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The next day, the Yuma County Sheriff T.C. Combs received an email from a man who wanted to get deputized in order to “form a special task force dedicated to the clandestine monitoring, capturing, and prosecution of those responsible for the recent public panic. My team will be dedicated to the liberation of our skies,” he wrote, and would be known as “Team Alpha WarHawk.” He identified the strengths of each team member, including his own (“comic relief”). His second in command was the “culinary expert” and was “great, but not amazing. However he’s what we got.” The third member of the team specialized in “weapons/Ammunition expert” but was also “just an all around great guy.” One “recruitment pool candidate” makes a “mean pot of coffee” while another is “the most charming man I’ve ever met.” The lone member with a name of Hispanic origin was their “linguistics expert.” It went on like this.

Have henchmen, will travel.



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Well, What do expect? Have you ever been to Eastern Colorado, not just stop for gas? It's either develop a strange sense of humor or start believing in even stranger blinking things in your mind.

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Johnny_Rotten wrote:

Well, What do expect? Have you ever been to Eastern Colorado, not just stop for gas?

I lived there and loved it... until the summer heat and prevailing winds brought Monfort's feedlots to my door.



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Well there now that just proves my point, either develop a strange sense of humor...



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It's the pot.



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