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-- banana collection

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Bananas are disgusting. Let 'em vanish.



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BorderCount wrote:

Bananas are disgusting. Let 'em vanish.

Remember what happened to the Irish in the 1840s when the potato famine hit? By 1900, there were many more multiples of them here than remained in Ireland.

Think our borders are porous now?



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Many years ago, I rode a mule in the altiplano of Guatemala.  He could peel a banana as neatly as I could, pinning them on the ground with one foot and pulling at the peel gently away with his dexterous lips.  I recall horses attempting the same and merely crushing the poor pieces of fruit.

I head off to Honduras tomorrow morning and will read your article again while waiting for a connecting flight in Miami.  I will be spending several days in a tiny village where they call the local version of bananas "sambos."  They are delicious. 

Thanks, Choad.



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