or at least, was not able to react to the disappearance of my thread in internet. It was only 3 days. What would they do, I don't know. But from their demonstration of replacing neighbor's roof board, I guess they would compel to change the roof board of mine, and then "discover" something illegal in my attic (such like drug?). I wrote message #144 on 7/10.

Within days, the local Chinese TV news said a worker was dead falling from the roof. The contractor was arrested for not purchasing worker's accidental insurance. The news said government would enforce the roof business to buy workers insurance and would prosecute those who didn't follow up. On 7/14, I noticed an article in newspaper:"Conflict over homeowners groups"It said, "Associates strict rules prompt growing number of disputes with property owners. In a country founded on private property rights, home owners' associates increasingly dictate the nation's home colors, landscaping, pet sizes and placement of satellite dishes." The article made an enforcement from Associate reasonable.

I think my message "I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house."touched off their new plot. (Though the connection roof line is not eye catching as I imagined, in fact people would seldom notice it) It seems this time they would use Homeowners asscociate to force another roof change work. To assure the work to be contracted with the agents guised as roofers, they enforce professional roof contractors buying work accident insurance.(TV said it was very expensive, would significantly raise the cost)

From the message writting date (7/10) to newspapers article of homeowners associte,(7/14) it's only 3 days too. Include to produce a worker's accidental death. They were really in a hurry.

This would be a repeat tactic I had met 8 months ago. When I painted the house as Homeowners' associate instructed, they said I had to repair the "Gutters/downspouts on garage". (see #95. A notice for a meeting) I remember clearly at same time the same TV station reported government strictly enforce the plumber's license policy. This caused plumbers' shortage in market. Same way to push for a selected agent plumber. I later bought a downspouts in Home Depot and replaced it by myself.

The agent planned plots one by one with high efficiency. Repeating old tactics almost in rogue's way. The only reason I think is the SARS' topic. I can feel the pressure applied on them from high ranking officials. It's a too big issue.



#70 2011-08-01 14:45:31

146. Regime change

The regime change I met was not for liberation or democracy. It's for cover up of corruption.

(1) In Tailand, March 2000, when Foreign Ministry informed me to apply asylum in Interior Ministry, within days, they made Interior Minister resigned from his post. (see #50. Seeking asylum. and #51. Unbridle power of intelligence.)

(2) Regime change in Fujian

In mid 1999, I think they guided and conducted my wife built links to her home countryside- bought a house in XiaMen city, Fujian province. It's only 20,000 for that three bedrooms apartment. My wife said it was a special price, because a relative knew developer. The price was so good, my wife's brothers bought the new houses too. The other development see #142, 143, Drug case in Fujian.

I allege agents tried to frame a drug case with links to the Fujian gang. Because it would be a frame case, to avoid investigation, they must change the regime like what happened in Tailand.

In mid 1999, there was a big smuggle case broke out in Fujian. The base of smuggle ring was in XiaMen city. It was said the biggest smuggling case in China. Hundreds of government officials involved. Seven were put to death. Include high ranking officials of provincial administrators and police officials. It was a big regime change. Many said it's a political struggle. I believe The Chinese secret police conducted this case and got the post they wanted to control.

3. Regime change in California

The recent one took place in San Francisco. see messages #122, 123, 124, about "Unusual case against top S.F. police officers" which took place in March, 2003.

At the same time they activated a recall on California Governor Gray Davis. It's unusual because Davis was just elected for his second term. The recall signature collect date started from 3/25/03, only four months after Davis' re-election. A case started as sudden as the top S.F. police officials being indicted.

The governor can order an investigation of a case, he also can appoint officials to oversee state prison system where I allege the murder will happen if there is a frame case. I saw intelligence shadow behind the recall.

147. Steal California (7/31)

It's an operation can only be activated by an organization with large resource.

1) No one has such determination to do this just 4 months after the Governor being re-elected unless it has an urgent motivation.
2) Though Republican like to see Davis losing the post of Governor, they also worry about a backlash by voters. They lack of the motivation.
3) A swift and effective movement to collect 1.7 million of signatures show that it was done by a well organized and experienced group. Which has rich financial and manpower resource.
4) Some activists with a dirty background. Issa, the man started the recall, was fined for gun possession, faced theft charge. He had a string of youthful brushes with the law that include allegations of stealing cars and once set fire to his car-alarm business. Davis camp also complained some people worked to collect signatures with criminal record so tainted petition. We know Federal agents used to manipulate gang member and criminals to work for them.
5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system. Though Davis camp filed suits in court to halt the recall, they suffered setbacks both in Sarcamento and Los Angles counties. The suits were rejected within days, a very efficient procession in judicial system.
6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. Mercury News, so said a "liberal media", propagand on recall with first page, pages of articles, stories such like "The pay only $7 yearly in car tax, which will increase to $20 under Gov. Gray Davis' proposed budget." hinted Davis will be ousted.
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Davis is in inferior position. No other Demo came out to run the election. This is incredible. Which means they'll give up the position to their rivals without campaign.
8) My experience is media is in stronghold of intelligence. Early this year, a TV station announced one of their colleague would leave to work in a county election office. I had a feeling then they'll move their resource to control the election office for 2004. Now it seems they are preparing for an early election.

California is a camp of Democratic Party. With a sudden attack, I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment. But also US democracy will fall further into a covert totalitarianism.

148. Regime change in San Jose Police

On 7/13, a San Jose police officer shot and killed a VietNamese ethnic woman in her kitchen. Police were answering a call from her neighbor that the woman neglected to take care of her child. Police said they found woman was a threat to them by holding a knife. Her relative said it was only a fruit peeler. Police over reacted with a deadly force to a small woman .

There were a lot of such police killing cases every year. Mostly police quit the charge especially if the victim holding a weapon, (or looked like a weapon). Seldom they were challenged by judicial system because police is a power. But this time it's different.

VietNamese community held protest in city hall, San Jose police chief Bill Lansdowne had to stand out clarifying its policy. Media reported with first page picture and discuss. When I read the news that "Responding to public outrage over the police shooting death of a 25-year-old San Jose woman, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office took the unusual step Wednesday of calling for an open grand jury to publicly air the facts in the case."(S.J.M.N. 7/17) I knew this time they'd take the chance to extort S.J.P.D..

On 7/24, big topic in first page:"FBI looks at fatal shooting in S.J." "Agency reviewing whether police abused woman's rights". At the same time, San Jose Police Chief Lansdowne was reported to take the top job in San Diego.

It took only 10 days to succeed a regime change in S.J.P.D.. Chief Lansdowne made no mistake. He was under great pressure of "unusual step" and was lured to another job offer. Since then there were reports of Lansdowne and his new job in San Diego. The dead woman's case was disappeared from newspaper. After all, it is a game of power and manipulation of power. The dead woman's right is only a tool used in this game.

149. Dig the history

On 7/24, my brother came to my house with two case of toys. It was toys I deposit in his garage. About 16 years ago(or longer?), I sold toys. Since my garage was full, I deposited some in my brother's garage. Then I switched the merchandise to porcelain. Those toys were forgotten.

The sudden return of the toys alarmed me. These days, agents were aggressively set up traps. They put tire at my door, blocked the drainage, tried to have my roof changed, agents even came to knock at my door. When all these failed, they dug the history.

I think agents had interviewed all my relatives and acquaintances long time ago and got every detail of me. Now they turned to the toy box which I forgotten already. It's easy to plant something inside. My brother told me, there were some more. I worry they are preparing a frame case on these box.

150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)

For more than two years in internet, I alleged Federal agents frame drug case against me and my family with the help of Chinese secret police. Which was proved by the breakout of Fujian drug case in 5/16/2003. Now it becomes clear how they managed to create a regional link on us by luring my wife to buy a house in Fujian. And arranged a trip for her to Fujian on 4/18/03. For that trip they even left a route free of SARS for her to go. I revealed it in message "142. Drug case in Fujian" on 6/28/03. Two days later, on 6/30, neighbour D knocked at the door, asked for a roof change. It's a swift revenge attempt. From their urgent reaction, it proves my allegation is correct.

About 10 days or so ago, I heard a news from local Chinese TV station that to an investigation mission FBI complained they lacked of fund to operate. That their pay is low. One of their agent in LA, with a salary of 26,000 a year, can't afford a permanent residence. That another agent in San Francisco, though with a pay of nearly 50,000 a year, had to do an overload work. (Since it was from TV, I haven't seen it in newspaper, the number of salary is from my memory, but is approximately right.) "FBI are underpaid? Strange news." I thought.

Days later, on 8/2 I noticed a news. It was very short, even without topic. The whole message is:"Karen P. Tandy, the first woman to run the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Friday that her main goal is to focus on dismantling larger international drug-trafficking organizations and choke off their money supply." (S.J.M.N)

Combined two unusual short and vague news I realized it was for that Fujian drug case there is an internal investigation. Someone has to step down to take the responsibility. (Though the news didn't say it, no doubt there was a regime change. The fomer director of DEA was a man.) And to my accusation that they manipulating the drug gang, allowed it growing bigger and bigger, their defence was they are in shortage of fund. So they cultivated criminal group, guided them to commit crime, once the gang became big and fat, Feds reap the profit. (see "8. FBI's profit") Justice is business. Criminal became a tool of Fedral law enforcement agents to loot money from the people.

Many information revealed Feds knew OKC bombing and 911 attack in advance. Terror attacks were allowed to happen because Feds need it. Former FBI director Freeh had proposed a bill with same content like "Patriot Act" after OKC bombing but failed. Ashcroft proposed it again after 911 and succeeded. They manipulate terrorists and criminals to grasp more power and money. To cover up their criminal activity, they use "secret", "national security" to block investigation. DOJ needs a reform. People should have more power to monitor the Federal agents.



#71 2011-08-11 19:18:46

151. Development of California recall

For my comment in "147. Steal California (7/31)"
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Demo has Lt. Cov. Bustamante join in the competition, he is less populated and general opinion is he would lose to Schwarzenneger. The only choice which Demo. can win over Reps., Senator Feinstein stayed out. The respond of Democrats is weak and confusing.

6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. It' s obvious when we saw the topic is around Arnold in talk show, TV and newspaper. Push Schwarzennegger's population to a peak.

5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system.Supreme Court denied Governor Gray Davis' bid to delay voting, cleared the way of recall in 10/7.

"I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment."

Nobody is more suitable to be a patsy than Arnold. He has no experience of managing a government, even a small one like a small town mayer or councilman. What can he do with a big bureaucracy of a big state? Becoming a puppet is a certain. Samething took place in Minnisota where the governor is an athlete.(Ventura) Demo lost Senator's election after Wellstone's death. Even for the sympathetic effect, or for the fame of Mondale, Demo shouldn't lost in 2002 mid-election. But it's not their governor, and they don't control election office. Those who control intelligence was easy to get a vote result favorable to them like what happened in Florida.

152. Recent censorship in internet

I recently suffered harassment by losing connection with internet and had to click in repeatedly. My messages were also deleted in some web sites at the reason of "spamming". Moderator said he found same postings in other sites. My feeling is they acted more like a FBI agent interested to track members activity in other forums. And their reason is ridiculous: people can't post same opinion in different web-sites. Some suggested to use URL. If this works, it means one library has a book, then the other libraries can't have that book. They should post a note:"you can read that book at library so and so". Otherwise it's spamming. Is that absurd?

I also blocked from many sites in Delphy forum system. I allege agent planted a programm in their software to ban me from entering. When I try to log in, the page always turned up "There was a problem with this page. Please try again." The problem never resolved, some for more than a year.
They are: http://forums.delphiforums.com/(SilverAcademy; queerpsychic; baalzephon; coyoteroad; messages; ouroboros;) http://forums.about.com/ (conspiracynet; ab-uspolitics; yourlost; cs-politics/start (delete))

Field report:
How do they make trouble? I try to post new messages 150, 151,152. I lost connection to internet at least 6 times, and have to re enter each time. It took 22 minutes and I still can't post my new messages. (4:50 pm 8/11) I think because my revetation, they now check my messages first (report to high ranking?) before I can post them. (Because of slow entering, I have time to write this Field report.) Now the trouble becomes: "dial is busy," when they saw my complain of lost connection. I have to listen to continueos dial tone. Now the dial attempt 25, now they even stop dial and issue a continueos tone. (to stop the dial attempt number increasing?) It took 38 minutes to post new messages 150-152.
After a short while, I was blocked again. It's nearly two hours "dial is busy" so I had to shut down the computer.

153. Computer Warm attack(8/16)

In later afternoon on 8/11, when I started to post new message #150, I suffered harassment of repeated error page and lost connection to internet. I was almost banned from posting for more than two hours. It's something never happened before. I was angry and wrote a "field report" detailed how they harassed me in internet. Next day (8/12) I was allowed to surf internet about 2 hours then lost connection to internet for good. It seems the modem was damaged. (don't know how they did it. There is always a notice of "dial is busy") On 8/13 the newspaper reported the "Computer worm" attack. It caused problem similar to one I suffered.

I think as my revelation going deep into Feds' secret, they are scare. Now they postponed my new posting so they can report to high ranking official for a pre-examination. I think if they can't bear my new revelation, they'll have some emergent "operation".

The new computer worm "blast" targets at home users. I think it was an attack from Feds. Media is controlled by intelligence. They manipulate it for their purpose. Such like when they need a war in Mid-east, the media censored anti-war information. When they need a patsy in California, they propagand in Media for Arnold and discount Gray Davis even though he was just elected as a Governor. (After all what crime has he committed?) Internet is different. With which people get a passage to something government don't like them to know. Intelligence, naturally, will try to control it too. Virus and worm became one of methods to control.

Federal agent pours a large resource to control internet. Ashcroft in July 2001 announced establishment of 9 cyber space team to monitor the net all over the country. What did they do? Monitor people. We saw virus and warm came out one by one: Nimda; Code Red; Klez; SQL Slammer..... all targeted on ordinary people. Have you ever heard they broke any case of them? Although these virus and warm cost hundreds of millions of dollars in loss of productivity, they were generally left alone.

That's why a FBI cyber space analyst was shot to death in DC sniper case. The rogue part tried to overcome the decent part of Feds.

My condolence to Linda Franklin. My condolence to Bill of Rights which is eroding away bit by bit by corruptive part of Feds.

154. Help

Due to heavy harassment, I'm afraid I can't post my message on time in each site. I decide to post every five days on my homepage with new message. If I fail to do that, then either I have been blocked to post, or more likely, "disappear" from some "operation". If that happens, there will be a blackout on my thread too. So, download it to follow the development.

I ask your help to spread my thread. Tell your friend. Let other people read it. The more people know, less harm they can make. It's not only for me, my family, it also for you and every decent American citizen.

My homepage:

http://hometown.aol.com/kathaksung/myho … ofile.html
http://hometown.aol.com/sunkat563/myhom … ofile.html

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

http://forums.delphiforums.com/police91 … /?msg=25.1

155. SARS is planned with Fujian drug case.(8/21)

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me. Here I must make it more correct, that it's DEA, FBI and D.O.J. (department of Justice). I think those people should adjust their opinion that government is always correct. As a matter of fact, I do think D.O.J. is corrupt because there is a lack of check and balance. They have too much power without restriction.

There was a film "Witness"(? don't remember the exact name) Actor Harrison Ford. It talked about an Amish boy accidently witnessed a murder case committed by a corruptive police criminal group. Then there was a story of man hunter. If you have no doubt why the corruptive police want to eliminate the boy, then think samething on me.

If there are three people there, Bin laden, Rudolf and Kat Hak Sung. And there was only one bullet available for FBI, who would be their priority to shoot at? Bin Laden will be the least possible one. Though he is the leader of terrorist, he is too important for this government. With whom government can demand more money and power from people. He is a tool of intimidation and extortion. Then it's Rudolf. He has no threat to Feds. If he was at large, it would not hurt Feds. If they got him, that's their achievement. Me, though innocent, would be their most wanted. Because my revelation give them big damage.

In 1999, trying to escape from Feds' persecution, I went to South-east Asia. There was a chance then that my story be revealed. Within months, three old people of neighbour all died. (see message "10. The death of old people") I learned this when I came back in 2000. I realized they would eliminate all people who knew this story and could be potential witness against Feds. Since then I observed several attempts of drug frame case. The Fujian drug case on May 2003 was the latest one. It came with SARS which I think was a bio-attack planned by Federal agents.



#72 2011-08-11 23:12:17

katsung47 wrote:

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me

If the government wanted to murder you, they'd have to spend just about precisely dick to find you and take you out.  The very fact of your posting this shit PROVES beyond any doubt that nobody with the resources of a government wants to kill you.  That's means not only is the US government not trying to kill you, neither is the government of any country.

How hard do you think it is to disappear someone when you have the resources of a whole government?



#73 2011-08-22 16:36:31

peco wrote:

katsung47 wrote:

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me

If the government wanted to murder you, they'd have to spend just about precisely dick to find you and take you out.  The very fact of your posting this shit PROVES beyond any doubt that nobody with the resources of a government wants to kill you.  That's means not only is the US government not trying to kill you, neither is the government of any country.

How hard do you think it is to disappear someone when you have the resources of a whole government?

Yes, it's easy to kill a man for the government. But it's not easy to kill a man but let others believe it's a natural death not a murder. Especially when the target knew what they are doing and reveal it in the Internet. That's why they always planned big event to distract the murder plot.


156. The road map of SARS (8/22)

Toronto is the only city hit hard by SARS outside the Asia. When news reported thousands of people quarantined and quite some died, I was suspicious: was that a coincidence? Toronto is also the only city in Canada I have relative lived. In late April, my parents came back from China. I learned that though SARS was very severe in Beijing, it was more severe in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia Province where whole mansion were quarantined because of SARS. My uncle lives in Huhehaote, I have cousins live in Beijing, Tentsin and some other parts of China. They knew my story. Dying from SARS will be the best way of elimination without suspicion.

My relatives who know my story mainly live in China and in Bay area, California. My wife's relatives live in Fujian Province; Phillipine; Hongkong; and Toronto. I looked at the map, SARS contagious area covered most of them. It only avoided Fujian and Shanghai, because there was a designed drug case to be breakout, they must leave a route free of SARS for my wife to go to frame us. That's why SARS became a smart bomb, not attack some area nearby but picked up remote area such like Inner Mongolia and a single city far away: Toronto.

157. Simon drops out and computer worm (8/25)

There is no doubt that my computer is under surveillance of Feds. The agents who monitor on me often post message to my thread. These messages used to be malicious ridicules. There was once an agent even carelessly put his reply before I posting mine. So I know they can see everything on screen as soon as I typing out every word. Sometimes I failed to post a reply to a comment. I clicked "post" button, but the message never show up. Or a notice said "Invalid - session". Or even a ridicule: "Sorry, you may not post at this time. This forum has a waiting period before new members can post a message. Please return in 6 hours to post." (I was not new member though). It always took place when I made a reply which was too sharp which I thought had offended the watching agent.

In 8/22, I wrote a reply "Don't waste time, Simmon will pull out soon of late--- " to a thread "Go Simon, go!" I failed to post it after several trying. I was curious, "It was only a politic opinion. Why ban my post? Maybe my opinion is too true to be posted?" I thought. I always think this Recall is conducted by Feds, apparently the agent knew it already. I planned to repost "Simon will pull out" in my coming postings.

I went back there about 20 minutes later. Found my message was posted and there was an explanation. It said "The Forsite net operations center shut down around noon today and was down until a short while ago. Though I haven't heard from them as to the cause, it's my guess that they were shut down deliberately because of the "sobig" worm."

So posting failure was caused by warm? Anyway they made an explanation 9 minutes after my problem. I abandoned the idea to post more "Simon will pull out". Next day on 8/23, news reported Simon drops out campaign. Though it could be a coincidence, I believe more at my opinion: Feds planned this recall, they knew Simon would drop out in advance. And computer warm is a tool they used to control internet and is useful in a cover up. That my opinion, sometimes, could be very accurate.

Here is the message topics on 8/22, notice the time.

27966 Go Simon, go! Drummond ( Aug 22, 01:49, 2003 )

28007 Don't waste time, Simmon will pull out soon of late--- sungkathak
( Aug 22, 18:45, 2003 )

System Outage ... --- admin ( Aug 22, 18:54, 2003 )

28019 Is that what caused posting problem when I reply to a message? --- sungkathak ( Aug 22, 19:13, 2003 )

See thread at:

http://www.patriotnews.com/cgi-bin/anyb … =2&gV=0&p=

158. Free speech under "Patriot Act' (8/26)

I was banned from GWM (Government Watch Men) web site early this month. My thread was moved away. Then I received a e-mail "Announcement from Managers of The Government Watch Men"

Quote, "We are all upset about the recent events here. Members who have done essentially nothing have been capriciously banned by a democological manager.I am sending this to all of you as well as posting it on the boards. Chances are good I will be the next one banned or Look-out will demote me. I have just unbanned all the previously banned members...."

Obviously a powerful manager overcame the others and banned people without reason (with the reason he couldn't speak out). Original managers resigned and left for another site. Since I was unbanned, I re-registered in GWM. I found a message about URL of new site ex-manager went.(Free Speech for all) In it effbeeye said, " ..it is definitely a site that will adhere to free speech rules - ....until of course the manager wakes up from his coma and figures out what's going on!!!"

Which means "eff be eye" will wake up ex-managers from their belief of free speech. I went to the site "Free Speech for All". And found it was polluted by junk messages. Someone nicknamed See_I_aye, effbeeye.... occupied the forum, I list a part of it:

Free Speech meens Free For all 8 ...................... See_I_aye 8/25/2003 7:30 AM
Sheep sells for record 128,000 or $201,694.77 USD .. effbeeye 8/25/2003 7:30 AM
The Group Manager is out to lunch ........... See_I_aye 8/25/2003 6:48 AM
Free SPEECH?? OHMYGOD here come's the MSN Armada 4 effbeeye 8/25/2003 6:29 AM
This Group needs Goldfinger 2 ......... See_I_aye 8/25/2003 6:26 AM

Gypsy witches are avoiding us 19 ......effbeeye 8/25/2003 5:

In a message they announced "Let's Train Crash this dump like they did GWM group."

Who have the ability and motive to do this? I think no others can than Ashcrofts cyber space team. The rogue team who have the power to ban people(even managers) without reason. And have the resource to harass the site they dislike. They are paid to this kind of work. When Ashcroft insistently demand more and more power by "Patriot Act", "Victory Act", what they deal with is not terrorist but innocent American people and target at Free Speech. Is that a crime? Is First Amendment a law? Why these agents can be so ruthless to violate other's right? Even don't bother to put their name hinted they are intelligence?

See above material at:



159. The second wave of SARS outbreak in Toronto (8/31)

In 1992, I was puzzled for sometime when I had been hurt by isotope money. I never touch drugs. Why did Feds trace my cash? With more experience I gradually realized they are looters. Erny's death made me realize that if one has too much cash, he would be the target and the result would be death. (See message "7. Alleged murder of Erny")

Now people rarely noticed that there was no new SARS case reported in Toronto since 4/19. Media seldom talked about it. WHO excluded Toronto from SARS contagious area on 5/15 because there were no new SARS case found for consecutive 25 days. Until later May when I read a news in World Journal, a sentence "The last new SARS case found in Toronto was on April 19." touched me. I was astonished the coincidence. I had alleged there would be a frame case in later April because they arranged my wife's travel date and the court trial date of high ranking S.F. Police Officers on 4/18. (see message "122. The plot of April") Though there was no SARS reported in Shanghai and Fujian, my wife at last decided not to go. She worried about the risk to young and old. My daughter and father in law were planned to go with her. Travel cancelled. Frame case had to be postponed. And unnecessary SARS was cut too, neat and swift. Because Canada, after all, is a friendly country to US.

One month later, started from 5/22, there was a new outbreak of SARS in Toronto. I was surprised. What was it for? It was until 5/28, when World Journal reported third time about Fujian drug case, I then knew why. I re-read the news, in 5/17, it said, "They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami." There was no arrest in Canada. In 5/28, it said, "They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India.". Obviously, the latest SARS outbreak came with the latest arrest of drug gangs.

When they planned a framed drug case, they always create a regional link between criminals and victims. Such like let my wife buy an apartment in Xianmen, Fujian. So to my relative in Toronto, they must have developed a drug gang. SARS was designed to elimination. So this time they used it to kill to loot. Drug case is always involved with large amount of money. Only drug dealers knew where the cash was hide, as well as drug agents. Killing the drug dealer and took the money, no one else would know the embezzlement.

Though newspaper didn't say where the arrest was made in Canada, I am sure it was in Toronto. And among the deaths in second SARS outbreak, I believe some were drug dealers or people related to them. That was why there was a second wave of SARS illness in Toronto even though Canada has a much better health system then Asia, even though at the same time SARS was contained in China and HongKong,

160. SARS, a profitable business (9/6)

In 1998, there was a financial crisis in South-east Asia. Media said it was created by I.S. (International speculist). I.S. reaped treasure by attacking the currency and stock market. Hongkong was a target at that time.

In later April this year, I saw a news in World Journal topiced "HongKong dollar was attacked". It said that the situation SARS created was more severe than I.S. did in the Financial Crises five years ago. The fixed exchange rate of HongKong dollar was threatened by rapidly rising forward price of US dollars. Financial expert also noticed that in Option market, the quantity of future contracts in the latest three months was almost near the level of the Financial Crisis five years ago. It said HongKong faced once again the attack from I.S.

On 4/2, I first told my wife I suspected SARS was a bio-attack. On 4/26, after reading the news of Hongkong financial market, I told my sister I thought the intelligence took the advantage of SARS to make money on that bio-attack.

On 5/15, in financial page of Taiwan, (World Journal), there was an article. "Bidding large chips on Taiwan stock market, foreign capital landed on Taiwan rapidly and violently. " It said, "According to calculation of Commission of Securities and Option market, the net remittance in of foreign capital last year was 1578 million; This year, until 5/9, net remittance in was 2157 million, overpassed the amount of whole last year. ...... The information show that, in first week of April, foreign capital remitted a net out of 39 million., then turned out to be a net remittance in. In 8 working days from 4/19 to 4/30, the net remittance increased to 423 million. The net remittance in for the whole April was 442 million. .....And in 6 working days from 5/1 to 5/9, the net remittance in was 541 million." I list a chart:

Date:.................... Remittance (million)

4/1 -4/7................. - 39 ( out).......

4/8 - 4/18 ........ +58 ...(in)........

4/19 - 4/30 ....... . +423 ...(in)..........

5/1 - 5/9 ................ +541 ...(in)..

We can see from 4/1 to 4/18, the fluctuation was still small, but there was a dramatical jump up from 4/19 to 5/9. There was nearly one billing dollars invested in Taiwan's stock market at that period. ( The net investment remittance in was 1578 million in 2002, it was 964 million in 20 days period between 4/19 and 5/9, 2003, almost 2/3 of total investment of last year) At a time when the panic on SARS was at its peak, everybody was pessimistic at economic future. Because there is no method found to cure the SARS and nobody knew when this epidemic would end. Someone who could manipulate SARS took the chance to buy stock at a very low price. Their action was rapid and violent.

You probably have noticed the date of unusual investment was started on 4/19 already. Same day of the last SARS case found in Toronto (in first outbreak, see last message 159) and the day after my wife's trip was postponed. I think the fund used in investment was originally prepared to use in the framed drug case in which Feds played a role of buyer. 77 tons of heroine was a big deal, needed a lot of money. (see news report:"Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.") They designed a historical big drug case. After the plan was soured, they moved fund immediately to Taiwan to make profits. SARS was used to eliminate in this case, it also became a tool of a profitable business. The disturbance of HongKong financial market was a planed one, (see news report about three months long unusual situation in option market.) The investment on Taiwan stock market seemed to be a temporary decision. The security of Taiwan relies heavily on US. So any time it can become a cash register for I.S. I here interpret the "I" as intelligence. (Due to my ability of English, the financial term translated maybe not a proper one. But the time and number are truely referred. )



#74 2011-08-22 20:32:09

katsung47 wrote:

peco wrote:

katsung47 wrote:

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me

If the government wanted to murder you, they'd have to spend just about precisely dick to find you and take you out.  The very fact of your posting this shit PROVES beyond any doubt that nobody with the resources of a government wants to kill you.  That's means not only is the US government not trying to kill you, neither is the government of any country.

How hard do you think it is to disappear someone when you have the resources of a whole government?

Yes, it's easy to kill a man for the government. But it's not easy to kill a man but let others believe it's a natural death not a murder. Especially when the target knew what they are doing and reveal it in the Internet. That's why they always planned big event to distract the murder plot.

If a government wants to kill you, they don't care if it looks like a murder, and it's simple in most countries - particularly the USA, to write off a murder as just happenstance.  You are not building your case.

katsung47 wrote:


156. The road map of SARS (8/22)

Toronto is the only city hit hard by SARS outside the Asia. When news reported thousands of people quarantined and quite some died, I was suspicious: was that a coincidence? Toronto is also the only city in Canada I have relative lived. In late April, my parents came back from China. I learned that though SARS was very severe in Beijing, it was more severe in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia Province where whole mansion were quarantined because of SARS. My uncle lives in Huhehaote, I have cousins live in Beijing, Tentsin and some other parts of China. They knew my story. Dying from SARS will be the best way of elimination without suspicion.

Toronto was not "hit hard" by SARS.  They had a handful of cases and they overreacted, as the often do.  Case in point, some years ago they had about 30 or 40 cm of snow and they called in the army to shovel it, claiming that the snow was causing horrible economic havoc.  This made the people of Toronto into laughing stocks, and they're still the butt of jokes to this day.

In short, the municipal government of Toronto is run by pussies.

Their SARS reaction was similarly derided as excessive, and we still make fun of it.

I live just a few hours down the road from Toronto.  My relatives live IN Toronto, and I bet I have a lot more friends and relatives there than you do.  So don't try to bullshit me about Toronto.  Back your claims with evidence or STFU.

katsung47 wrote:

My relatives who know my story mainly live in China and in Bay area, California. My wife's relatives live in Fujian Province; Phillipine; Hongkong; and Toronto. I looked at the map, SARS contagious area covered most of them. It only avoided Fujian and Shanghai, because there was a designed drug case to be breakout, they must leave a route free of SARS for my wife to go to frame us. That's why SARS became a smart bomb, not attack some area nearby but picked up remote area such like Inner Mongolia and a single city far away: Toronto.

SARS was not a smart bomb.  It was a mildly infectious flu.

katsung47 wrote:

157. Simon drops out and computer worm (8/25)

There is no doubt that my computer is under surveillance of Feds. The agents who monitor on me often post message to my thread. These messages used to be malicious ridicules. There was once an agent even carelessly put his reply before I posting mine. So I know they can see everything on screen as soon as I typing out every word. Sometimes I failed to post a reply to a comment. I clicked "post" button, but the message never show up. Or a notice said "Invalid - session". Or even a ridicule: "Sorry, you may not post at this time. This forum has a waiting period before new members can post a message. Please return in 6 hours to post." (I was not new member though). It always took place when I made a reply which was too sharp which I thought had offended the watching agent.

Dude, the people who post messages to your threads ridiculing you are not agents.  They are sane people who think you're a whackjob.  If I were you, I'd be much more worried about people who post messages supporting you.  Those people are dangerous, crazy, and unpredictable.

As a point of fact, government staff are generally not allowed to post ridicule because it would be embarrassing if word got out to the news media.  If you're getting shit from someone, it's almost certainly not a federal agent.

Post flood control is normal, and many, many message fora have it.  In your case, however, I would conjecture that the forum owners probably have limited tolerance for your brand of ravings and lock your IP address down a bit.  A simple matter to do and that has nothing to do with federal agents either - it's just normal people defending themselves against your loony behaviour.

Even here, your presence is tolerated only for the entertainment value.  I spend time writing to you in the futile hope that maybe, just maybe, I can trigger that one atrophied brain cell in your warped mind that will snap you back to the real world.

katsung47 wrote:

In 8/22, I wrote a reply "Don't waste time, Simmon will pull out soon of late--- " to a thread "Go Simon, go!" I failed to post it after several trying. I was curious, "It was only a politic opinion. Why ban my post? Maybe my opinion is too true to be posted?" I thought. I always think this Recall is conducted by Feds, apparently the agent knew it already. I planned to repost "Simon will pull out" in my coming postings.

I went back there about 20 minutes later. Found my message was posted and there was an explanation. It said "The Forsite net operations center shut down around noon today and was down until a short while ago. Though I haven't heard from them as to the cause, it's my guess that they were shut down deliberately because of the "sobig" worm."

Umm, no, getting boned by a worm is the sign of a bad or unlucky system administrator, not a federal government plot.

katsung47 wrote:

I was banned from GWM (Government Watch Men) web site early this month. My thread was moved away. Then I received a e-mail "Announcement from Managers of The Government Watch Men"

I'm not surprised.  If you posted this kind of shit on my blog, I'd ban you too, except I wouldn't email you - not because the fed would make me not email you but simply because I'm just a dick about stuff like that.

katsung47 wrote:

Obviously a powerful manager overcame the others and banned people without reason (with the reason he couldn't speak out). Original managers resigned and left for another site. Since I was unbanned, I re-registered in GWM. I found a message about URL of new site ex-manager went.(Free Speech for all) In it effbeeye said, " ..it is definitely a site that will adhere to free speech rules - ....until of course the manager wakes up from his coma and figures out what's going on!!!"

Which means "eff be eye" will wake up ex-managers from their belief of free speech. I went to the site "Free Speech for All". And found it was polluted by junk messages. Someone nicknamed See_I_aye, effbeeye.... occupied the forum, I list a part of it:

Free Speech meens Free For all 8 ...................... See_I_aye 8/25/2003 7:30 AM

You do understand that the First Amendment of the US constitution applies only to the government, and private individuals can make up whatever rules they want for their message boards?  Stated plainly, "free speech" doesn't apply to message boards that aren't run by the government, and even on the ones that are, it is not a restriction on free speech to limit people to the intended topics of the forum.

When you're off topic, you get banned.  It's that simple.  It's not a matter of free speech.

katsung47 wrote:

Who have the ability and motive to do this? I think no others can than Ashcrofts cyber space team. The rogue team who have the power to ban people(even managers) without reason. And have the resource to harass the site they dislike. They are paid to this kind of work. When Ashcroft insistently demand more and more power by "Patriot Act", "Victory Act", what they deal with is not terrorist but innocent American people and target at Free Speech. Is that a crime? Is First Amendment a law? Why these agents can be so ruthless to violate other's right? Even don't bother to put their name hinted they are intelligence?

Ashcroft doesn't have a cyberspace team.

And nobody needs special powers to ban people from a message board.

And if it wasn't a government board, free speech and the first amendment don't apply.

katsung47 wrote:

159. The second wave of SARS outbreak in Toronto (8/31)

In 1992, I was puzzled for sometime when I had been hurt by isotope money. I never touch drugs. Why did Feds trace my cash? With more experience I gradually realized they are looters. Erny's death made me realize that if one has too much cash, he would be the target and the result would be death. (See message "7. Alleged murder of Erny")

Provide evidence that your money was traced or that the gov kills rich people.  Copies of reports on the traces of your money should have been easy to obtain through access to information legislation.  As a point of interest, by what method would they trace your cash?  I'm quite curious how they'd do that.

Since the second richest man in the world lives in the USA, and it's fair to say that he has more fucking cash than you'll ever dream of, and he's still alive, I call bullshit.

I think the third richest man in the world lives in the USA too.

katsung47 wrote:

There was no arrest in Canada. In 5/28, it said, "They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India.". Obviously, the latest SARS outbreak came with the latest arrest of drug gangs.

When they planned a framed drug case, they always create a regional link between criminals and victims. Such like let my wife buy an apartment in Xianmen, Fujian. So to my relative in Toronto, they must have developed a drug gang. SARS was designed to elimination. So this time they used it to kill to loot. Drug case is always involved with large amount of money. Only drug dealers knew where the cash was hide, as well as drug agents. Killing the drug dealer and took the money, no one else would know the embezzlement.

No, Toronto is a city of about 5 million people in the metro area and has plenty of drug gangs.  Nobody needs to frame up any pretend drug lords.  History has shown the police to be insufficiently competent at framing anyone.  If you know of someone who got arrested for drugs, rest assured that they more than deserved it.

SARS only killed a handful of old and already sick people.  A healthy person getting SARS would be mildly annoyed for a few weeks, and there are a million better ways to off a drug lord than trying to give him a disease and hoping it will be fatal... "drug overdose" comes to mind at the top of the list, followed by "gangland slaying"

katsung47 wrote:

Though newspaper didn't say where the arrest was made in Canada, I am sure it was in Toronto. And among the deaths in second SARS outbreak, I believe some were drug dealers or people related to them. That was why there was a second wave of SARS illness in Toronto even though Canada has a much better health system then Asia, even though at the same time SARS was contained in China and HongKong,

Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver would be the likely locations.  That's where most of our drug arrests are.

Why was there a second wave?  Because fucking sick people from Asia fly to Toronto all the time.  We even implemented thermal imaging to keep people with fevers off planes so we wouldn't fly their festering carcasses to other places.



#75 2011-08-22 21:58:06

I'm sure that was cathartic Peco, but in this case simple ridicule is easier and neither more or less effective than reasoned debate.



#76 2011-08-22 22:18:05

opsec wrote:

I'm sure that was cathartic Peco, but in this case simple ridicule is easier and neither more or less effective than reasoned debate.

I know, but I had some free time while my iPad was updating.



#77 2011-08-22 22:22:25

IPAD?  Muhwahahahahahahaaaa!



#78 2011-08-23 09:30:02

peco wrote:

If you posted this kind of shit on my blog, I'd ban you too...

Speaking only for myself, I have no interest in banning Kathaksung.  You are free to continue arguing with him, if you wish.



#79 2011-08-23 09:43:11

What I want to know is why Kat doesn't just move to another country??



#80 2011-08-23 18:36:26

square wrote:

peco wrote:

If you posted this kind of shit on my blog, I'd ban you too...

Speaking only for myself, I have no interest in banning Kathaksung.  You are free to continue arguing with him, if you wish.

I'll second that. Everyone here pisses off some other at times, it's all part of the seductive charm of the place. Kat has been adopted by High Street for whatever reason, and I can't see banning him now. If you don't like to read his posts, do what I do when fnord posts anything with 'chimp' in the title.



#81 2011-08-25 23:31:25

square wrote:

peco wrote:

If you posted this kind of shit on my blog, I'd ban you too...

Speaking only for myself, I have no interest in banning Kathaksung.  You are free to continue arguing with him, if you wish.

Oh hell no, I don't expect him to be banned here.

S/he was whinging about being banned on another board.  I'd ban him on my blog, but my blog isn't about his brand of crazy.  Kath also is confused about the limits of the constitutional protection of free speech as they apply in the USA... as so many people are.  Now he knows the facts.



#82 2011-08-26 00:24:49

I very much doubt that facts are anything of an obstacle to Kat.



#83 2011-09-01 15:53:11

We may have found a good generator of responses to Kathy.

TSCG wrote:

I would sing by an aria of pain to your endearments and wiles.

The Surrealist Compliment Generator



#84 2011-09-01 20:31:58

Oh that site is too good.

You are a banana moon subverting the sun.

Good thing there's a three-day weekend coming up...



#85 2011-09-03 16:28:32

peco wrote:

If a government wants to kill you, they don't care if it looks like a murder, and it's simple in most countries - particularly the USA, to write off a murder as just happenstance..

Thank you to tell the truth so plain. Yet it doesn't go all like what you said.

e.g. Bush still needed WMD as excuse to invade Iraq. They still had to plan 911 attack to justify Mid-east war even though they could neglect others criticism. They want to make it reasonable and looks like legal.

Did they write off a murder as just happenstance? Then they don't need Oswald to be a scapegoat for the assassination of JFK. So as Dr. M.L.King. .....

Of course I know your mission is to smear and discount the dissenters. Otherwise why did you cling to the threads which you dislike so much and kept on hinting banning. You have to show your master you are working. But do you know that would expose your identification? Is the pressure apply on you very heavy? That may prove what I said are truth, the Feds fear it very much.


161. SARS and HongKong (9/10)

HongKong was returned to China from Great Britain on 7/1/1997. Soon it was attacked by I.S. (international speculators) in its fixed exchange rate of Hongkong dollars linking to US dollars. HongKong successfully defended its currency. Then I.S. turned on to South-east Asia and succeeded there. After the currency collapse of Thailand, Indonesia..... I.S. went back to HongKong and activated an attack at the stock and option market. I.S. failed the battle and suffered a loss in August 1998. After that, HongKong encountered a new disease: bird flu. A girl's death case was said related to that disease. It became a big issue in media. The virus was said from living poultry. Hongkong Government had to organize a big elimination of living chicken. Since HongKong people used to consume on living poultry for food. It was a big event. There were two such big slaughter of chickens happened in HongKong. (within 2 or 3 years.?) The disease was caused by coronavirus.

Media said it was I.S. which caused financial crisis on South-east Asia in 1998. What is I.S.? I don't think a single financial company could activate such an attack. It must be a powerful organization which was able to control and conduct several big financial co-operations. So I think it's intelligence. And I suspected the bird flu was a bio-attack.

HongKong is said a goose which can lay gold eggs. The series of troubles HongKong encountered after it was returned to China might show that someone is unwilling to see a cash machine too easy to be given away. In early April 2003, when newspaper reported that expert found the SARS was also caused by coronavirus, I immediately thought it might be the continuation of the bird flu disease. Though the SARS virus was a mutation of coronavirus which caused bird flu, they are from same strain, probably from the same bio-lab.

Tourism is an important business for Hongkong. SARS heavily hit its economy. On 7/1/2003, there was a big demonstration on street. 500,000 people took part in the protest. The issue was opposing a new security rule. But people mainly were motivated by bad economic situation. They demand Tong CheWah, Chief Executive of HongKong, to step down. As a result, two high ranking government officials resigned from their post. SARS played an important role in this change.

162. Mutation and space shuttle (9/16)

On 2/1/2003, US lost space shuttle Columbia. People were warned not to touch the wreckage, because government warned the fuel is poisonous. I don't believe the "poisonous fuel" theory. At first I thought it was a tactic to drive people to report the remains instead of keeping them as souvenir.

When newspaper said SARS was a mutation of coronavirus which found in bird flu and kept on saying there might be more mutation virus coming this autumn. I thought of Columbia.

Natural mutation is scarce. To accelerate a mutation, scientists used to put bio-stuff under radiation. Out space is an ideal place to do such experiment. If there is secret military bio-lab,(which we do know exists) there is no reason they won't use space shuttle to create new virulent virus. It was more likely the "poisonous fuel" were the canister with experimental poisonous virus such like West Niles, Coronavirus, ebola.....

In early May there was an article in San Jose Mercury News.

"Amazing find: Worms survived shuttle disaster
-canisters in NASA experiment returned home to MTN.View
by Joshua L Kwan, Mercury News

When the space shuttle Columbia broke apart in a fireball three months ago, no one expected anything or anyone to survive.

But thousands of microscopic worms -sent to space in an experiment run by NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View - managed to weather both the explosion and the subsequent crash. The worms, still alive, were discovered Monday in Houston when NASA scientists opened a dozen canisters recovered from Columbia's debris. ...." The worms is said to be used to test if they like eating a new type of chemical food in space as much as they do on earth.

American people are lucky that these canisters were strong enough to contain those die-hard bio stuffs. But I do think, (news paper were never report), military bio-lab has had many mutations of different virus and germs after so many flights of space shuttles. Including SARS.

163. Reaction to my messages

If possible I used to leave an URL for people to verify my information. Sometimes ago, people complained the URL I left won't work. I think it's an operation to discredit me and my messages.

On 8/25, I wrote message "157. Simon drops out and computer worm ". Ten days later, when I went to that web-site, found they deleted all the old postings. And started a new one from 9/5. The URL I left in message turned into a page of "Error type System error". People want to read the content about my message become impossible. Because I have made an accurate prediction? Or it revealed Feds manipulated California recall? Or it revealed they used worm to control internet? Or all of them? Then I found similar fate of another web-site. The one I talked about in "158. Free speech under "Patriot Act' "

I wrote it on 8/26 which I revealed how free speech was harassed. I went there on 9/10 but the site disappeared. A window page said, "Hmmm, We Can't Find that Page... The page you're looking for might have been moved or deleted."

When I referred web-site information as evidence of how Feds abusing power, they wiped it out, even moved or deleted the whole web-site. But their action may on the other hand proved what I said are true, they are afraid of it.

164. My view about SARS (9/21)

I don't think SARS is a high contagious disease. From last November the first case found in Guangdong (Canton) to July it was contained, in eight months there were only about 8 thousands confirmed SARS case. It was not like flu which could spread within weeks and sicken millions of people.

Until now, authority (WHO, or health department ) can not conclude how SARS spreaded because there were conflict report in existed cases. One thing they can say is that SARS seems spreaded by some super spreader which caused outbreak. (see message "130. SARS")

If they use the theory that SARS is a bio-warfare, then it can explain most cases. I think the SARS virus which directly from the military bio-lab is the most virulent one which will cause death.(Perhaps because they were high density) I call it first generation SARS virus. The SARS virus from sick people is not so virulent (or because the virus from breath of patients was not dense enough to infect other people) that there was seldom third or fourth generation victims.

People unfortunately contaminated the first generation SARS virus, either on skin or on clothes, became super spreaders. Other people if touched these contamination area on super spreaders would get infected. They all belong to first generation virus infection. It also can explain why medical workers had a high infection rate. Because they have more chance to contact the first generation SARS virus comtaminators who came asking for help. It can also explain why Johnny Chen infected so many medical workers in Hanoi but later didn't infect anyone in HongKong hospital. His contaminated source had been washed away durig the days he staying at Hanoi hospital. (skin and clothes) It also can explain why nearly three hundred people in TaoDa Mansion who were infected but didn't spread it to others. They inhaled SARS virus but there was no contact contamination. The virus was from contaminated ventilation fan. Latest news proved this. World Journal reported the patients were those who live in high and middle floors. No low floors residents infected. People live in high floors had to stay longer in lift when they access their home. Thus inhaled more virus.

And the case in Toronto may prove it was spreaded artificially. From its neat and swift cut of new SARS case on 4/19. And the second outbreak in late May. Canada did a perfect quarantine. But if it was an artificial attack, quarantine could do nothing to stop it.

165. Swift response to "153. Computer Worm attack" (9/26/03)

On 8/16, I wrote message "153. Computer Worm attack". In which I alleged Feds poured large resource into internet surveillance, used virus to control cyber space. On 8/29, FBI arrested a Minnesota teenager and charged him of disseminating a version of "Blaster" worm in computer network . I thought it was a swift response to my accusation.

The Minnesota teenager, Parson, said case was exaggerated. He had modified the "Blaster" but not the original author of it. San Jose Mercury News wrote, "Investigators say finding and prosecuting internet culprits is difficult." so far only "One person has been sent to prison in the U.S. and just two in Britain" though these virus caused heavy financial damage. I think it was only an excuse to protect the real criminal. From my experience, most likely the hacker was Feds themselves. I know there were at least 9 cyber space team work on it. How can we suffered so much attack from different kinds of worms for so long time and only one person been sent to prison? One thing unusual was that when I seriously accused 8/11 worm was from Feds, in less than two weeks, they found a scapegoat. It's not that difficult as they said.

The case is a typical Feds' style. A scapegoat was found, the case is over. One can expect the teenager will end up with minor charge. The mastermind will never be found. It is similar to the burglary case happened in my sister's house. After my sister reported the burglary, the burglar came again with a black teenager. In third time, the black kid came alone. This time someone reported police. Kid was arrested. Case was over. The mastermind had never been caught. (see "6. Looter and scapegoat")



#86 2011-09-17 20:05:28

166. Control state with their own candidate

Insider group controls media and politicians, even manipulates Presidents. President Kennedy was assasinated; President Nixon was impeached and almost so was President clinton.

Now it seems they preferred to have their own patsy. Such like Ventura in Minnesota, Schwarzenneger in California and Wesley Clark for the Demo's president candidate. These people have one thing in common, that is they have no experience of politics. So they became a plain puppet, handled by the men behind them. Arnold Schwarzenneger ducked debates which needed imminent question and answer but only attended one which the question had been given in advance. This may prove he has little knowledge of government and politics in his brain but can only recite the answers previously taught by his handlers. The result of Ventura being Governor of Minnesota was clear. That Demo lost mid-election in 2002 which they shouldn't lost. (See message "151. Development of California recall") I don't know if it is another coincidence but the hacker teenager scapegoat was found in Minnesota too. Everybody knows it's easier to set up a case in a land where regime is fully controlled.

With the help of intelligence, Arnold will steal the chair of California Governor. And the Florida 2000 election or Minnesota 2002 mid-election will repeat in California, I can foresee.

167. The frame case is going on (9/26/03)

In messages 152, 153, 154 I talked about in early August, I suffered heavy harassment in internet. Especially in 8/11 and 8/12 when I was blocked to internet almost whole day. Which gave me a feeling that I might"disappear" from some "operation". Later I knew this could be another frame attempt.

On 8/17, in a family re-union, B (my brother in law), who just came back from New York told us such a story. There was a strike in New York harbour which lasted for more than a month. It was not a big one because only one dock was involved. Which happened to be the dock his shipping company loading the cargo. So in early August when the strike was over, there were 24 containers released to B's company . Just then, two employees quit the job. B hired two temporary workers, after two days, they quit too. At last, only one employee was available. B had to work with him to unload the cargo. "It's really hard work, but I made it. We two even unloaded an umbrella container in 39 minutes. " He said. After everything was done. There came the great blackout,(8/14) B said he had to slept one night in warehouse without air-condition.

The days B was forced to unload the cargo were the days I suffered internet attack. (8/11 and 8/12) Feds is expert to arrange strike and employee's work to make a case develop to their way. I know the main merchandise B imported were suitcase which were from Shanghai. But I don't know where the umbrella came from. I then had a speculation..... Later when I met my sister again, I asked her where was the manufactory the umbrella they imported from. I was right. It was from Fujian. Now the dot is connected. B imported umbrella from Fujian, China. So FBI, DEA and Chinese secret police cultivated a drug gang based in Fujian. The rest story I've written in message 142, 143, 146, 150. In May they arrested the drug gang. Now they have 77 tons of drugs which can ship at any time to frame a case. The August one was the latest. In which through organizing dock strike, employee resignation, they forced B to unload the cargo by himself. I think there were drugs in umbrella box, so they can arrest him "unloading drugs"? Why they didn't do it, left it soured like several former soured frame cases, remain puzzle for me. But they did do everything. Include Organizing dock strike, employee's resignation, worm "Blaster" internet attack, and elimination.

In July, I smelled an odour. I went to kitchen, my father in law told me he was boiling Chinese medicine. Someone advised him to do so to cure his coughing. Almost at sametime, someone else gave my wife a juice prescription, said it was good for health. So my wife bought a juice machine and almost drank "health juice" everyday in July. I refused to drink it, because some vegetable were from "free food". It was from lady V. Like G-lady, V introduces customers to travel company to earn commission if they buy tickets. V also is a volunteer in welfare organization. These free food were from the organization she worked. I seldom touch these food. Because of my particular situation, I'm afraid of poison.

In early August, my father in law became very sick. He couldn't eat anything, even couldn't drink milk. Then my wife got sick too. She had a severe diarrhoea for one week. . The symptom looked like it was cancer.Because it took place at the time I suffered from internet attack, I worried that they were poisoned by eating material which caused cancer. Though my wife and her father insisted it was a coincidence, they abandoned Chinese medicine and "health juice".

This month doctors found there are tumours in my father in law's lung and esophagus. The report of if it is cancer or not will come these days. My wife still brings home the "free food" everyweek. The refrigerator is full. She has to put them on the floor. I never touch them. She hasn't touch them since she got sick in early August. Seeing her throwing the rotten vegetable into garbage can, I wonder why she knew nobody wants it but still keep on bringing it home. Maybe that's a mission someone assigned to her. She even dares not refuse the questionable food and speak out her suspicion. (What she can say is "it's coincidence") When the government label this one "enemy combatant" and that one "terrorist", I found the biggest terrorist is among themselves.

168. Swift response (10/6/03)

In last message I talked about "free food" which was put on the floor. I posted the message on 10/1, next day, the cabbage, onion, pepper were all moved away. Was there material which would cause cancer in it? or was it too unusual a view that vegetable to be laid on floor? I don't know. The vegetable moved away were not found in garbage can. So my wife must have taken it to somewhere else. The swift and unusual treatment of "free food" ensured me that it was an action to eliminate evidence.

When B told about his story in New York, he said first to me, "I know you'll link it to Feds again, but I think it's coincidence." They have suspicion but dare not say anything. B always said, "I've done nothing wrong, there is no reason they hurt me." But because they know my story, and could be witness against Feds, (I think Feds had contacted all my relatives and acquaintance for information and cooperation). For Feds' own safty, they'll eliminate potential witness against them. Just like Malvo and Muhammad, they might think they worked for Feds, never thought of being framed as snipers. Or like Kennedy's family. To prevent JFK's brothers to be elected as US President, they assassinated Robert Kennedy and propagated a scandal to stop Edward Kennedy to join president campaign. And the early death of Jacklin Kennedy and accidental death of their son, Kennedy Jr. , were all methods to prevent any possible investigation in the future.

My father in law has had a X-Ray examination when he had eating problem. Doctors said they found nothing wrong from X-Ray picture. When he was unable to drink in early August, (he was better after he stopped drink Chinese Medicine and "health juice") we arranged him for a stomach mirror inspection. It was on 9/8. Doctor found there was a tumour in his esophagus. But Lab report said it was not a cancer. Doctor is an expert, to his experience he said it looks like a cancer and he doubted lab's report. He asked for a second thorough examination on 9/28. Lab's report is still negative on cancer but doctor found more tumour in lung of My father in law. He is now staying in hospital for further examination.

169. Development of Regime change in San Jose Police

In message #148, I talked about due to the pressure of a "shooting death" case, (in which County's D.A. and FBI unsusally intervened) San Jose police chief Lansdowne took another job in San Diago within 10 days after the case happening though he has made no mistake and the case looks like an ususal one. (Police used to quit such kind of charge) Then newspaper said Tom Wheatley took the chair of San Jose Police Chief. "Was he Feds' favourable candidate?" I thought. He was not.

On Oct. 3, Mercury News reported Wheatley won't seek the permanent chief position in part of his health. Article:

"Cops dealing with setbacks
Acting S.J. Chief to retire; Officers dies: another hurt
By Roxanne Stites, Mercury News
Officers and other staffers are worring over Acting Police Chief Tom Wheatley's recent illness and sudden decision to retire. They're thankful that officer Ed Marini is recovering after he was struck by a car last month while directing traffic. They're facing the grind of their profession and their own vulnerability after veteran officer Rogelio Moreno, 45, suffered a fatal heart attack while shopping with his children.
details of the health problems that have hospitalized Wheatley were not disclosed.
"When you look at this job and you see your fellow officer having a heart attack at a young age, another officer almost losing his life after being struck by a car, and your chief in the hospital, it's a reality check." said Rose, "It causes you to realize that no matter how rewarding the job can be, it can take a tremendous toll on you.""

Tom Wheatley is only 52. When he took the job of Police Chief several weeks ago, he vowed to do his best to serve San jose residents. Suddenly, he decided to retire. And S.J.P.D. looked like to be suffered from a spell. Officers still young suffered from disease, accident, death.

But I know it's not a spell. It's a plot to control San Jose P.D. The dull article itself is more like an intimidation. I alleged Feds created all these events. Heart attack now become the murder method they used to use. (see message "5. Microwave killing"). The blood clot in vessel caused by microwave radiation takes hour to form or moving to the heart. There is a time delay from action to death. So made the heart attack more like a natural one. All events were created to intimidate the S.J. police force. Tom Wheatley finally realized this power and bent before it.

The attempt to control the judicial system and law enforcement force in San Jose Area is very aggressive these days. Which I can only say my SARS analysis is too accurate that they can't bear it. While my revelation of DC sniper case is only a domestic one, my SARS analysis is international. The high ranking inside group must be mad. With high pressure, agents behaved so violently, made San Jose area a battle field of extortion.

170. Suspends Coroner (10/11)

Same day (10/3), on the same page of reporting the death, illness, accident, resignation of San jose police force, (see message #169) there was also an article about the suspension of a coroner. re:

"County suspends coroner
Reasons unclear for paid leave of at least 2 weeks. Gregory Schmunk, Santa Clara chief medical examiner, hired four years ago to clean up a troubled coroner's office, was put on paid leave indefinitely Thursday after recent criticism over an old theft charge against him." (S.J.M.N. 10/3/03)

The article and the article in next day (10/4), said Schmunk had been accused of stealing more than $400 in medical books when he left his job as brown County medical examiner four years ago. But the charge was dismissed after he sent a $406 check to his former employer.

He was also accused of failing to disclose, as required by law, that he had been involved in a lawsuit when he applied a gun permit in 1999. The lawsuit was a civil complaint in which he threatened a Sacramento co-worker. But he paid $2,500 in 1995 and had settled that dispute.

Another accusation is he spent $42,000 in travel expenses over past three years. "That raises question about his judgement, given the county's budget situation."

The San Jose Mercury requests Schmunk to resign based on these charges either is on minor matter or is unnecessary.(10/10) Arnold Schwarzenegger has committed more serious offenses of series groping women but inside group can still send such a villain to be a Governor. Schmunk, just like former Governor Davis, made no offense, is being ousted because Feds need a patsy of their own.So Feds can commit a plot.

At same time they also indicted a judge and an ex-cop of conspiracy. When the newspaper was full of these unusual reports, I can feel Feds activate a large resource to extort the judicial system in San Jose area. From judge, police officer to coroner, they try to control everything. Once extortion taking place, the purpose is always malicious. I believe a new frame case is on going. Police killing will happen. And target is me.



#87 2011-09-17 21:09:30

katsung47 wrote:

I believe a new frame case is on going. Police killing will happen. And target is me.

We'll miss you Kathy, if they don't.



#88 2011-09-17 22:38:54

Of one thing there can be no doubt:  Kathaksung lives in a terrifying world, and I often wonder how he has the courage to get out of bed each morning.



#89 2011-09-17 22:45:50

katsung47 wrote:

Of course I know your mission is to smear and discount the dissenters. Otherwise why did you cling to the threads which you dislike so much and kept on hinting banning. You have to show your master you are working. But do you know that would expose your identification? Is the pressure apply on you very heavy? That may prove what I said are truth, the Feds fear it very much.

Incorrect again.

My mission is not to smear dissenters.  In fact, I strongly encourage dissenters.  Dissent is good.  No, dissent is better than good when it's factual, well-reasoned, sensible, accurate... hell, let's just go for "plausible"... and not the deranged ravings of an ill mind.

My mission is to smear crazy people so they crawl back under the rocks from which they came, or seek the medical attention they so desperately need.  If just one person gets the help they need, I leave the world in a better place than I found it.

Again, I demand that you back up your assertions with evidence, or GTFO.

In fact, I'll go one better.  Provide proof that what you say is true... proof that is verifiable... and I'll give you space on my own blog to dissent to the world.  That's how much I love dissent.

But you have to show me truth, not insane bollocks that you have been posting here.  I love dissent.  I hate crazy.  I support dissent.  I ban crazy.



#90 2011-09-30 21:02:07

171. Extort judge (10/16)

On 9/10, Mercury News reported a case against a judge: "Judge - Secret probe begins". In about one month period, there were 11 days followed this case with big article.

Judge Danser is accused of fixing traffic tickets for sports figures and acquaintances in past three years, (20 tickets issued to 17 people), dismissed nearly $4,700 in fines for offenses ranging from speeding to not wearing a seat belt. The ticket case used to be processed in traffic court, Danser transferred these cases to his criminal court and dismissed them. But there is no evidence show that Danser benefit from it personally. So on 10/10, newspaper said, "Why they allegedly did it. To be a "big man," prosecutors allege. "This is all about power.... being able to pull favors for people."

Judge Danser defended himself it's all for the "interest of justice". In court practice, he has the right to do so. He did nothing criminal.

At first I thought the prosecutor might have strong evidence against Judge Danser. But when it turned out their conclusion is Judge doing it to be a "big man" which is totally a speculation. The whole case becomes a reluctant one. The densely reported case seems to me more like an extortion with the word "secret probe", "booked with felony charge", "If convicted, face maximum three years in prison." It forms a pre-trial, a media trial.

Experts say that criminal investigations against judges in California are a rarity. "Some defense attorneys questioned the district attorney's highly unusual decision to convene a grand jury to investigate a local sitting judge. Some suspect politics." (S.J.M.N. 9/21)
"Unlike the majority of his colleagues, Judge Danser has been proud to demonstrate his independence from the DA'S office," said defense attorney L. Harmon, also a former prosecutor. "It is no secret, either to him or anyone else, that the DA's office did not like him. So they found a way to get rid of him." (S.J.M.N. 9/26)

This is it. DA need judge to be their rubber stamp. Since Feds plot a framed case, they need judge's cooperation to sign warrant to search and arrest. Now they suspended a judge and a coroner, either in a reluctant case or even something totally unnecessary. The timing is not a coincidence. They even extort and intimidate San Jose police force in violent way. (covertly) It seems they are planning a new frame case in coming months. Insider group scare the pants off of my revelation. They scare of that I'll reveal more.

172. Crazy persecution (10/20)

Though there were two negative report from lab about the tumour my father in law having, the doctor, with rich experience, insisted for a third expanded examination. In early October, hospital confirmed my father in law had a cancer. About a week later, my uncle (my mother's brother) living in Shanghai was said had cancer too. I can feel Feds speed up the persecution. Especially come with the recent news of unusual charge on local judge, coroner and police force.

The trial date of Judge Danser was set at 10/20. The 10/3 news reported the Coroner was suspended for at least two weeks which means decision would be made after 10/17. According to the experience that they had set the trial date of S.F.P.D. high ranking official the same day of my wife's travel date at 4/18, (The charge was dropped 4 days after I posted my doubt on 3/31) I think there will be a frame case taking place around 10/20.

My mother had scheduled to fly to Shanghai on 10/18 but later changed the date to 10/23. My wife's brother will come to visit his cancer sickened father on 10/24 from Toronto. (The one I think has been the target of SARS elimination in Canada) The most unusual thing was last night at 10 o'clock,(4/19) Mao's son came to my house to pick up his air ticket. It was an old tactic repeated by Feds again and again to establish a link between targets. (see #117. and # 121. ) His flight date is 4/23 too. I think all these were arranged by Feds. And they plan a framed case at this week-end.

Just at 7 pm tonight, (10/21) a stranger knocked at the door, gave me an envelope, said it's for my wife. That's something never happened before, of course, I refused. The eagerness to frame a case come to a crazy level.

173. Timing of SARS (10/21)

10/16/02: The bill to authorize President Bush to use military force in Iraq was signed. 11/16/02. One month later, the first SARS case was found in Guangdong Province, China. Nobody noticed it at that time.
January 2003: In Guangzhou, a super spreader who had flu like illness infected dozens of medical workers. This caused panic. The flu medicine was sold out in market. The panic lasted only a few days then diminished after government announcing everything was under control.
February 03: Hongkong stock and option market attacked. Hongkong currency attacked. The attack lasted 3 months.

But Iraq war couldn't delay. Because the hot summer weather(starts from May) was not fit for invade troops. If the war was estimated as long as two months, then it should start on March. Thus we saw the big outbreak of SARS in early March. The dramatic Johnny Chen's case caught the eyes of world. (see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) On 3/18, S.J.Mercury News reported,"CDC investigating mysterious illness that has afflicted more than 150 people in seven countries and caused nine deaths." Among them there was Frankfurt, Germany which embedded the cause of future outbreak of SARS if there had been a strong opposition when Iraq war started. Germany, along with France were the old Europe who opposed Bush's war. On 3/21, US and British Army invaded Iraq. The war went on smoothly. On 4/9, Baghdad was fallen. The success of war might have saved Europe from a SARS disaster.

174. Interest exchange

There is no formal statistic of death cases of SARS. According to newspaper, it was about 800. Among them: China: 349 (S.J.M.N.7/30), Hongkong: 299(World Journal, 9/11), Taiwan: 72 (W.J. 8/23), Canada 44 (W.J. 8/16), Singapore: 32 (W.J. 8/23) Vietnam; Thailand, Phillipine, Malaysia: each was under 5. China and Hongkong were the heaviest sufferer.

The economy of Hongkong seriously damaged by SARS. On 7/1, there was an anti-new security act protest on street, (500,000 people joined protest), Since Hongkong taken over by China in 1997, it suffered South-east financial crisis, two bird-flu attacks and SARS attack. Economy slowed down, unemployment was up. Media criticize the administration was incompetent, demand a regime change.

Hongkong was a former British colony, if the chief administrator stepping down, most suitable successor would be old official cultivated by Britain. It is clear who will be benefit from it. On 7/22, World Journal said that Beijing noticed that around the great protest of 7/1, many foreign intelligence agents arrived in Hongkong, some were from Taiwan. Beijing also noticed unusual gathering of British intelligence officers that former high ranking administrator of Hongkong, Hord (who came from British intelligence MI-6), had arrived in Hongkong in late May. As well as some former "psychology war" advisers. One of them said if Hongkong government was unable to solve the problem, there would be more larger scale protest. The pressure to change Hongkong regime was high.

Iraq war is an unjust war. Why British government joined US in this aggression despite the opposition of British people? It's obvious there was an interest exchange. In which US started a bio-attack to shake and awe Hongkong regime while Britain joined US in war to change regime of Iraq. So we saw that SARS outbreak was followed immediately by Iraq war in March. You help me hit Hongkong and I help you hit Iraq.

In the end there was a successful regime change in Iraq. But they failed in Hongkong. Under the pressure, two high ranking ministers, security chief and financial chief stepped down. But China preserved Tong JianHua as Chief administrator. China also passed friendly economic treaty and loosened the travel restriction of its citizens to Hongkong to help this island city to recover from the damage of SARS.

175. SARS and China (10/31)

Two cities were the target of SARS when it broke out in early March. But people didn't know Beijing except Hongkong was hit hard by the disease. Because Chinese government censored the information. So there was another dramatic revelation in early April. (see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) Several days later, two high ranking Chinese government officials stepped down.

What kind of role Chinese secret police played in this event? I think they knew it. When SARS broke out in early March, there was a People's Delegation Convention in Beijing. In which former president Jiang Zi Ming retired, left the chair of President to Hu Jing Tao. But people said Jiang Zi Ming was unwilling to do so. He still kept another important post: Chairman of armed force. Public opinion said Jiang was waiting to see new president in trouble so he could take back the lost power. SARS crisis, disturbance in Hongkong, if new president coudn't deal with it, Jiang Zi Ming might take the chance to come back. It was a power struggle. In which secret police chose a side they preferred to.

1. The spreading of SARS needed assistance of intelligence in remote area such like Inner Mongolia, Gan Su province, Si Chuan Province where I have relatives living .

2. The dramatic revelation in April was a result of intelligence work. Doctor Jiang, also visited his daughter in US this July. Because he was a key figure in revelation, Such a sensitive visit must be the result of agreement of intelligence of two countries.

3. There was a big protest (500,000 people took part in) in Hongkong on 7/1. New Beijing government was told it was only a small one in advance and had neglected this crisis. ( The report of pre-estimation was that less than 100,000 people would attend the demonstration.) Was it the incompetence of Chinese intelligence, or was it a deliberate misleading?

4. Former Chinese president Jiang ZiMing left Beijing to Shanghai during SARS crisis. He seemed knew Shanghai was a non-SARS area. Public opinion criticized him that Jiang Zi Ming hid in safe place to watch new government struggle with SARS disease.

5. There was no doubt Chinese secret police joined FBI and DEA in a framed drug case in FuJian Province. SARS was planned to eliminate the people whom knew my story. (see message 142, 143, 150, 155, 156, 159 - 162, 164)
In the report of San Jose Mercury News of 3/18 might reveal their intention. It said mysterious illness was found in seven countries: they were Germany; Canada; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam; Hongkong; Phillipine. Among them Thailand and Vietnam were the only two countries I've sought asylum when I was drifted in South-east Asia. Hongkong; Phillipine and Canada were three places where I have relatives lived. If my wife had gone to FuJian on 4/18, the drug case would have been broken out earlier. There would have been also a big SARS outbreak and there would have been a lot of death. (More death to cover up the designated murder death)



#91 2011-11-02 18:16:22

176. Collusion of D.o.D. and D.o.J. (11/6)

After Bush got the Iraq war power, US had once planned to use small pox virus to activate the bio-attack. That's when Bush ordered a small pox vaccine program on December, 2002. The plan was abandoned. Perhaps it's too evident. How could US know there would be a small pox outbreak in advance? Finally they used SARS. Targetted at Hongkong for a regime change to exchange Great Britain to join the Iraq war. SARS also broke out in Beijing to divert the attention of Chinese government. So Beijing government couldn't attend two big crisis at the same time. SARS was also embedded in Europe and other countries. In case there was an strong opposition of Iraq war, the outbreak of SARS could divert public's attention. D.o.D. was quite lucky in Iraq war but SARS failed to change the regime of Hongkong.

SARS virus must come from secret military bio-lab of D.o.D. . But the spreading of it was done by intelligence. D.o.J. (FBI and DEA) took the chance to plot an elimination with its framed drug case. The framed drug case was abandoned after my wife cancelled her trip to China. The unusual events took place around her flight date (4/18) enabled me to realize the SARS plot.

Of course, intelligence wouldn't waste such a good chance to make money. The stock and option market in Hongkong and Taiwan became a cash register. I talked about foreign capital rapidly and violently invested in Taiwan stock market after 4/19, I thought it was fund used in drug case. But it might be only a minor part of speculator's investment. Most of them could be the funds from all those who planned the SARS attack, Include D.o.D and D.o.J. Or even possibly came from the funds from secret police of other countries who knew it. And apparently, they made a good money on this bio-attack that they even wanted to set up a special market particularly for predicting terror attack.

177. Terrorism future market

On 7/29/03, S.J.M.N. reported, "New Pentagon plan bets on future terror", "Controversial program allows speculators to win or lose money based on their predictions of future attacks, assassinations and coups. The Pentagon said such futures trading has been effective in forecasting elections."

"Traders bullish on a biological attack on Israel or bearish on the chances of a North Korean missil strike would have the opportunity to bet on the likelihood of such events on a new Internet site established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, known as DARPA."

This time they targetted at American's pocket. The apparent ill-conceived plan caused a strong criticism. It was shut down right away. The progenitor of this trading market, Poindexter, had to resign.

This program revealed how corruptive US government was. The job of army is to defend its country. Now it is used to invade other country for the interest of a little group. It even tried to develop a trading market to make money. On the other hand, it also revealed many terrorist attack were manipulated by government. They either knew it in advance but allowed it to happen (911 attack), or create it themselves.( such like OKC bombing, anthrax attack, DC sniper shooting, SARS bio-attack)

As a matter of fact, the inside group has turned US, and the world into a terror market already. In which they manipulated terror attack, then in the name of "war on terror", they won a huge profit. Oil resource, big military spending, police power. And American people, lost big money, (though they haven't realized it right now, they will realize it later. government cleverly turned it into their debt) lost their job, and most of all, they lost their bill of rights. They are the big loser.

178. Control local police forces all over the nation (11/11)

In message "169. Development of Regime change in San Jose Police"(10/6), I talked about alleged attempt to control San Jose police department by high tech. murder and intimidation. I think some high ranking official of D.o.J. resigned to take responsibility. (I'll talk about it later.) But the effort to control local police force haven't stopped. On the contrary, they push it to a high level. D.o.J. want to control all local police forces over the whole nation. To force passing a bill favorite to them seems easier and more safty than to murder to control a single local police force.

On November 7, 2003, San Jose Mercury News reported:
The Postal Service closed 11 Washington, D.C.-area post offices Thursday while authorities ran tests to determine whether anthrax was detected at the Navy site that handles mail for federal agencies."

Since such kind of issue wouldn't appear for no reason, I thought, what kind of plot they plan to do this time? Then I found the answer later in Originaldissent website. The thread alleged FBI try to take over local police forces.

It's obvious once again Feds use terrorist way to push for passing a bill benefit them. Anthrax had been used to push the passing through of "Patriot Act", now it is used again to intimidate congresspeople to pass a bill enabling FBI to control local police forces of the whole nation.

Though the anthrax alert was cancelled next day on 11/8, it has done it's mission. Senators were warned of sniper shoot when they went to golf during sniper shoot spree. This Anthrax alert was the second time. Just a remind of a possible"anthrax letter" to law makers would be enough for an intimidation.

We can see how they played terror on law makers. 1. On Oct. 2001, anthrax in DC pushed passing through of "Patriot Act". 2. On Oct. 2002, DC sniper shooting helped passing through "Iraq war authorizing power" to President Bush. 3. On Nov. 7, 2003, DC area post office anthrax alert. This time they didn't make it a big one. They even put a low profile on the bill they wanted. Not much people know the 'JTTF Enhancement Act". But that's a big leap forward to expand the police power of D.o.J..

Quote, "FBI/CIA Takeover of Local Police Forces? (Congressional Bill PENDING)

108th Congress

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the 'JTTF Enhancement Act of 2003'.


(a) JTTFS REQUIRED- The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall carry out a program under which the Director maintains, in such regions and localities of the United States as the Director considers appropriate, task forces of law enforcement agents to combat international terrorism (known as joint terrorism task forces).

(b) COMPOSITION- Each task force under the program required by subsection (a) shall be comprised of at least one law enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Each such task force shall also include such other law enforcement agents as the Director considers appropriate, selected by the Director from among those Federal, State, and local law enforcement agents that are made available to the Director for such purposes...
November 4, 2003 Mrs. MALONEY (for herself and Mr. FROST) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Select Committee on Intelligence (Permanent Select), for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned "

http://forums.originaldissent.com/showt … hp?t=11012

179. Crazy persecution (2) (11/16)

I posted "175. SARS and China " on 10/31. Next morning, a lady came to my house pick up her air ticket. She talked aloud about house in XianMeng that even I was in bedroom I could hear she was going to FuJian. Each time people came for air ticket, there always came with an unusual event. This time it's an intimidation about that message. In that message I alleged the collusion of the secret police of US and China. Though they finished the Fujian drug case, new frame case is in process I believe. Those undercover agent from China, are still there.(I'll talk about it later)

Since I started to post in internet, It took 11 months of interval between each framed case in first three. 1. 6/11/2001 which used McVeigh's excution date. 2. 5/3/2002 which used B's anniversary party. 3. 4/18/2003 which used my wife's travel date. Then it accelerated after I revealed the SARS case. 4. 8/11/2003 the day computer virus Blaster attacked internet. 5. Around 10/23/2003 when my mother went to Shanghai, my wife's brother came to San Francisco. They separately went to visit newly cancer sickened relatives. The interval shortened to 2 months.

Besides to frame drug case, these days they aggressively intensify to murder by poison and microwave radiation. I think the cancer of my father in law and my uncle were the result of poison. Though I had long suspected they used microwave radiation, I could not feel it. (If microwave radiation is in a low sensitivity, people won't feel it. But in long run they got leukaemia.) I think so because I observed most residents of the community were moved away. (If not all) There is almost no child seen in this community. The people there mainly are agents and their support group. (informants) Occasionally agents would arrange a show of child but it always linked to some purpose. Recently I strongly felt such electric wave attack which caused dizziness and headache. Obviously they increase the sensitivity of EM wave.

180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03)

I originally plan to talk about this topic later. It's a long story how I found they manipulate housing market. But now it seems I might be eliminated by them anytime, so I omit the long story and remind people that anytime soon there will be a broken housing bubble, and a staggering economy following it.

I talked about they emptied the community and moved in their own people. The advantage is obvious: 1. Easy to monitor. They can watch in all angles and direction. And shoot EM wave at any convenient place. 2. In a framed case, the witness are all theirs. Such like in DC sniper case. 3. Easy to use EM wave. Either it is a ray or a field, EM wave is easy to penetrate a house wall. Only metal may stop it. That's why they clear the area and clear the children. To block the possible leaking of microwave ray, my neighbor parked their car in lane and on street, day and night. Like they don't have to go to work. Or this residence area is their work place.

People may have the question how they can buy so much houses? Because they treat it as a business. They make big money in manipulating house market. I have done such an estimation: If they bought a house in 1997 in my community which costed 200K, with down payment of 20K, and about 20K each year of payment and tax, if they sold it right now at market price of 380K their expense is 140K, they can make 40K profit from it. (1997 is the year they started to buy in real estates, 1999 is the year they push up the house price.) This is the case in my community when they can't use the house in other purpose. In other area, as an investment, they can rent the house off to offset the expense. So in same case, with 20K investment, deducted from profit of 180K, they have a net gain of 160K.

Why they can do it? They control politicians and big cooperations. They control Federal Reserve. They can demand a policy benefit to their business. That's why the federal interest is staying at 1% for such a long time. Because Feds has a lot of real estate property, their payments depend on interest rate. And that's why in an economic downturn, when stock market went to bear market, and government deficit go to a history high, and with high unemployment rate, there still is a rising house market.

Recently they have gradually sold out their real estates at a good price and reap a high profit. But not in my area. Because my case isn't finished. There are hundreds of such houses. (don't know how many they have in other area) The economic situation doesn't allow the interest rate to stay in such low. That may be one of the reasons they hurried to an aggressive persecution on me. When I was eliminated, they could sell these houses within one month or so, then I foresee there is an uprising of Federal interest and mortgage interest as well as a collapsing house market. There will be an economic downturn then.

Beware of a broken housing bubble.



#92 2011-11-15 19:32:56

181. Soup (11/21)

Poisoning is a traditional method to murder. There is no exception for Feds. But they do it in different way. They made it more like a natural disease or sometimes, directly plant virus or germ to the victims.

Sometime about 92 (? If I can't remember the exact time, I put a "?") my wife started to suggest me to go to the restaurant which Mr. X owned. Mr. X was a seller in Flea market. I thought he was an informant of Feds so I refused. My wife kept suggesting to go to Mr. X's restaurant although she knew I didn't like him and that restaurant was far away from our house. Her repeating suggestion caused my suspicion. What was it for?

One day when I was having meal with my wife, she took out two cups of soup. She gave me one "This beef soup is for you. I have that WonTon soup. I bought them from Mr. X's restaurant."

The long accumulated suspicion broke out. I was angry. "You know my opinion about Mr.X. Why are you keeping request me to eat his food? Is there something in the soup? You drink it." I pushed the beef soup cup to her.

My wife didn't say a word. She sat there, lowered her head, dare not to watch me. When I urged her " drink it, why you dare not drink it?" She had a strange reaction. She held a piece of chopstick, soaked it into the beef soup, then slowly put the chopstick into her mouth. She might drink a drop of soup or even less. Obviously she was forced to do so. So she herself suspected the soup might have been poisoned. That's the only way she could do then. Looked like tasting a little soup.

After my anger relaxed, I realized my wife was forced to do so. I hurried finish the meal. Left her behind to take care of that full cup of beef soap. Later when I got familiar with Feds tactic, I know that even she drank the whole cup of soup. Nothing would happen.

182. Sandwich

when I went to Galt Market every Tuesday then, I used to buy my lunch a day before from a Vietnamese food store. The customers were Asian people because the food was traditional Asian style. So it caught my eye when I saw a white man in sandwich cabinet whom was talking with sales ladies. The white man left right away when he saw me coming in. I felt it was unusual because he left without buying anything.

I told the sales ladies I want three sandwiches. The sales ladies looked flurried, turned their sights away and walked away to take care other customers whom came later. I was left alone for a few minutes. It was a deliberate negligence, I was angry. Then another saleslady just coming from other room picked my order. She took three already made sandwiches from a saving cabinet for me. It was unusual because they always made it on order. (customer could choose different meat and vegetables) The odd things puzzled me. It seemed they got these sandwiches particularly prepared for me.

Next day, after a busy morning, I was hungry. Looking at the sandwiches, I recalled the strange scene the day before and beef soup event. Did they put some poison in sandwich? I tried a small bite, taste is normal, than another bite.... I finished a sandwich, threw away the other two and waited for something to happen. Nothing happened.

It was contradict to my suspicion of poisoning. The above two events puzzled me for sometime. What happened exactly?

183. Imminent threat (11/23)

I break the sequence to write this. I think D.o.J. and FBI now may try to plant computer crime on me after they failed the other framing attemption.

In late October, my wife's brother came here to visit his cancer sickened father. He is a business man trading second hand computers and softwares. When he came to my house. He did two things. First, he talked about US dollars that it would devalue so it was better to change US dollar into other currency. Then he used my computer to check E-bay to see if his merchandise had been sold. He told me it was easy to make money in internet trading. I thought he was manipulated by Feds to influence me. I got used to this kind of tactics. 1. It's just like Isotope money, a method to detect how much money target have so they can loot. 2. Feds wish I do business in internet.

I don't care much about devalue US dollar because I am not rich. But I am sensitive to that internet business suggestion. I felt in advance Feds would use internet crime to frame me. This was another effort they try push me into the trap.

For a long time I was accused of spamming to post this thread because I post in many different sites. The accusation of spamming is unreasonable. Would Bush be a spammer if many web sites posting his speech of State Union? Or is the same book appear in different libraries a spam?

A few months ago, the spamming accusations on me suddenly disappeared. At the same time I saw many articles in Mercury News blaming spam and demand strict law against it. Since media is controlled by intelligence. I always can testify the intention of inside group. And this time they want an anti-spamming law for their private purpose to frame their dislike. Of course they got the law passed locally and nationally. Among them, the anti-spamming law in California is the most strict one.

Though I don't do any business in internet, I fear Feds will plant a framming case on me. They have such ability and resource.

I said I was under 24 hours surveillance by Feds. I was harassed by their cyber space team. I have reason to allege them doing so.

1. Long time ago, I logged in each forum automatically if I chose the function box of automatic log in. Now I failed most of them. So each time I have to manually log in. It may prove that my computer is under control of another server. I must enter internet through that server. So the automatic log in is defuntioned.

2. Because my messages missing frequently, I record them each time I post so I can track later. I noticed such a phenomenon. After I posting a message, the number of viewer column always increased by 2 not one. (e.g. when the view total was 100 before I click the thread, after I sent the message, it became 102 not 101) Which means there is another computer or server was on the thread synchro- locked with my computer. This observation never failed. It works automatically.

3. The monitor agent often communicate with me through forum mostly with malicious ridicules. So I often got an instant reply. Once they had made a mistake that their reply even posted before I posted mine. (when I finished writing and left for something else before posting it.) So I knew they can see the same view in my screen.

4. In early time when I just started to post in internet, (about year 2000 and 2001), I found my thread was filtered off from other readers. I discovered it when I enter the forum as a guest. I couldn't find my thread. But the thread appeared if I logged in with my name. So a person maybe cheated that he is in a discuss forum while in fact no other people is able to see his messages. It takes place when his computer is under the control of another special server which filters it from the connection to internet. I proved this by using another line.

I went to T's computer. (Tenant who rented my room then) He had a seperate phone line. With his permission I used his user's name to go to the site. I couldn't find my thread. T, faced the fact, admitted it was possible I was under FBI surveillance. (Though I alleged he is an Chinese undercover, too.)

I was puzzled at that time if they could control my computer, they can control T's computer too. So their secret won't been discovered. It was easy to switch the line connection for them. Until they pushed through "Patriot Act" I knew why. Originally, FBI must got Judge's permission to monitor suspect's phone line. It limited the only line suspect using. So when I tested in T's line, their trick was revealed. That's why they demand a vast power of electronical surveillance in "Patriot Act". They succeeded. Now Feds can abuse their power to harass people without judge's permission at the reason only they suspicious. The "Patriot Act" does little to terrorism but vastly hurt civil liberty and cover up the corruption of D.o. J.

Since I am very careful not to fall in trap they set up. How can Feds frame me in internet frame case?

5. Spread fake messages assuming my name and use my internet address. See "132. plant fake petition.(5/22)", "127. Heavy harassment (5/3)".

6. Assuming my internet address. Technically they have no problem to send fake messages from my address and use my phone line. They have done so before. Several times I was banned from web-sites. After my protest, the web host said it was a mistake. Because they found someone else in same server address of mine sent harassing messages. Here is one example: (Host's explanation)

#207714 - 12/24/02 11:14 AM Edit Reply Quote
"Actually kathaksung wasn't banned, it only appeared that he had been and had the same effect as if he had been. It was another person who was actually banned but who was on the same IP address, that IP address has now been unbanned as it covered more than one person. Had kathaksung e-mailed Gunslinger about it the matter would have been sorted out."

I felt it was an imminient threat because recently, my wife wants to install broad band DSL. Because with which several people can go to internet at same time, I fear Feds may take the chance to plant fake messages on me and rejected the idea.

Then three days ago, a telephone company mail showed my wife installed a new phone line without my awareness. I had a discussion with my wife but failed to persuade her abandoning the new phone line. I think it's a Fed's manipulation. It makes a plant possible. Even if I am home alone and surfing in internet, they could accuse that criminal messages sent from another computer from another line was from the same house and I am the only person in the house. (My daughter has another computer)

Two days ago, news from World Journal "Federal sweep computer crime, 125 arrested"
A.G. Ashcroft announced on Oct 20 that government in "Operation Cyber Sweep" they arrested 125 cyberspace criminals, including hackers, ID thief and other swindlers. Suspects also include those immitate software, illegal selling Honour Medals in internet, or invading web site to send patriot information.

Combine all these with crazy persecution, I feel this time D.o.J. will plant cyber space crime to frame me. I announce here I won't do any business in internet, or do anything threatening others or illegal things in internet except the thread in forum to reveal the corrupt and criminal things committed by government. I don't send any private e-mail to anyone except the e-mail to host if harassing happened.

D.o.J. and Ashcroft are crazy. Their eagerness to frame me may reveal their fear. One of the reasons I think is: a coming explosion of housing bubble.

184. Jobless recovery (12/1)

About as early as 2000 or 2001, when I logged in to the forum of Delphi group, I noticed the loggin name sometimes became kathaksun1, or kathaksun2. I have never used such a user's name. At that time I had no knowledge of spamming or someone assuming my name. I thought it might be the software error of Delphi. And if I was able to log in automatically, I didn't care much of it.

A week ago, I was refused from visiting Savant society which is a member of Delphi group. The reason is I have more than one user's name. They listed the above 2 and another one. I do have another user's name, sungkathak. Because when I was banned for no reason, I had to log in with another name to complain. But kathaksun1 and kathaksun2 are not mine. I've posted in Savant society for more than a year, never had a problem. Why they suddenly made trouble for me on this issue?

It took place at the same time of "cyberspace crime" threat. The two names, originally were used by agents monitoring on me, I think. And the names might have been used to post harassing articles, which had caused me being banned from many forums. Now they intend to use it to frame a cyberspace crime.
My wife suddenly ordered another telephone line, telephone company got it connected, but because the plug of phone line (inside house) is broken and my wife doesn't know how to fix it. So the line was still not used.

Why does Feds want a new phone line? Technically they have no problem to plant on the line I'm using. Because in that old line, there are plenty of my messages revealing how Feds frame a case, include "cyberspace crime". How could they make jury or judge believe their word with such evidence? With a new line, with no other record except their "evidence", they can frame a case.

The pressure on my wife is so heavy that she threatened to move out and now it's "divorce" to me. Why Feds is so eager to finish this case even using a rogue's way? I think it's the 2004 president election.

Bush is a favorite of inside group. They want him to stay for the 2nd term. But he did nothing good. So the only way inside group can do is to give him a prosperous economy. That's why media beat the drum to propaganda the economy is recovering "Growth is now super-super strong compared to super strong,'', "U.S. 3rd-Qtr GDP Grew at 8.2% Rate, Fastest Since '84". Do you feel this super-super strong recovery? Pay-check raised? Employment fully? Or only impression from media?

A fully recovery means high employment, rising income. Company must expand their business. All these need capital, will cause a rising interest in financial market. But FBI is holding a large amount of real estate property. Any interest rising will increase their monthly payment to the loan, and will also cause a housing market price collapse. Nothing can hurt Feds' interest. So Federal interest maintains at 1%. And Bush administration can only invent a new word," jobless recovery". But jobless recovery can't cheat people. That's why I am persecuted so violently.

185. How hard they worked to maintain Bush's fame.

Inside group tried their best to keep Bush's fame. It reflected how they prepared for Bush's state visit to London.

Bush's Britain visit is a controversial one. And was opposed by most Britons. British government and Royal family were reluctant to entertain such a notorious guest. so they were intimidated. Bush is a proxy of Israel, he has done good to Israel by activate Iraq war, he should have an honorable trip according to that interest group. Then we see how high ranking of Great Britain bent to the pressure. 1. The leaking of information that Princess Diana's death was designed by British intelligence and Royal family. That targets at British intelligence. 2. Tony Blair went to hospital for heart trouble. Target at P.M. 3. News of Prince Charles's scandal with his servant. Target at Royal family. All these took place at the time just before Bush's visit. And Great Britain obeyed.

Bush had a glorious state visit. He stayed in Royal's palace in London and welcomed by Royal family. And "Guardian" issued a so said poll "Majority welcome Bush's visit" which was spread vastly in internet by intelligence accessaries. All this is the result of work of intelligence.

At same time, they also threw out the news of Michael Jackson's molesting case to divert public's attention on how Bush was protested by Britons. That's the tactic intelligence used to do, if you are familiar with them. ( see "64. My Brother in law was targetted." how they use McVeigh's execution to divert a framed drug case)



#93 2011-11-15 22:33:58

Kathy, these events are very old news.  Bush is out of office and these days Michale Jackson is being molested by worms, flies, and other bugs.

The pressure on my wife is so heavy that she threatened to move out and now it's "divorce" to me. Why Feds is so eager to finish this case even using a rogue's way? I think it's the 2004 president election.

I don't know the current status of your marital relationship, but I can assure you the feds had nothing to do with her weighing her options about whether or not to stay married to you.



#94 2011-11-29 17:21:39

186. Slow poison (12/6/03) (continue to message 181 and 182)

When I thought over what happened to the sandwich and beef soup. I recalled an article in Readers' digest. It was a story about a defect Russian pilot.

Lt. Viktor Belenko drove a Mig-25 to Nakodate, Japan on 9/6/1976. The Mig-25 was the most advanced fighter in Russia at that time. US experts flied to Japan, dismantled the plane and had a thorough examination. They returned the dismantled Mig fighter to Soviet Union about ten days later. The defect pilot, was under "witness protection" and lived in somewhere US.

I noticed the article talked about that once authority had suspected this was a fake defection because the expert found some most important part of technique were missing in the plane. The article also talked about that Belenko refused a huge rewards. (millions of dollars) He said he wanted to make a living by his own hands. That his defection was not for money but for opinion. It's real incredible for money oriented intelligence, I think.

The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. (I forgot the name of that metal) The article, of course, alleged it to the work of KGB. I don't believe it. Few people would know where the pilot was if he was under "witness protection". And it was easy to identify the person who had access to pilot's food. (Slow poison took a long time work.) Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them.

There are many such examples. The most known one were former Phillipine President Marcos, and former Iranian Tsar Barlivie. When they were rulers they were loyal ally of US. Once they lost power and had to drift abroad they became a political burden of US. Because they were ousted by their own people. Barlivie even couldn't find a shelter in US.. They both died in a short time. ( in about three years or less?) Marcos died of kidney failure and Barlivie died of cancer(?)

There are many advantages of slow poison murder. 1. Work covertly. All death are like a natural one. (like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer...) 2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is neccesary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion. 3. Deniable. If the lethal dose is 100 gram, they can dilute the actual poison dose at 1 gram each. So it's safe for them even if they were caught. Because it' s not lethal. 4. It's hard to track because the dose each time used is a tiny one.

This explains what happened in sandwich and beef soup story. The people involved behaved strangely. They thought there was something in food. Nobody knew it was a slow poison, and anybody could eat it and nothing would have happened unless they were fed for a long time. Later, I still noticed they slowly poisoned me. I omit the story here because there is more urge information to tell. I'll post them if there is chance.

Though I couldn't feel the poison before. The situation changed this year. Since this July, they aggressively intensified the persecution. Include poison which I think led to the cancer outbroke of my father in law. I can feel uncomfort after eating poisoned food. This is one reason I said they are going crazy. Feds increased poison dose. They are in a hurry

187. Drinking water (12/11/03)

We used to buy drinking water from coin operated water machine stood outside the super market. Sometime in late 2000(?), my wife told me to buy water from a store. She bought a member card there, so when I went to buy water, I only have to tell the staff the name of my wife and needed not to pay. (She bought a membership card there) It was a drinking water store newly opened in shopping center.

In my house, my father in law drank tea which using boiling tap water. My wife rarely drank at home or she drank with boiling water too. Only my daughter and I drank the cold water bought from machine. Sometime at that period my daughter started to drink bottle water. I noticed this because bottle water is much expensive than the water bought from water store. When I saw my wife bought case of bottle water, I thought she was too spoil our daughter to waste money. But I said nothing about it. How could I knew this meant something else?

Then I had a pain in arm bone. As the pain became more frequently happened, I worried. I recalled a news story. Quite a lot of people lived in a city of Japan got a strange illness - bone ache. At last they found it was because their drinking water was polluted by a chemical compound of mercury(forgot the name). Linked this story, the newly opened water store, and I becoming the only person who drank the water from that store. I realized where the problem came from. I stopped drink the water from that store. The pain in bone did not disappeared right away. It faded gradually as time pasted and at last, no more.

It's easy to switch the water supply from normal tank to poisoned water tank. What happened when there were other people buying water at the same time? There is a row of water tap there. I think they don't care. Because each time the dose is small and won't cause immediate problem.

188. Increase the poison dose

I did most kitchen work at home. Every night, there used to be four of us: my daughter, my wife, her father and I had supper together. Since this July, when my wife introduced "health juice", less and less people had supper together, and after my father in law was sick in early August, I was the only one took meal on table.

I noticed my daughter almost didn't eat at home since July. July was summer vacation. Everyday near noon, there always were call from her classmates, she went out until after super. When the school season began, she had special program which required her to stay in school until 8.pm. On week-ends, my wife often took her eat outside. My wife, since then, used to come back after 8.pm. My father in law couldn't eat normally since early August.

I suspected one source of poison came from the "free food". (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"), even I tried not to touch it, I couldn't avoid it all the time. Because there were so much: from bread, cereal, can food, to fresh vegetable like cabbage, onion, mushroom .... and fruit. Frankly I didn't feel any unwell if I ate these food. Probably poison dose was light because more people fed on it. The "free food" supply stopped after I posted message #167.

Another source probably came from "gift food". My wife used to bring home candy, cake, cookie, said it was gift from customers. But in this July, the "moon cake" she brought home was different. (A Chinese cookie for "Moon Festival") I was indisposed after testing a piece of it. Obviously Feds increased poison dose. We shared one piece of moon cake. Nobody touched the rest since. There were four pieces of cake in one tin box. The rest three and another tin remained on dining table for five months untouched. A few days ago they disappeared after I talked about poison.

When I have meals alone at home these days, I felt indisposed. The symptoms are: 1. coughing which may start right away after meal and could last for several hours. 2. Indispose feeling in liver area. 3. Itch at joint area of arm and elbow. ( from lymph?) 4. Red urine. Urine colour is deep yellow like red. ( blood inside?) These may be from different poison because I observed them by separate testing of food.

189. Poison food in super market (12/16)

I have no drive license. (see "64. My Brother in law was targetted".) Food was brought home by my wife. So I went shopping myself by bike. But soon it didn't work too. I still felt the above symptoms. Did they poison food in super markets I went? ( I went to several markets.) I did a test. There is a super market I rarely go because the price is extremely expensive there. (e.g. the egg is 2.60 to 3.25 a dozen compare 0.99 a dozen in Chinese super market, vegetable price are twice or triple expensive) I bought some food there and made a meal. It worked. None of the above symptoms appeared. Which means they go crazy to poison food in super market I frequently go.

How did Feds do it? I found they particularly poisoned the food I used to consume. For example, Tofu and egg, vegetable and fish are the food I bought everytime. I noticed the brand I used to buy was in scarcity. Usually there are bunch of boxes of Tofu in cabinet, piled up high, now the brand I used to buy were only four left when I came. There were 20 column rail of egg, now most were empty when I went there. Or only two fish left which I used to buy. Left me little to choose. They force me buy from limited quantity which were poisoned food.

Another tactic is to lure me in with low price. I have no income so I always buy the cheapest. Once in Chinese super market they marked the cheapest fish even cheaper. It was 1.19 a pound, it marked: "Special today, 0.99 a pound if not fry." (They have a fry service, and I always asked that service) I at that time was aware of their tactic and didn't buy. But I was puzzled at "no fry" mark. Why? I thought it was probably the poison on fish would spread into oil and made my fish not much poisoned after fry. Also it would pollute the other fish asked for fry service.

I tried next time. I picked up two fish and called for service. There were three salesmen with no customers at that time. The one I called for was reluctant at first. He watched at the other two men. The two turned their sight away. One hurried to find some clean work to do and another just walked away. Same scene like what happened in sandwich store 10 years ago. (see "182. Sandwich") The nearest salesman had to attend me. When I told him to fry it, he handed the fish back and said, "it's too frozen to fry". This never had taken place before. All fish are in same cabinet and always covered by fry service. I knew why and just left.

All these happened in recent months. When they failed in other way, Feds aggressively increase the poison dose and distributed the poisoned food to me in a rogue's way. What if other people bought the poisoned food? They don't care. Though the dose was increased, it won't kill instantly. That's one advantage of "slow poison". I don't know if the salesmen knew these fish were poisoned or not. But at least they were told not to fry some kind of fish. (The kind I used to buy)

Because of their strange behaviour I think these salesmen knew me (someone showed my picture to them? Or alert them a few minutes before I arrived at super market?). I don't go to super market often except these two months.

I now have to abandon normal food I used to have and try some other variety randomly.

190. Informant everywhere (12/21)

In early 1990's I found Feds emptied the most community and moved in their own people: agents and their support group, informants, disguised as residents and tenants.

In about 1997(?), in a chat with Grandma Huang, (see "10. The death of old people"), she complained her tenants behaved like villain. They abusing her food stored in refrigerator. When she complained they scolded her. She said one of tenants was a thief, she stole from a nearby super market where she worked.

Grandpa Huang and Grandma Huang were healthy people before. After their children moved out, about in mid 1990's, they got sick. Grandma Huang's illness was kidney failure. I alleged it was the work of Feds. And I also was aware that Feds not only filled the community with their own people, those people also worked in nearby shopping centers.

In January 2001, news paper reported a case. A Photo Clerk tipped police that she saw a picture of an Asian man posing with an arsenal of guns and home made bombs. Police searched DeGuzman's room in north San Jose. DeGuzman was a De Anza Collige student who had sent film to develop. They found home-made bombs and gun in his room, and said he had a plan in his journal that he would bomb his classmates next day to the day when police arrested him.

"DeGuzman's lawyers argued he never planned to carry out the plot and said assembling the arsenal and fantasizing of mass murder were a therapeutic exercise to cope with severe depression." (S.J.M.N.)

DeGuzman was sentenced 7 years in prison.

There are many questions in this case.

1. Is it an illegal search to watch customer's picture?

2. How could such a picture became the cause of a case? To posing with a gun and bomb is popular in drama, or for a weapon-fan's personal preference. Will that kind of picture (holding a gun or bomb) become a cause of search warranty?

3. Why police didn't arrest DeGuzman the day they said he plotted to bomb. (next day to the arresting day) Arresting him when he moved the bomb in his car to the College would have perfectly proved the plot. (paper said police saw in Computer the journal of DeGuzman thus knew his plot in advance.)

4. Now it could be a wrong case because DeGuzman had to choose the easy one in plea bargain. (If he denied any plot but was found guilty by jury, he'll face a life sentence. See "66. Turn innocent into criminal (5/20/2002)")

5. DeGuzman was found guilty based on a plan. (no action) If that stands, then Government should be prosecuted as terrorist, too. The evidence is clear. They had a plan to attack their own people, bombing; sniper shooting.... That's the plan "Operation Northwoods ". (see "109. Beware another terror attack") Why a civilian was found guilty while government can be exempt from it?

I can explain this case. It was a work of Feds. Though the newspaper didn't identify the location, from "Long's drug store" and "shopping center in Berryessa Road" of different reports, I knew the case took place in a photo cabinet of "Longs drugs store" in a shopping center I went sometimes at that time. My bank was in that shopping center. Each time I went to bank, I always went to nearby food store do some shopping. Longs Drugs Store was a few steps away from the bank and a place I went often. And I had developed pictures there.

I think the staffs there were all warned to notice a "minority" if there was any suspicion . The staff who tipped police was a 19 years old daughter of a policeman. Who eagerly reported her discovery after she went through the picture in her counter. I don't think police have the same ability as Feds do to read people's computer screen. DeGuzman's journal was a private one. Do you think he would publicize it in internet? Especially as police said that's a bombing plot? The case from the beginning was an illegal one violated the law of illegal search and arrest of 4th amendment. Only poor people can never get a protection against Feds' abusing power. That's why they dragged the case for nearly two years for trial. (a plea bargain of "life sentence" or "in one year or so, if you behaved good, you will be free", which will you choose?)

It was a case caused by informants Feds arranged there. I was aware of it from the beginning. This case told me how important the 4th amendment was to innocent people, but it was eroded by Patriot Act. Now it's legal for Feds to carry on a secret search and arrest under Patriot Act.

So when I found they poisoned the food in super markets, I had no surprise. I am too familiar with them. That's what mafia does to a witness of their crime. Even the poison food will hurt many people's health. There were similar cases. I'll tell you if there is chance.



#95 2011-12-12 19:04:18

191. Framming a case in December (12/26)

My young sister (B's wife) had a trip with her children to China on 12/20. I think it was arranged by Feds. B is a target of Feds as I've talked about for many times.

Same day when she left, a handful of areas in San Francisco suffered a power outage which lasted until 12/22. I noticed the power station which caused blackout was two blocks away from B's warehouse. Blackout is a tactic used by Feds to paralyse the security alarm system, so they can break into target's house or company for an illegal search or a planting. In an attempt framing case in August, there was the similar Great Blackout in NewYork. (see message "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)")

Almost at same time, Federal announced terror warning, raised alert to orange code. As I said, they always planned a big event to divert public's attention from framming case. So if the framming case happens, I do believe there will be a terror attack taking place too. And they said it would be like the scale of 911 attack or even bigger.

On 12/23, the first case of "mad cow" of US was reported in Washington State. I don't believe these mysterious occurrence. If it's a disease, then there must be more suffering cows. There should be an origin, there should be a trail. If it was caused by feed, than the suffering cows should be much more. Now it looks like a meteorite, (less than the chance of meteorite) suddenly emerged there. Just like SARS, jumped up to their demand. (of course, I have no doubt after my post, they will create a story of mad cow trail)

I have been alert on this issue for a long time. Feds has used EM wave ray to kill for sometime. Which can damage human's brain but leaving no trace outwards. (see "81. "Mysterious blow"") So when they made an unusual propaganda on "Meningitise", "West Nile", "Mad cow" in media, I would be on alert. They talked about mad cow year ago. And I told my wife not to buy beef. I don't worry about beef's quality, I worry Feds would use it as cover up to murder. Like they using WMD to start a war.

Next day on 12/24, another sister of mine came to my house. What she brought to me was not X'mas gift but food. There was a pack of sausages she said tested good. I checked the label, it was made of pork and beef. So this is the food I won't touch.

Whatever the mad cow case is a natural occurrence or a created one, Feds seems will take it as an excuse to murder. I felt they use EM wave more often recently (see "Recently I felt such electric wave attack which caused faint and headache. Obviously they increase the sensitivity of EM wave.". (179. Crazy persecution (2) (11/16)"))

They are doing it in rogue's way. It's urgent because it's time for Bush's re-election. The openning of employment gate must be no later than median 2004. The prosperous economy will cause inflation which make interest rate rising. D.o.J. must clear their real estate property before the collapse of housing market. So we see The operation was now in high ranking level. (mad cow, orange code, terrorist attack.) The influence is international. They are using all their magic weapons.

192. Events sensitive (1/1/04)

Sometime ago, I forbid my daughter to bring her classmates to sleep over at my house. Several weeks ago, when she complained about that, I asked her how was her opinion about Michael Jackson's molesting case. She couldn't answer. Because nobody knows if Michael Jackson is innocent or not. This is something I am sensitive at. It can be easy be planted, frammed with. If a person becomes a target, he could have been planted even with his own DNA.

My father in law returned home last month from hospital. He was visited each week by nurse. Realize the emergent situation I am in, I tried to stay at my room except openning door for her.

In Brief News(S.J.M.N.), on 12/28 there was a report: " A San Jose man was stabbed in the back while bicycling to his job at a Denny's restaurant Saturday morning. The assailant, who is still at large, apparently wanted to steal the victim's bicycle, police said."

I am sensitive at that news because I ride bicycle to shopping. And the case took place in N. Capital Ave which is the main cross street to my house. I put these events in this message in case....

193. Bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia (1/1)

Back to the story. Because of persecution on me was intensified at that time, I left for HongKong in March, 1999. The visa granted me a three months stay in HongKong. My wife and parents urged me to go to Shanghai but I refused. I had been there in 1994 and 1995. The bitter experience then told me Chinese secret police was co-operated with US agents in persecution. I told them I'd go somewhere else but not China.

On 5/8, I heard from news broadcast that NATO bombed Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. Three missiles hit the building and caused three deaths. The official explanation was that army Misunderstood the target by using an old map. Of course most people don't believe it. There were big protest in China and HongKong. Media reported anti-US sentiment growing in China. I fell in that propaganda. And thought that in such a situation, China secret police might not work so eagerly for US agency. Maybe I would be safe to go to China at this time?

I visited Chinese travel agency in later May. And applied for a visa there on 6/1.

Then I was hesitated because there was an unusual warm welcome from my relatives. One lasting impression to me after the drug case is the drift apart of friends and relatives. (see "9. Estranged friends and customers") People were intimidated by agents. Though they won't refuse if I ask for help. To actively welcome a person of "trouble" is perversive. With continued call from my relatives in Shanghai, I had a feeling the invitation were from secret agent. I extend Hongkong visa for one more month and after a re-consideration, I decided to go to South-east Asia.

I was once curious at the event of Chinese Embassy bombing. Was it a designated one or an coincidence? I was almost fell in that psychology trap and went for a dangerous trip to China. But in 1999, it seemed NATO was far from FBI, DEA. "You may over sensitive." I told myself.

Later development proved my suspicion is reasonable. Similar event re-acted in 2001.

194. D.o.D. worked for D.o.J. (1/6)

In April 2001, an US EP-3 spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter above South China sea and was forced landing in HaiNan Island of China. In same month both directors of FBI and DEA announced resignation that they would leave in June.

A news in internet revealed that FBI and DEA took part in a secret deal in which they paid a large sum of money to China to release the spy plane and the crew. I realized in the name of solving spy plane crisis, D.o.J. bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case on me. The attempt repeated several times and finally proved by the break out of Fujian drug case. (see attempted drug case at message #61 to 65. See spy plane case at: 'Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?' http://hometown.aol.com/sunkat563/myhom … ofile.html
See Fujiang drug case at messages: 141,142,143,150, 155)

The two accidents (bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia and collision of spy plane) played cover up role for the plot of D.o.J.. They create a hostile appearance between US and China to make any plot more deceivable. People would hardly believe there was a conspiracy between two hostile countries. So they would believe framed drug case a true one.

In September 2003, when Democratic candidate Howard Dean gathered more support and would become a real threat to Bush, inside group threw out Wesley Clark to block him.

The CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll published a poll result that Clark led over Bush at the rate of 49% to Bush's 46%, just four days after Clark announced being 10th Demo's candidate. Consider media is in stronghold of inside group and they used to manipulate public's sentiment by poll, I think he is a tool used by intelligence to stop Dean. How could he be suddenly so popular when many people still didn't know whom Clark was? If he was supported by anti-war opinion, then why not Howard Dean being supported the higher rate as he holding anti-war opinion much longer and was much popular then?

Later information revealed Clark, with great possiblity, a man works for FBI. It's no surprise if we know the men like Walter Disney and former president Reagon had been informants of FBI.

1. Wesley Clark was the commander of 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. His troops and weapon equipment were used in Waco event. We all know that FBI was the commander of Waco raid. And US law forbid US military act in domestic law enforcement.

2. Wesley Clark was the commander of NATO when there was bombing in Yugoslavia.
Of course most people don't know the cause of bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia. But Clark's emergence enabled me to solve the puzzle of the bombing in May 1999 and connected dots to FBI and D.o.J..

There are articles defend Clark's link to Waco event, saying he is innocent to the event. That it was his deputy did that.

Question and answer:

Quote, "You show me some actual military documentation that proves me wrong, and I'll gladly own it, but while that entire operation was happening, General Clark was a highly visible man on post. He was making statements and running other operations on the base while his equipment and personnel were on loan to the Federal Authorities, end of story."

Answer: It's hard for outsiders to get any military document or we might be prosecuted of holding secret document of government like Captain Yee of Guantanamo had been. But circumstance evidence was strong. Clark was the commander. His troops and equipment were used in Waco event. According to you "his equipment and personnel were on loan to the Feds." So he didn't related to Waco slaughter? It's as absurd as Tony Blair saying that he didn't involve in Iraq war. "The British army in Iraq are only equipments and personnel loaned to US."

195. Bombing "Philippines FBI" (1/11)

I extended my stay in Hongkong one more month to July, 1999. I searched information about countries of South-east Asia in Library and picked up travel information from the consulate of these countries.

I knew nobody in these countries except Philippines where my wife has many relatives living there. In mid 90s, some of these relatives visited us. I thought it was a routine that Feds checking the relationship of their target. From their angle, I think, Philippines was the country I would go if I would not go to China.

In July 99, two events shocked me. One was the death of Jr. Kennedy. I think Feds were scare of his potential political power and worried the revelation of my story. (see "17. They killed President Kennedy")

The other one was that there was a bombing in headquarters of National Bureau of Investigation of Philippines. Hongkong newspaper said it was an organization equaling to FBI of US. Several people died in this bombing.(7 ?) I immediately realized it was a regime change. Now Feds controlled secret police of Philippines. They used a violent way to get rid of the people which blocked the way of their own candidate because it was urgent. They thought I would go there at that month.

As a matter of fact, Feds were wrong. I had never planned to go to Philippines. I was not familiar with my wife's relatives. And an important reason I wouldn't go there was because Philippines is an island country. The only way I knew at that time to access Philippines was by flight. Air accident is a popular way of assassination for Feds. I tried to avoid air travel if possible. On 7/18/99, I went to Malaysia.

Later when I came back to US in 2000, I learned the deaths of three old neighbours. I think they were murdered at that time. (see "10. The death of old people")

In about same time, there was a Lai Changxing smuggling case broke out in China. In which there was a regime change in high ranking government of Fujiang province, included secret police (Bereau of State Security) After that, the secret police of US and China developed a drug gang there. Then they lured my wife and her brothers (in Philippines) to buy apartments in Fujiang with bargain deal. (see "146. Regime change in Fujian" and 141,142,143,150, 155)

Four years after July 1999, I realize how seriously Feds treated my leaving. They first made D.o.D. bombed Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia to lure me to China. After the failure and felt their crime might be revealed, they activated their resources to have regimes change in high ranking secret police of Philippines and Fujiang, China. They murdered the people whom might be thier trouble if their crime revealed and intended to murder more by creating a drug gang in Fujiang.



#96 2011-12-27 17:57:54

196. Islamic terrorist manipulated by government (1/16)

Five months later, on 12/16/99, I was in city of Surabaya, Java, Indonisia. I stayed in a guesthouse. In the sitting room, there was a young man studying a map. We had a chat. He said he came from US and was going to Phillipines. He told me we could go to Borneo by boat.
Then to the east Sabah, from there there was a ship line connecting Malaysia and south part of Phillipines, Mindanao. "Ta, Ta, Ta." his finger jumped on the table, "you get to Phillipines by boat".

But even there was a ship line to Phillipines, I would not go. The bombing of headquarters of "Phillipines FBI" was still fresh in my mind. It was obvious another guidance from Feds. They invited me to Phillipines. They even recognized that I tried to avoid air travel and instructed me a road by sea. What trap was there in Mindanao ready for me?

Four months later, I got the answer. In April 2000, news reported 21 hostages (10 were western tourists) were held by Islamic militants in southeast Asian seas. That was the start of Abu Sayev rebels and other riots in south part of Phillipines. It happened on the travel line I would take if I had taken the advice to go Phillipine by sea.

Later in TV news, I saw the weapons these Islamic rebels using were not knives, old rifles as I thought before. Their weapons were advanced ones like Stallon used in his movie "Rambo".

My suspicion of Feds manipulating Islamic rebels to commit terrorism got proved by the news of military rebellion in Phillipines. On 7/27/03, a group of military mutineers seized a shopping center in Manila, demanded the government resign.

The soldiers claim that:
Quote, " Senior military officials, in collusion with the Arroyo regime, carried out last March's bombing of the airport in the southern city of Davao, as well as several other attacks. Thirty-eight people were killed in the bombings. The leader of the mutiny,
Lieutenant Antonio Trillanes, claims to have "hundreds" of witnesses who can testify to the plot.

The army has fueled terrorism in Mindanao by selling weapons and ammunition to the very rebel forces the young soldiers were sent to fight.

Members of the military and police helped prisoners convicted of terrorist crimes escape from jail. The "final validation", according to Trillanes, was Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi's July 14 escape from a heavily guarded Manila prison. Al-Ghozi is a notorious bomb-maker with Jemaah Islamiah, which was linked to both the Bali and Marriott attacks."

The government was on the verge of staging a new string of bombings to justify declaring martial law.


Among the mutineers, some were officials who took part in the battle in southern part of Phillipines against Islamic rebels and had been awarded medals for thier bravery in struggle. When they saw the weapons and ammunitions rebel used were supported by their own government, and that the terrorist bombing were organized by their own government, they rose up to protest.

197. Forced e-mail (1/21)

In a web forum "America's debate", they have a rule that those who referred a quote more than 5 lines will get a strike. Three strikes will cause poster being banned. Poster must e-mail moderator to request strike to be cancelled. Five days ago, I e-mailed a moderator request the removal of strike from me. (see below.)

"Dear ***** (moderator's name)
I request you to remove the two strikes from my account. It's more than 30 days. thank you.


Kat Sung."

Then I worried. I am afraid Feds will take the chance to plant a fake "threatening" e-mail on me. (see "183. Imminent threat (11/23)") Because recently, I found many cases of "forced e-mail". The following messages were found last month request a communication by e-mail.

1. You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.


2. Original NVT FORUM is Now Closed --Please Go To: NVT 2-Last Days

This is a private forum....Please email me for the group password.... editor@newsviewtoday.com

3. The administrator of this community has banned you from viewing and posting here. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the administrator of the community you were trying to access. DO NOT contact ezboard support. This is between you and the community administrator(s).
Thank you.


4. You are not currently a member of this private forum.
If you would like to access this forum, Revolution and don't know the Group Registration Code , send a message to the Forum's Host using the form below. The host should reply to you via e-mail.

http://forums.delphiforums.com/Resolute … ?msg=116.9

These happened within two weeks last month, obviously forced me to have a private e-mail with moderators. I have rich experience being banned and had to ask reason with another user's name. The politeness of invitation by e-mail is the treatment I've ever had. Consider Feds are eager to frame a case on me, I wrote this message in case they plant fake e-mail. My communication is under control of Feds. It's easy for them to change a private e-mail by theirs.

198. Another attempt to frame a case.

Bush's second term depends largely on economy recovery and the drop of unemployment rate. To achieve this it means the interest rate will go upwards. The rising interest rate will cause a slow housing market. Not much time left for Feds to sell their real estates, that's why they are in a hurry. In later December they had big case planned. ( see "191. Framming a case in December (12/26)") There seems to be another one is planned in later January.

1. China announced two computer virus will attack the internet within a week. They expected "Worm-Livra. A" would break out on 24/1, "M-Acid.A" would break out on 25/1. (World Journal, 1/18/04)

Each time there is a framed case on me, there used to be a virus attack came with it.

2. A report of meningitis death. "Athlete apparent meningitis victim", "Basketball player at UC dies suddenly". (S.J.M.N. 1/20/04) It could be a normal disease death. It also could be an intimidation. I've talked about in "message 191" that Feds used to kill by "brain death" in the name of "meningitis"," West Nile" and even "mad cow". The psychological intimidation can anytime become a cover up of real murder if the framed case is really carried on. The athlete's death imply the victim could be a healthy adult. And in this case, the victim is a black girl. Black people used to be scapegoat in Feds' case.

199. Intelligence control terrorism, from gang to terrorist (1/26)

Of course, the conduct of investigation In the case of mutiny of July 2003 in Manila,
was led by the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (Philipine FBI) and the police Criminal Investigation Detection Group. (S.J.M.N. 7/29/03) And furthermore, "Officials point out, government supports the demand of police to seek the help of FBI of US, to track the source of some advanced weapons." (World Journal, 8/5/2003) When murderer became investigator, you can expect there will be no true result.

Interest group took what they want from terrorism. US army entered Philippines in the name of train Philippine army to fight against terrorist. Philippine army and government asked for more aids from US. Philippine government accused rival party politicians were behind military mutiny to gain political advantages. Nobody knew the real hand behind Islamic rebel in south Philippines is Feds of US.

I have rich experience that FBI manipulated criminal gang to commit murder, drug trafficing. (In domestic, we call it gang. Internationally, now they have a new word for it: terrorist.) About FBI directed gang murder I had a description in message "102. Gang manipulation (12/6). 103. Aggressive response". About cultivating a drug gang to loot money and frame innocent, see "Fujiang drug case" in messages 141,142,143,150, 155) Philippine Islamic rebel is another story of how Feds to get another secret police force under their control by terrorist method: bombing. And then through it to manipulate Islamic militia on the purpose to eliminate a witness of their crime.

From OKC bombing, to anthrax attack, DC sniper shooting, even 911 attack, more and more information showed there was shadow of Feds inside it.

200. Gang violence

I had talked about framing a case in December. (see message 191) After my revelation, the mad cow disease and orange code disappeared as sudden as their appearance. Of course I have other clue to strengthen my allegation. I'll talk about it later. But the murder attempt won't stop.

As I said, it's the time they have to sell their real estates. They have created a situation of more jobs, high tech. recovery in silicon valley, the area I live. So the framming case will become more violently and continuously.

After they dropped off the orange code, for two days, there's news report that "After recent slayings,
authorities fear upswing in incidents, violence. Are gangs on rise in S.J.?"(1/11/04, S.J.M.N.) "GANGS BECOMING 'MONSTER OF CRIME,' POLICE OFFICIALS SAY RISING VIOLENCE CALLS FOR FEDERAL, STATE AID

Bratton, who with the Federal Bureau of Investigation organized the meeting of dozens of high-ranking federal and local police officials, said gang violence is on the increase across the country and that more federal and state funds must be spent on anti-gang task forces."
(1/13/04, S.J.M.N.)

The two days first page reports alarmed me. I know the relationship between gangs and FBI. Would they use gang violence against me? One day later, in evening of 1/14, there was a knock at my door.

I don't answer door if I am home alone, especially these days. So did I this time too. At last, I saw a young man left my house to the B house. He is not a resident there but he recently parked his car at the space before the B's garage. I have three neighbors. They rarely show up. I even don't know their name. I only know the owner of B house is an ethnic Vietnamese. The only contact between us was in last May when their friend deliberately put a tire at my front door. A provokation for an incident. (see "131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17)). I don't know if that young man is a member of gang or not, but he knew I was the only one at home. My father in law has been home for more than a month. He is weak after the medical treatment of his cancer and lay on bed for most time. On Jan 14, for the first time in a month, he left home for several hours for an appointment to doctor. The man visited me at this time. Obviously he knew I was alone. An information only agent whom monitored my house knew.
Worm survived because they belong to bio-test. And like what I suggested, with great possiblity they are dangerous and thus being kept in solid canister and well protected from damage. That's why they are survived. And the point of article was the surprise of its survival.

Fuel may survived the entry if it was put in a hard canister like they used to contain worm. But do you think the fuel was kept in that way? Human body is not pure liquid. After a fire, people still find burned body in the remain but I never heard you still find fuel exist after a fire.

Does D.O.D. use space shuttle develop bio weapon? That's a top secret. Even there is one, they will deny it. You want proof? It's something impossible for outsiders. But we can reason it from common sense. And I do believe my opinion.



#97 2012-01-09 19:21:00

201. Excitant (2/1)

In early 90's, there was a short period my sisters and my mother came to San Jose to have dinner with my family. It was unusual because in Chinese tradition young generation should visit old people. I used to go San Francisco to visit my mother, not they visiting me.

One day after dinner in restaurant, I went to pick up my car. No body was in parking lot. In a quiet situation, I found I was in an excite mood which I had never felt before. Recalling my relatives repeatly asked me about the information of my friends, even tracing whereabouts of classmate of my primary school when we chatted in dinner, I suddenly realized I was poisoned by excitant which made me talkative. Obviously Feds manipulated my relatives to ask question they interested to squeeze more information from me with the help of excitant.

I had no secret to talk about but I did talk a lot of story of how Feds detect people which I think they don't want others to know. So such kind of re-union was soon stopped.

202. Malvo's confession

In DC sniper shooting case. When Lee Boyd Malvo was arrested, he kept his mouth shut up. But in an interrogation a week later, "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.)

In another report from "Virginian-Pilot":


By TONY GERMANOTTA, The Virginian-Pilot
L July 25, 2003

Quote, "Malvo had refused to talk to investigators, invoking his fifth amendment rights, his attorneys argued.

On his first day at Supermax, Malvo would only gesture and point, Stracke said. The next day, when Stracke came by to check on him, Malvo pounded on the plexiglass window of his cell and pointed to a fish dinner that Davis had on his desk.

Malvo, a vegetarian, was not eating the regular prison meals. They had been giving him salads, Stracke said.

After being given fish to eat, , Malvo opened up."

"The guards testified that Malvo said he was particularly proud of shooting Franklin because he had to hit her as she stood between a pair of posts. He told the men that he ``took her head off.'' "

You can see Malvo opened his lip after he was lured to a dish specially prepared for him. (Though article said it was a dish of guard.) And Malvo's talk didn't make sense even guard thought Malvo was exaggerating.

Malvo's behave showed he was medicated (or in another word, poisoned) by something to talk. Under the influence he was forced to talk as much as he could, even exaggerating. It was possible an excitant or something unknown for outsiders which force the victim losing control of mind, behaved unusual and doing something exaggerating with imagination. It's a tactic intelligence used to do to squeeze information from their target.

203. Iowa surprise

Howard Dean is a target of insider group because he is the one who fiercely anti-war. Dean lost Iowa primary. His rate from the leading one dropped to the third place, (16% vs Kerry's 38%) It was unusual, consider 75% Iowa voters are against war. It can be viewed as poll result was manipulated by intelligence.

And to suppress Dean more, they seemed using same tactic to vilify Dean. Dean likely was poisoned by some excitant or something influential on his sentiment in the meeting before Iowa Primary. Dean behaved extreme excite that night. Media (which are under stronghold of inside group) took the chance to propaganda Dean was "lunatic", "crazy"....

Intelligence covert work was largely used in campaign if you still remember Water Gate scandal. Especially by inside group who controls Feds. Here is another recent report:

Republican caught spying on Demo
Thursday 22 January 2004
Senate Panel's GOP Staff Pried on Democrats

WASHINGTON -- Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.


Iowa surprise is not a surprise for me. It was only another example of how Feds abused the power to rig an election.

204. Collusion of secret police forces (2/6)

1. In above messages (#193 to 199) I talked about how "Philippine FBI" allegedly manipulated Islamic rebel to favour Feds demand.

2. For more than two years I posted messages talked about how I feared to be murdered in frame case planned by Feds and Chinese secret police. Some people said I was paranoid. The outbreak of Fujiang drug case in May 2003 proves my allegation was very correct. FBI and DEA worked with Chinese secret agency to cultivate a drug gang in Fujiang which exported drugs to US. As an interest exchange, Feds bribed China in a secret deal in the name of releasing crews of EP-3 Spy plane. China were granted the entrance of WTO and to host 2008 Olympic which would benefit China billions in economy.

3. In June and July 2002, I posted message "#68. Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15/02)"," Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow", "#77. The payment of deal". The fact that Ashcroft announced Pardilla's arrest in Moscow on 6/10, and Bush signed a directive to announce Padilla as an "enemy combatant" gave me a feeling that something unusual would happen. It was similar to the secret deal of spy plane. As an interest exchange, Russia was benefited politically and economically in later meeting of G-8 in Canada in 6/28. Russia was granted host of 2006 G-8 and promised 20 billions aid in weapon elimination program.

At that time nobody outside knew Bush determined to invade Iraq. So I could only warn there might be an dirty bomb attack manipulated by our own government. And I had written in message the possible motive: "Either for election, or for the support of war on Iraq, or against criticism of failure intelligence.....it's their choice."

18 months after June 2002, I can say it was an attempt to justify war on Iraq. With 911 attack as justification, Bush started Afghan war. It would have been easy for him to start Iraq war if there had been a dirty bomb attack.

Padilla was released weeks ago. Because Iraq war is over. He was not needed any more. Remember they even activated two top officials of US government (Bush and Ashcroft) to propagand on Padilla's arrest at first. Is it childish to have such an end? Because the designated main show had no chance to act. I think my revelation had stopped a dirty bomb attack to American people.

4. Missile attack in Monbasa, Kenya.
On 11/28/02, Report said suspected Al Quada operatives fired two missiles at an Israeli charter flight which was taking off from Monbasa. However, the missiles missed the target.

I think this attack was a manipulated one by Israeli's secret police based on following reason:
(1) In both Afghan war and Iraq war, no US war planes was reported shot down by ground to air missle. The two Mid-east regime at that time had much more resource to get shoulder carry missles than small branch of Al Quada team in Kenya. Lack of such missile fight meant the shoulder carry missile is a very restricted weapon in market. Even Bin Laden and Saddam had none (or very few) of them.

(2) Even if Saddam and Bin Laden had such missile, most likly they would use it to defend themselves in the war. No reason Al Quada move such kind of weapon to a remote area of Kenya.

(3) The target was a civilian flight. It was slow when taking off from airport. It was much easier to be hit than a fighter. Yet two missils missed it. I've heard Iraqi had shot down an Aparche copter in war by rifle. These two missils missed a much bigger target. Are they toys or what?

(4) Israel was eager for the Iraq war.

(5) Bush got the Iraq war power from War Authorization Bill in October 2002. It was the time to find an excuse to start the war.

I felt Monbasa missiles attack was a psychology preparations for a manipulated missile attack. So when I saw the news of another flight attack warning, I immediately posted it to alert people. see message "109. Beware another terror attack" (1/16)
News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

I think Feds had tried at least twice to justify Iraq war by manipulating terror attacks. One was dirty bomb attack and one was shoulder carry missle attack. The plan failed to be carried out for some reason. I believe my revelation in advance played an important role. Some people argued they saw no reason Feds want to murder me. Despite other story, these two can be a reason big enough.

205. How terror attack happens (2/11)

I alleged Russia secret police was in collusion with Feds to supply terrorist with restrict weapon to create terror attack. I had such opinion based on my realization that Chinese secret police is doing so with Feds. And my personal experience told me Feds manipulated gangs and terrorist group to commit crimes which benefit them. So I made previous warnings.

On 8/13/2003, a news proved my allegation was correct.

Quote, "3 arrested in alleged plot to smuggle shoulder-fired missiles into U.S.
New York Daily News

NEW YORK - (KRT) - An international sting nailed an arms dealer who believed he was smuggling a missile into New York so terrorists could take out a jetliner on the Sept. 11 anniversary, sources said Tuesday......

The intrigue started when Russian intelligence told U.S. authorities about the arms dealer. U.S. agents posing as Islamic terrorists approached him, saying they were looking for a missile to shoot down a jetliner Sept. 11, one source said.
The dealer allegedly took the bait and reached out to contacts in Russia, where a Russian agent posed as a disgruntled military official and sold the dealer the Igla, the source said.
American and Russian agents built a fake Igla and slipped it to the dealer, then monitored its trip to Newark." (N.Y.D.N)

"A senior US official said Lakhani is not considered a major arms dealer; and that law enforcement officials had hoped he would lead them to terrorists shopping for weapons, but had to abandon that effort when news of his arrest was leaked." (8/24/03 S.J.M.N)

This is a typical story of a framed case. In which the buyer was a FBI undercover and supplier was the secret police of Russia. If they only had tipped that British weapon agent to a potential terrorist, (you can imagine FBI have a bunch of black list of those Islamic fanatics whom are eager to revenge) supplied him a real Igla, and allowed the terrorist to shot down an airplane. Then there will be a third Mid-east war or a new "Patriot Act 3".

We were able to know this case because Mr. Lakhani was not a terrorist. His motive was money. Was Feds so incompetent only could break un-terrorist related case? ( As a matter of fact, this was not a break of a case. It was a case framed by Feds) I think they have many of similar case in their hands. That's their assets. Monbasa missiles attack could be viewed as one in which "suspected Al Quada" used two disabled missiles from their supplier. They keep such assets until they need it. At the time of president election, or when government being accused of failed in terrorist intelligence, or when they need a big event to divert public's attention such like one in #191. Framming a case in December (12/26).



#98 2012-01-22 17:07:35

206. Another interest exchange. (2/16/04)

In early December, 2003, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited US. On 12/9/03, President Bush delivered a firm warning to Taiwan over its aspirations for independence in a meeting with Chinese P.M. Wen Jiabao. Bush didn't object when Wen said Bush "opposite to Taiwan independence." Its a big retreat from his original frienly policy with Taiwan and a conflict to his opinion. Bush now said Iraq war is for "freedom". But he oppresses the Taiwan people's demand of freedom.

Conservative felt betrayed. China experts were surprised. They say "Clinton would never have gone this far."A newspaper said Bush "KouTou"(kneel and bow) to China. They find an explanation that Bush needs China's help in issue of N. Korea. But that is not the right answer. Because on 12/24, a news reported that The State Department on Wednesday announced 60,000 metric tons of American food will be sent to North Korea to help avert hungry there. It was the deal for N.Korea to return to the conference table about its nuclear program. Then why did Bush retreat so much to China on issue of Taiwan? I doubted it was another interest exchange. But I was not sure at that time.

Ten days later, when B and his family were arranged for a trip to China, and a blackout took place in the area of his company right after their leaving. And the announcement of orange code and mad cow occurence enabled me to realize they have framed a new big drug case. It was the result of another secret deal between D.o.J. and Chinese secret police. (see #191. Framming a case in December (12/26)

About 20 days later, in mid January, news report confirmed my doubt. I learned then that after his visit in US, Wen Jiabao visited Mexico and signed a U.N. Anti-corruption treaty which came in effective on 1/1/2004. On 1/12/04, President Bush announced that from then on US would forbid any one whom committed the crime of embezzlement and corruption entering US, include their family.

Chinese newspaper cheered on this announcement. China is troubled with its corruptive officials. There were thousands of corruptive officials escaped from China with a large sum of money. An article said in 2000, there were $48 billion corruptive money was brought out of China. For them, US was the safest place. Article analysed that the corruptive officials brought useful information to US intelligence. The money they brought with them helped local economy of US. So US accepts these people with a blind eye.

The event happened in ealy December 2003 benefitted China politically and financially. It resembles the secret deal of EP-3 spy plane in April 2001, the secret deal with Russia in June, 2002 in Padilla case(dirty bomb). Feds forced US to bribe secret police of other countries to cover up its own corruption.

207. Another frame attempt

Yesterday, 2/15, my wife brought home several bags. There were cushions, clothes, wheel skating shoes, and a big lamp. She said it was from G-man's. (see G-man's story at:"111. How they plant")

Free gift is not free if it was from Feds. You always must pay a price for it, sometimes big. Such like the free food caused cancer. The first free gift from G-man, I remember, was several years ago. (1995?) When he introduced my wife to buy a set of furniture with a bargain deal: 200 dollars for a 6 pieces furniture which was almost new. Later, my wife brought home a bunch of fluorescent lamp, said it was free gift for that deal. I was sensitive on fluorescent lamp. But I have never told other people the fluorescent lamp killing until two years ago I posted in internet. So Feds didn't know I was aware of this kind of murder then. Of course, I refused to install these fluorescent lamps. My wife even had a dispute with me at that time. Finally, the lamp disappeared. Feds used them somewhere else. (see "22. Fluorescent lamp killing (1) ")

What's their purpose this time with these free gifts? I worry they might have planted something in it. Or these things might have been drug contaminated? I allege so because I feel Feds may have another framed case this week. The case is still the old copy, a drug case ploted with Chinese secret police. I observe it from weather forecast. Feds control the development of case by control climate. I'll give story in next message.

(It took me 27 minutes to first post above message (I used to post new message first at site "kathaksung" in Delphforums). I was harassed by slow processing and frozen screen. I think they are accerlerating the frame case. And may discuss if they would allow the revealing message to appear in internet. As I said, they can't wait long to boost economy for Bush's election. They need to sell their real estate before interest going up. Any rogue's way is expected they will use to block my post if there is a frame case on time. To save time, I didn't use spell check this time, and may be not in later message as well.)

208. FuZhou case (2/21/04)

The outbreak of drug case in Fujiang, China in May, 2003 proved my previous allegation that China and US cultivated a drug gang with which they tried to frame a case on me. It explained why they lured my wife to buy an apartment in XianMen city. In August, when I learned that Fujiang is also the place where B imported umbrella from, all dots connected together. (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)") B imported umbrella from Fujiang, China. So Feds and China secret police developed a drug gang there. (started from 2000) I think they planted drugs in umbrella container to frame B. But drug gang was arrested in May 2003, how can it still work?

On 1/12/04, same day when Bush announced the order of banning corruptive officials to enter US, I saw an article "Rectify Public Security" in World Journal. It said the "5/22 big drug case" was not finished yet. This drug case pulled out another big case in FuZhou (Capital of FuJiang Province, China) Caused a snow collapse of government officials of FuZhou city. High ranking officials in province and city were arrested. (include State Security officials(secret police), State revenue officials, judge, prosecutor, police officials.) The article said the police chief and his deputy escaped to US.

I think it was an arrangement of Feds and Chinese secret police. The reason is simple. The article in May revealed the Fujiang drug gang were under surveillance (as a matter of fact, under guidance) right from the begining. They let it grew bigger and bigger so at last secret police could reap a fat profit. They collect money by the hands of drug gang. They let it corrupt government officials so at last they could take over the occupancy of government power by filling their own candidates. They let the corrupt policemen to escape to US so these criminals became their assets. With which as chips they make deal in government negotiation.

The FuZhou case broke out in July, 2003, two months after Fujiang drug case. Though people only were able to know it a little on 1/12/04 when World Journal talked about it, it resolves one puzzle in my mind. There was an attempt of framed case in August, 03. (see "152. Recent censorship in internet(8/11)", "153. Computer Warm attack(8/16) and "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)") I was once thought it was a continuation of Fujiang drug case. Fujiang drug case broke out on 5/22. It was two months and a half between 5/22 and 8/11 when they tried to apply a frame case on me and B. If they planted drugs in umbrella cargo and shipped it to New York, it would took 15 shipping days of sailing, even plus one month dockyard strike, the utmost time is one month and a half. It means that at least one month after 5/22, someone still shipped drugs in cargo if my assumption is correct. The 1/12 report proves it. There was a FuZhou case in July 2003.

Now it is clearly that Feds prepared a drug case in May, 2003. The center of plot was my wife's trip on 4/18. The plot soured when my wife cancelled the trip. Because they made it too big a case, they couldn't delay it any more so they finished the Fujiang drug case.

Then they immediately set up another one - FuZhou case. (it was still a vague one without a full report) It broke out in July. With it they framed a case in August. It was not clear why the case was soured. I felt a heavy harassment in internet with the outbreak of computer worm "Blaster". Later, B's story enabled me to realize it was another attempt of a framed case.

Probably they used up the resource they negotiated in secret deal of spy plane of April 2001. Feds reached another secret deal with Chinese secret police. Which reflected in Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao's visit. In which President Bush seriously rebuked Taiwan and later benefit China by forbiding the entry of corrupt officials.

The December frame case is classical. All resembling to the former attempt frame case I talked about. A secret deal to bribe a foreign country. It is still a drug case. And still from Fujiang in umbrella shipment. Like my wife was arranged a trip in last April, they arranged a trip for B and his family. A power blackout same as what happened in August in Great Blackout in New York. Like SARS last year they this time used Mad Cow disease. And they even planned a terror attack to divert public's attention by raising alert code to orange. Remember how they delayed McVeigh's excution date for the first frame case in June, 2001.

I delay the story of how I observed they control frame case by controlling climate to next message. It won't be difficult for you to realize the relationship of rain day to umbrella selling.

209. Arrange a trap (2/26)

Since Feds aggressively poisoned the food these days, I went to shopping food randomly. Last Sunday (2/22), a customer called my wife, ordered a same day flight. My wife had a special service for him to open the ticket. (The travel company closed on week-ends.) I took her ride to the shopping center where her company was. She gave me her cellular phone, said she would call me when her job was done.

It looked like a temporary decision. Nothing was planned before. This was the first time I bought food in this shopping center. So I thought this time Feds might not have prepared something special for me. I bought a lot of food I liked but dared not to buy recently.

When I checked out in a super market, I paid a hundred dollar note. After giving me the change, the cashier stopped work. He looked at that note, turned it back and forth, then watching somewhere behind me. He was waiting for instruction. Of course, he could find anything from the hundred dollars note. If it was a marked one from Feds, you can't tell it by eye but instrument. (see "3. ISOTOPE MONEY") I then knew I was so closely watched by Feds. I noticed same scene last time I used a hundred dollars note. I don't know what kind of trick Feds played on notes. But the cashiers were told to take particular alert on me and big notes, that's obvious. The money was from my sister. I have no job. My mother and my sister sometimes gave me several hundred dollars to help me.

Some of the food, of course, was poisoned. I felt the poison symptoms I talked about in "188. Increase the poison dose" after finished some. They even poisoned a brand name potato chips and lured me to buy it by "buy one, get one free".

Feds knew I had to take a ride to buy food on Sunday and arranged a "random shopping route" by a customer's sudden, special demand.

210. Create rain day

In later December, 2003, one day I went to garage to pick up something. I stepped into water there. The flooding was caused by continuous rain those days. It was a time I strongly felt a new framed case. Standing in water, an opinion suddenly flashed over. Was the rain day particularly created to accelerate umbrella sale? I alleged Feds planted drug in umbrella shipment, and I did know Feds to plan case by control climate. I didn't talk about it in message "191. Framming a case in December (12/26)" because it was hard to tell a natural rain from an artificial one.

The rain days continued then. I noticed it was off after Feds announced the drop off of Orange Code alert.

After about two weeks of fine days, On 1/20, in a five days weather forecaster, (S.J.M.N.) I saw two logo of rain cloud for 1/23 and 1/24. It coincided with the pre-warning of a virus attack on 1/24 and 1/25. So I posted message of "198. Another attempt to frame a case."

Drug dealers sell drug according to drug markets, not to rain days. But if it's a frame case, and Feds planted the drug in umbrella shipment, and they want to control the shipment to frame a case, to create a rain day will make the frame case developing to their will. 1/23 and 1/24 were Friday and Saturday. After two days rain, there would be a strong demand for umbrellas on week-ends. B is a hard working man. He works 7 days a week. (B is work fanatic and is never interested in travel. That's why I say his December trip was an arranged one by Feds.) On week-ends when the company is closed, he himself takes order and delivers merchandise. So if Feds want to frame B in a case to ship umbrella (where they planted drug) the best way is to create rain day.

That's why I said in #207 "I observe it from weather forecast. Feds control the development of case by control climate. " There probably will be a time delay for next message. They just create a windy climate which damaged my roof. I'll have to roofing next few days. Feds are in a hurry.



#99 2012-02-05 16:25:49

211. Create windy day (3/4)

1. In mid 1995, I came back from China. I found there was a new tenant family in my neighborhood. At that time I was quite familiar with the tactic of Feds. So when the new neighbour complained that their roof was leaking, I thought Feds intended to inspect or install something on my roof. Anyhow, I didn't have leaking problem, so I refused the suggestion to change the roof.

In November 95, there was a windy day. The wind became strong at night. It was not roaring, it was scream. I had never experienced such a strong wind. Hearing the sound of wind, I thought, now they would complain a big leaking.

It was more than that. Next morning, I was astonished by the scene in the yard. There were tiles everywhere. This time I had to agree to change the roof tile. It looked like there was a big damage there. And rain season was coming.

Fearing Feds might install something on my roof, I watched the contractor doing their job. I found it was an easy work.

I know human can produce artificial rain for decades. But this event in 1995 enabled me for the first time to know Feds also had the technic to create a windy climate. My house (shared roof with a neighbor) was in the center of the townhouse community. There are at least 15 similar buildings with same height (2 storey) around my house, in front, back, left, right. After the event, I went around and found our building was the only one roof was damaged. They created a windy day which was the strongest I've ever met to meet their demand.

2. In July 2003, there was a second roof change demand. The tactic was the same. Neighbor tenant said it was leaking. Within a day the roofer came. The purpose was to frame a case. Because the roofer made an aggressive sale, even offered to replace the roof board, which meant they would go into the attic. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho (7/10)")

This time it was in a hurry. I thought it was a swift reaction to my SARS and Fujiang drug case revelation . They were scare of it. My revelation might lead to the resignation of the director of D.E.A. (see "150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)") They didn't create a storm in July because it was not the rain season. But they couldn't wait any longer just came to change roof in two days but failed to persuade me to do so.

3. I felt there were two attempts of new frame case on December 2003 and January 2004. Both came with rain. So in February when the newspaper said there would be a storm coming, I wrote "207. Another frame attempt". I didn't expect they would create another event of "roof change".

At the night of 2/25, there was a strong wind. The roar of wind reminded me of the night eight years ago. Such kind of roar of wind was particular and rarely heard. The sound was similar though this time it was weaker. Next morning I saw tiles everywhere in the yard and lane. I did same thing I've done last time. I went around the block where my house located. Watched roofs of other buildings in community. None was affected by the wind. The tiles were not that easy to be blown off. It seemed that wind only picked up a house(mine) in the center of the complex, and peeled off a tract of tiles, left a large, eye-catching shadow on the roof.

I did the repair myself with the help of my relatives.

I think the damage was done by men not wind. Despite other allegations, the two events all took place at midnight. However strong the wind was, it never blew off a single tile during the daytime. It damaged bigger at night. This may also be one of the advantages to empty the community. It ensured perpetrators that nobody would witness their crime when they tore down the tile.

212. Link to car (3/9)

Two months ago, when newspaper reported a case that a bike-man was stabbed to death on the main street crossed to mine. ("192. Events sensitive (1/1/04)") I abandoned bike and took ride of my wife's car to shopping food on week-ends.

But my wife was reluctant to do so. She often reject my suggestion and sent me to the super market she chose even though it was me doing the shopping . And after a shopping trap of 2/22, ( "209. Arrange a trap (2/26)") I decided not to beg her any more. I return to bike on Tuesday 3/2.

Then on 3/4, I saw another news of bike related deaths. "Two bicyclists killed in accident still unidentified". "The men, believed to be transients, appeared to be riding toward a homeless encampment near the Guadalupe River." They were hit by a car at 5:40pm Tuesday." (one hour after I biked to the market) The driver, a young woman, said she was blinded by sun. "police investigation could last up to two months before the D.A.'s office review the case. No criminal charges had been filed against her." It looks like she will get little punishment even not for that two lives because the victims were transients. They are worthless. Nobody would stand out for their rights. In Feds' case, the scapegoat is always such weak people: black people, homeless.

Though Feds used to create a situation to make their murder looked like natural. Such like the sniper shooting case took place in a night club near Standford which I alleged to cover up an attempt murder by random racial killing. ("63. A well planed frame case") This time it was more likely an intimidation to drive me back to the car.

The reason was the article on same day: "Judge Danser to appear before state ethics panel" Danser's lawyer asked the California Supreme Court to suspend an ethics inquiry into his client's behavior. On 3/3, without comment, the high court rejected the request. (S.J.M.N. 3/4)

Since I viewed Danser's case as one of a series of local regime changes to frame a case, I view both news of 3/4 as psychological intimidation. ( see #169, 170, 171)

Why did they intimidate me back to the car? On 3/1, I found an unknown car parked at my garage. Then my wife told me it was a car of her boss.
The boss is a lady from Taiwan. She has two travel company. One is in Bay Area and the other is in Los Angles. A staff in Los Angles company is taking a fun trip for about two weeks. The boss had to fly to L.A. to work for the open of that staff. She left her car at my house. It's a same drama like the one acted last year. Arrange a trip, parked the car at my house to create a link. (see #117, 121) I am the target but I have no drive license. How can they link the car to me?

On 3/5 Friday night, my wife asked me to tell her how to operate the light of her boss' car. She was going to drive it. Where was ours? My wife said she found the oil alarm lighted so sent the car to repair that day. Now she had to use the car of her boss.

I don't know how Feds planned the frame case this time with the car. Drug planted in the car? Or the fun trip was a framed case? The staff leaving for a "silk road trip" at a bargain price of 600 dollars. So if a drug case is framed, Chinese secret police is still involved in. And they still make it a big one. My wife's boss is rich.

Anyhow, a car trap is evident. So on 3/6, I went to shopping on bike. If they use violence, a sniper is same danger either you are in a car or a bike. When I finish the shopping, I came across with my wife. She came shopping too. I gave her the food because she had a car. I still rode bike home.

In afternoon, my wife came back with another car. She said the boss came back. But the owner of repair shop lend her another car. There was still a Sunday.

The trap came one by another. On 2/22, there was a shopping trap where many poisoned food waited for me. On 2/25, roof was damaged, I was forced to do a repair. On 3/1, a car was parked at my garage to create a link. When I turned on to bike on 3/2, on 3/4, news released a bike safety intimidation. On 3/5, our car had problem and was sent to repair. I would have to ride the parked car if I still shopping in old way. But despite the intimidation, I used the bike in the morning on 3/6. Seeing I didn't trust the car, they changed another one for my wife in the afternoon. Of course, that won't work. For a man who knows the result of gun, what's difference to show a rifle instead of a pistol?

213. Heated housing market and heated persecution (3/14/04)

I posted message on 3/9 to reveal a series trap. Next day, my wife was invited to a dinner party held by an air liner company. In a prize drawing, she got a free air ticket to Asio effective within a year. My wife has attended such kind of party almost every year. She never had the luck to draw a prize. This is the only one.

I think it's a show off by Feds. That they can arrange case anytime. (A trip is often an important part in a framed case. And the bait I knew they used were: relative's invitation; lucrative business chance; bargain deal; this time is a free ticket.) But the ticket doesn't mean an immediate trip. So I expect there will be other traps coming.

I learned it from Mercury News on same day (3/4) when they issue the intimidation news. The first title on first page was: "Area home sales blooming". It said, "One prospective buyer had 10 competitors for a condo in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood priced at $489,000. He offered $530,000 but didn't get the home.....". It's a signal that Feds is heating the house market to sell their real estates property. The competitors, I think, mostly are support group of Feds used to push up a market. Because only in a rising market, Feds can sell their houses quickly at a good price.

Nobody has such ability to manipulate a house market like Feds. From Federal Reserve to fix a low interest rate to the people who pretended to be house buyers. Only Feds has such resource.

One way they used to push the house market is to raise the fuel price, I allege. Because the high cost of housing, many people have to find the house in nearby area. They drive about 50 to 70 miles or so each day to work in silicon valley. The high gas price will force this group of people back to Valley market.

Despite the downturn of Silicon Valley economy after outbreak of dot com bubble in 2000, the housing market is steadily going an up way. What is the relationship of this blooming market reported on 3/4 to the other recent economy reports? Re: "Valley job scene still the pits", "Jobs lost since the height of the boom in December 2000: 232,500, or 21.7% of the total." (2/28/04, S.J.M.N.)
"Car, truck sales fall 12.2% in valley", "The decline in new-vehicle purchases reflected a 'challenging year' for the South Bay economy. Statewide, sales fell 5 percent." (3/3/04, S.J.M.N.).

As I said in message "180. Beware of housing bubble" and "184. Jobless recovery (12/1)", an economy recovery is needed for Bush's second term. They planned this a year ago. Tax cut, weak dollar, all targets to increase demand, expand production and employment. But the result will boost the interest rate which will hurt D.o.J.(FBI and DEA) whom had invested a lot in real estate properties started with my case. Feds check up that recovery so far. But the pressure is heavy. I feel the heat of persecution when I read the news of a bloom area house market. Week ends used to be the time I went out shopping. Yesterday(Saturday, 3/13) afternoon, I was blocked again by slow procession which at last forced me giving up the surfing. I think it was an effort to force me out to shopping. What was there outside waited for me? I don't know. Probably violence in rogue's way because they are in a hurry.

I'll try my best to keep up a message each five days in my home page. I may slow down to post in other individual forum site due to heavy harassment.

214. Madrid bombing (3/19/04)

From another angle to see the terror attack - Madrid bombing.

Have you ever considered US or Israel intelligence might be behind it? I allege so based on following reason.

1. The known attack from Al Quada all directed against US. The bombing US embassy in Afirica; the bombing of US Cole; 911 attack aimed at US government, military and Jewish financial interest.(WTC is viewed as a financial center where there was a lot of Jewish financial institution). But at this time it is totally aimed at a foreign country and its civilians.

2. Al Quada is said heavily hit by Bush's anti-terror war. Bin Laden is said to be in trap of US military. How can it activate such a big attack?

3. The time is sensible. It took place just days before the Spainish election. Who thinks highly of election? Not the Islamic extremist who have little democratic opinion and not familiar with election. But the inside group of US know the importance of election. They know election is the only way in democratic system to get the power. And they are professional to manipulate an election. Such like this election year, they let out the information that Bin Laden will be arrested. To support Bush and his war policy, to maintain an international ally is important for him.

In US, such an terror attack would generally boost the public's enthusiasm to support the government. It's no surprise if they use it in Spain. Only this time it doesn't work. Because Iraq war is real unpopular.

4. Even Al Quada really care Iraq and Saddam that much, (the fact is Saddam and Bin Laden had different opinion and there is no evidence they had cooperated in terror attack.) the revenge target should be Great Britain which practically joined war, or Poland which actively joined occupation. A bombing in Spain is nothing else but to influence the election.

5. US government has a history to plan to attack its own people to provoke a war. The plan of Northwoods is evidence. And there was anthrax attack and DC sniper shooting which I also viewed as attack from inside group to push for war.

It doesn't make sense for Al Quada to seek the hostility against them from people in Europe at this time. If they can do it now, why not do it at the time when US invaded Afghan and Iraq? Even people of Spain didn't suspect Al Quada at first but the Basque group of their own country.

Though authority quickly said they found clues and Morocan suspects linked to Al Quada, it could be a manipulated case. In events of Islamic rebellion in Philippines and Monbasa terror attack, the hand behind terrorist were intelligence of US and Israel. (see #193 - 196, 199, 204) You know how easy it is to frame a terror attack if you know the story of smuggle of shoulder-fired missile. (# 205)

People are always the loser of a war in which they lose their lives and treasure. Only a little group of celebrities benefit from it. Either for more police power or business interest. That's why people all over the world are anti-war, include US'. The event in Spain proves that democracy system in Spain still works. It's a sorrow that US is becoming a covert totalitarian country. Where intelligence control media and election, manipulate sentiment of public. They create incidents to justify a war.

Madrid bombing is more like a tactic to help the election of Bush's ally Aznar in Spain to strenthen Bush's war policy in an election year.

I would say it's Bush's war policy fails in Spain.

215. Attempt to frame a negligent case (3/24)

When my father in law came back home from hospital last December, he weighted only 90 pounds. There is a food tube in his stomach which needs to be cleaning and changing sponge. I did the most care work such like serving meal and helpiing bath. He is much better recently. He gains about 20 pounds in weight and is able to take a short walk to the park.

In 3/15, a social worker visted us. My father in law is a sicked Senior and deserves in-home supportive service. In another word, I could be paid for what I did to him. She came to estimate the time needed for service. She told us we could be benefit for that service until June when Governor Schwarzenneger will cut the budget. She hinted me to put all the payment under my name when I told her my wife also did some work. She said it would be convenient for her to calculate the time, and it was kind of extra work to write another check just amounted several dollars to my wife. But at last I found it wouldn't work because for the time to drive my father in law to hospital, it has to be under my wife's. I have no drive license. She reluctantly agree to put that under my wife's name.

To take care of elder is a duty in Chinese tradition. I'd do it even there is no pay. I've never applied for that payment. It must be done by my wife. How did she know there is such kind of benefit? I alleged it was guided by someone.

My father in law complained the social worker came too late, it was three months when he was home. But I think in another way. She came in time schedule of Feds. I have told of heated persecution. The trap came one after another. This could be a latest one. I alleged so for the event develops later.

After the social worker's visit and I signed the document she requested which meant I took the responsibility of caring, my father in law started getting sick again. He coughed so heavy that he couldn't go to sleep at night. Later he lost appetite to eat. My wife drove him to the hospital for an emergence on Sunday morning(3/21). He was there until now. My wife said he is much better after giving oxygen. His appetite revovers too.

It coincides with another case. On 3/19 and 3/20, local Chinese TV and newspaper reported a news. A Chinese ethnic couple were charged as criminal on 3/19 in Bay Area for negligence caused death. The couple called 911 that their 82 years old mother lost consciousness this January. The elder was sent to hospital. She was dead there on 2/17. It said police believed the elder hadn't received sufficient care. That she hadn't had enough water and food. But the old lady was in hospital for at least more than 18 days. The reason is hard to believe. The couple were in prison because they can't afford to pay the bail of 250,000.

My father in law couldn't eat for about two days due to the severe cough. If he died, could authority charge us as similar case? Once it gets clear, I would have been died
in prison already. The above negligent case is more like a case picked up by Feds to justify the coming frame case. If you still remember the Stanford "random racial shooting" death. (see "63. A well planed frame case")

I alleged so for another reason. Feds has high tech. weapon of EM wave which can control people's natural reflection. I've talked about EM sleep wave. I know they also have an EM wave which can cause the victim nausea, vomit. It was no strange if they can irritate a cough by EM wave. I say so because when my father in law coughed heavily last week, I also had a little cough. I once thought probably we both caught a flu. On 3/19, I had suggested my father in law to visit a doctor. Then his cough suddenly stopped. His appitite recovered. That night, my wife told me happily that her father
finished a bowl of noodle and wanted more. Only next day he got sick again.

I now quite believe it was not a flu but an EM wave shooting. It explains why he coughed so severe at night becaus at that time, he was a fixed target at bed and no other body is moving. During day time when they used the EM wave, because the movement, I was more or less affected and had a little cough. After I suggested hospital, they stopped for a while because he was not weak enough for Feds to fix a charge at me. At that short while, my father in law miraculosly stopped cough and recovered appetite. They revived the shooting next day because they are in a hurry which was so strong that we had to send father to the hospital.

Follow up to #215 (3/29)

I'm sorry that my father in law passed away on 3/24, less than ten hours after I wrote the above message. I think he is a victim of the recent aggressive persecution from Feds.

His condition suddenly worsened later that day. His respiration exhausted within six hours. He passed away at 11 p.m. 3/24. His name is ZiFeng Yao.



#100 2012-02-17 21:08:26

216. Poison tap water (3/29/04)

When the food was poisoned and symptoms were observed, I always changed the food to identify which one was poisoned. Then threw the poisoned food away.

In later Feb. and early March, for more than a week, I found the colour of my urine kept being in red. I couldn't identify the source however I changed the food. At last, I concluded it must be something very basic I had to have everyday - water. I went to super market, bought a bottle of water. It worked. The urine colour turned into plain yellow from red.

After I found the water bought from water store was poisoned which caused bone-ache, I abandoned it and turned into tap water. (see "187. Drinking water ") Now they even poisoned the running water. How do they confine the poisoned water to my residence, I don't know. But certainly it's great advantage for them to do so when most, if not all, the houses in communty are all their property.

What water the rest of my families drink? I noticed they stopped to buy bottle water and turn back to the water which is bought from water store. I don't touch it because I don't want Feds switch back to poison that water again.

217. Create a heat climate

While I was testing if it was water being poisoned, start from 3/7, bay area was attacked by an unusual heat wave. In consecutive 11 days, almost everyday the temperature broke the history record. The titles always being "Bay area records broken"

3/8.(S.J.M.N.) "Record warmth blankets region",
3/9. "San Francisco made it to 82 degrees - blistering a 112-year record high of 78 set in 1892.
3/11 "82 degrees, in Moffett Field, San Jose, old record 76 in 1946"
3/15 "10 records broken and 3 tied", "Oakland downtown, 81 degrees, old record 75 set in 1972."
3/19 "Among the records broken Thursday: King city 92, (old: 87, 1960)"

And you can see that when they broke the record, it was not a degree or two, its a big leap 5 or 6 degrees higher than the historical record.

I think it was a tactic to push people drink more water. For me, which meant Feds wish me to drink more poisoned water.

The economic and political situation doesn't allow the interest rate to stay low for such a long time. To finish my case to release their real estates property, Feds even poison the tap water and created a heat wave which never had happened in history that newspaper said the spring is coming a month early.

218. Chemtrail and covert climate war (4/4/04)

In many web sites, there is a common topic: "chemtrail". People puzzled what is it for. They worried the chemistry will hurt human's health and pollute the nature.

Here is a typical post about chemtrail in a discussion.

Quote, "Chemtrail, the name given to non-dissipating vapor-like trails left in our skies in grid like patterns by high altitude, unmarked aircraft. People all over the world have now witnessed these, and they've been so concerned that they have contacted their governmental representatives.

Dennis Kucinich has included this phenomenon as part of his protest statements against U.S. space weapon development. Other senators have been involved, too.

So, what is going on? Are these just harmless jet vapor trails? Is it a hoax and just airplane pollution? i wish NPR or Bill Moyers would cover the subject thoroughly... Go to the link and scroll down to see images and read material to decide for yourselves: http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm

With my experience, (see "210. Create rain day"; "211. Create windy day (3/4)"; "217. Create a heat climate") I say it is the experiment to control climate. Pentagon use climate change as a weapon. It has been used in pratical life already.

I allege:

1. The hurricane which took place last summer in mid US which caused more than a dozen loss of lives was an experiment of how to create a devastating wind. And the cold weather in North-east early this year was one, too. Because they were historical extreme. Like what I've talked in last message about heat. For consecutive days, the heat record were broken, not only one degree or two, but 4 to 6 degrees. It's unusual.

2. The climate war has been in practice already. North Korean is a victim. North Korean suffered histrical drought for years then followed by flooding. The famine caused millions of deaths. The purpose is to weak the ruling government. Just like the sanction applied on Iraq. But the victims are always the civilians.

3. The historical flood in German last summer, it happened soon after Iraq war. German and France are the two main countries against Bush's invasion of Iraq. The revenge was swift, though in a covert way.

4. The historical heat wave attacked France last summer. The heat wave lasted for weeks. The news reported unusual deaths caused by heat were more then ten thousands. French is the strongest opposer to Bush's Iraq war, it suffered a strong revenge from US inside group.

5. An intimidation to Britain and Europe under the cover of climate change. Here is a news
Quote, "25.01.2004
Britain is likely to be plunged into an ice age within our lifetime by global warming, new research suggests.

If that happens, Britain and northern Europe are expected to switch abruptly to the climate of Labrador - which is on the same latitude - bringing a nightmare scenario where farmland turns to tundra and winter temperatures drop below -20C. The much-heralded cold snap predicted for the coming week would seem balmy by comparison.

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay. … tion=world "

But is Tony Blair an honest ally of Bush? Yes, he was. But read this news not reported by mainstream media of US, you may realise why Blair's figure rarely seen in media recently. They censor news which may reveal how unpopular the war policy of US is. Watch the time of two news, you'll understand why I say it is an intimidation.


Dec 21 2003
Relations in 'deep freeze' since Saddam caught
By Chris Mclaughlin, Political Editor

TONY Blair and George Bush's love-in has collapsed over the rebuilding of Iraq. The two leaders have fallen out over plans for the reconstruction of the country and the heavy-handed action of American troops against the civilian population. And the rift has been deepened by a Washington ban on a proposed morale-boosting visit by the PM to British troops in Iraq during the Christmas holiday.

http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/news … _page.html

I think the intimidation aimed at Britain, as well as Europe. Because the war policy of US inside group is more and more lonely in this world.

219. Free ticket and funeral urn (4/9)

The funeral service of my father in law was on 3/28. One day after the service, my wife told me she would take her father's ashes to homeland in Fujiang in later April.

One year ago, my wife planned to go Fujiang with her father and daughter on 4/18/03. They cancelled the trip at last moment because worrying about SARS. What I know is Feds prepared a big drug case there which broke out in May.

The air line company said the tickets couldn't be returned, so my wife had to change the flight date to December. That plan failed too because my father in law was found caught cancer. At that month, Feds plotted a big case. see "191. Framing a case in December (12/26)".

Since Feds always arranged drug case to connect a trip, I tried to persuade my wife to abandon such an idea. I suggested her to bury father's ashes in local grave yard. She refused. She said the free air ticket she got 3 weeks ago seems a God's will for this trip. (But I believe this is the will from evil Feds.)

My wife is the only driver in my family. My daughter's commute to school depends on her. She can arrange the trip in summer vacation so my daughter won't be affected. To bring a funeral urn to homeland is something any time can do, why in such a hurry? As I said before, it's Feds in a hurry. The economic and political situation doesn't allow interest stay so low, they are forced to finish my case as quick as possible because they invested so much in real estates linked to the case.

Then why they hadn't push my wife's trip earlier? They need time to arrange another big drug case. My father in law passed away on 3/24, (officially it was 3/25, the time doctor came to announce the death was early 3/25). They arrange my wife's trip in late April. Which means it takes 25 days or so to prepare a big drug case.(let local drug gang made an order and the time to transfer needs that much time, I think.)

My wife got a free air ticket on 3/10. On 3/15, after the visit of a social worker, my father in law got sick. On 3/24, He passed away suddenly after I posted a message alleged a framed case of negligence. Then my wife planned a trip in later April. All these I think is one of series traps Feds plotted to finish my case. I think Feds is framing a drug case at that time or later.

220. Things sensitive

1. In Chinese tradition, guests going to marriage or funeral used to give a package of gift money. Relatives and friends attended the funeral service of my father in law did same thing too, in a generous way. I think they knew our economical situation and try to help. Since the gift money mostly were cash, I wrote it here in case Feds reporting them as illegal money. I had experience how they tried to turn legal money into illegal. see "111. How they plant."

2. In recent days, at least three times, there were customers came to my house to pick up their air tickets. The unusual thing was they all came around 10pm or even later. I think it was arranged by Feds for the coming framing drug case. They could report it as suspicious contact at night. I had experience. They preferred to arrange such meeting in mid-night. see "49. Frame attempt" and "54. Trap".



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