#2 2019-11-15 15:39:33

Okay, I know this article is about his drug abuse which everybody, but his mentally diminished cult, knew had to be the case.

But, can we also discuss the many tokens he displays?  Eating a taco bowl means he loves Hispanics, hugging a flag and wearing a flag lapel pin means he loves America, pointing out a rare black person at a rally (or even rarer, a black Republican Congressperson) means he loves Black people.  This monster pretending to be a regular person just like us, when he has never been and nor are we even real to him, is the most frightening aspect of his personality.



#3 2019-11-18 11:57:49

LOL, they are trying to get worked up about a bunch of UK Sudafed? I would buy that stuff too, it's amazeballs. Sure, you can't sleep for 2 days and there are suddenly a lot of sparkles floating around *just* behind you, but it works great.



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