#1 2023-02-16 14:34:18

Methinks it's not only the unvaxxed



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When the Republican's fully embraced Big Brother Government it was time for me to leave them behind.  That was most completely exhibited as we went from ridiculing "Dein papierin bitte" in my youth to "True ID" required today.

Fucking sellouts.

And they support the NRA in taking local legislation away (we don't want to allow open carry on the town common) so big gov/bus can decide it all based on revenues.  What's next?  Our parking ordinances?

Only problem is libertarian's are even more fucked up.

**Edit:  And don't get me started on the covid anti-vaxers in the military - bullshit to whine about one new shot after you willing accepted 17 others vaxes in boot camp.  Pansy ass bitches. **

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I think you are mistaken. The ones you want are the GOP and the Neo Liberals of the Democratic Party.


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