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Once upon a time, there was a site called Cruel.Com.
Cruel.Com: 11 Years as the Dark Humor Man, 2007-10-01 15:06's%20Bitter%20Aftertaste_files/title000.png
Cruel.Com, 2007-10-07

When it was announced that Cruel was shutting down, Bill Whitehouse (a.k.a. choad) set up a forum at High-Street.Org and many of the regulars came over.
Cruel History by Roger_That, 2007-11-10
Redacted One Dies, 2015-03-08
Exactly 3650 Days Ago, 2017-09-29

In 2020, choad passed away.
Death of a SysOp, 2020-06-20

The High Street forum now lives on under the Cruelery.Com domain name.

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