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Fled wrote:

ASSHAT dinosaur...though i'll glad to endure once more...cuz sheez def hotter dan dee avg milf

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So, I guess the youtube BBCode tag has been broken here for a long time.  I only really noticed when looking at some old posts.  I updated the code so it should work now.

The format to use is as follows, where the VIDEO_ID is the 11-character ID you see in the URL identifying the video, e.g.



So for BH7Te9Q8KBk you would get the following:



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Or you can use the Embed tags, one of the Share options.



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Yep, that works too.  It could potentially stop working in the future, though (e.g., old YouTube embeds using HTTP don't seem to work anymore, only HTTPS).

I don't know if any of the other video sites with BBCode tags even exist anymore, much less work.  But if there are any you see that you want fixed, just ask.  I think this is the full list:

  • Myvideo
  • Clipfish
  • Google Video
  • Virb
  • Metacafe
  • ifilm
  • Sevenload
  • GarageTV
  • Revver
  • Guba
  • Stage6
  • Megavideo
  • MySpace
  • Dailymotion
  • esnips
  • Vsocial
  • Veoh
  • Yahoo Video
  • Videojug
  • Aniboom
  • Brightcove

Wow, writing that out really puts into sharp relief just how ruthlessly YouTube/Google has eliminated the competition.

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Tucker Carlson has lost his damn mind.  What little he had.



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