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A million monkeys couldn't write what you have to say. But a million and one may be able to do what you do. And sooner than later.

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Forget about old videos of bugbots created with ancient FPS game engines,

We live today in the marvel of a golden dawn. The rise of the Xenobots has begun.

Amazing science’: researchers find xenobots can give rise to offspring

“These things move around in the dish and make copies of themselves,” said Prof Josh Bongard, of the University of Vermont, a co-author of the research

Now researchers say they have found that clusters of frog cells can undergo a form of replication never before seen in plants or animals. The spherical clumps, known as xenobots, can give rise to “offspring” by sweeping up loose cells and swashing them into yet more clusters.

Xenobots were first announced last year, and are what are known as “living robots”– synthetic lifeforms made by taking a few thousand cells from frog embryos and assembling them into clusters about 1mm in size.

Xenobots have no digestive system or neurons, and naturally fall apart after about two weeks. Bongard said the xenobots in the current study could propel themselves around using hair-like projections called cilia.

“They definitely do not grow into frogs, they actually keep the form that we impose on them. And they look and act in ways very different from normal frog,” he said



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