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#1 2020-10-17 19:14:43

This one's for you, Jet.

If the Libertarian vision of Freedom can take many shapes and sizes, one thing is bedrock: “Busybodies” and “statists” need to stay out of the way. And so the Free Towners spent years pursuing an aggressive program of governmental takeover and delegitimation, their appetite for litigation matched only by their enthusiasm for cutting public services. They slashed the town’s already tiny yearly budget of $1 million by 30 percent, obliged the town to fight legal test case after test case, and staged absurd, standoffish encounters with the sheriff to rack up YouTube hits. Grafton was a poor town to begin with, but with tax revenue dropping even as its population expanded, things got steadily worse. Potholes multiplied, domestic disputes proliferated, violent crime spiked, and town workers started going without heat. “Despite several promising efforts,” Hongoltz-Hetling dryly notes, “a robust Randian private sector failed to emerge to replace public services.” Instead, Grafton, “a haven for miserable people,” became a town gone “feral.” Enter the bears, stage right.




#2 2020-10-19 16:15:36

You had me going there for a second, I thought this was another case of invasion overly hirsute burly gays with their Labradoodles and PT Cruisers.



#3 2020-10-19 21:20:23

Hah, I shared the same first impression as Goober. From the article, it seems the thesis of this author's book is that this town deserved a biblical plague of bears as punishment for its sinful libertarian experiments. Sounds like paradise, we need more towns to go feral.



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